The shape and production of Yuxili’s shape and production materials, production process

Shape classification

There are two common shapes in Ukulele, one is a guitar shape, and the other is pineapple type.

Generally speaking, pineapple -type resonance is better (basically neglect), the sound is more special, the guitar -shaped sound is more traditional, but the difference between the two is not too big.



Four common sizes:

Ukulele is divided into four sizes: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. The size and structure will affect the tone and volume of Ukulele.





Fixed pronunciation

Soprano (Standard)

21 -inch



g’c’e’a ‘


23 inches




26 inches



gc’e’a ‘


30 inches



dgbe ‘


The most recognized material for making Ukulele is KOA (Hawaii Koa) produced in Hawaii, known as Hawaiian Kou A Xianglai tree (see the surface of the right upper right), light brown, beautiful wood grain, high -end flame -like texture lines Essence

It has a gentle sound like Mahogany, but his high frequency is more prominent than Taohua Xinmu. KOA is higher than Mahogany, so the sound is bright and low frequency. Due to the oily wood, the high frequency is slightly weakened. All in all, KOA’s sound is more focused on the mid -frequency, smooth high frequency and compression, and low frequency is clear but weak. Compared with other wood, the FundamentalTone (base sound) in KOA’s tone is strong, Dynamic is less and compress. When playing vigorously, the sound quality is sweet. This kind of wood must be played for a few years before the tone will appear. The color is slightly bright, just like Walnut contains too much oil. It is used as a guitar with dark brown, and it is not painted to keep it special. But the appearance after painting is also quite beautiful.

Xiawaisi has been fell to cut off. The real Shawiti fans are stored in the past, and the price has become more expensive. The tone is good or bad, and the real craftsmanship is the lead. The expensiveness of Hawaii is still rare, so don’t blindly superstitize wood. Good wood is important, but craftsmanship is the key to the key!

Production process


The choice of wood, recognized by the material that is more suitable for making Ukulele is KOA, rare hard wood species produced in Hawaii, called Kou Abhar tree in Hawaii, light brown, beautiful wood grain, high -end flame -like texture, but because of this kind of wood production The cycle is long and the output is low.

The processing, polishing and fixing of the panel and back panel should be made according to the fixed template. Of course, the template must be accurate to ensure that the arcs are made beautiful, accurate pronunciation, and good resonance effect.

The fixing of the small guitar barrel can be made into different shapes, round types, pineapple types, duck -like, heart -shaped, etc., which can be designed according to customer requirements.

Paste the special glue of the panel, the bottom plate, and the side plate. After the paste is pasted, let it dry. At this time, the lower half of the piano has been formed, which is the part of the piano barrel, the pronunciation place.

For the production of the neck, the neck is generally selected from Ouogman, which is also a type of peach core. It is produced in Africa and has a hard material. Drilling on it will not deform.

The neck and piano barrel are connected and fixed, and the screws are tightly tightened to ensure that it will not loosen after a long time.

The semi -finished semi -finished product of the neck and piano barrels should be placed for a few days, and those who have individual deformation should be repaired.

The fingertips on the neck are fixed. The material of the fingerboard is generally roses, which are originally produced in Brazil. Later, it was planted in Southeast Asia. The texture is like this.

According to the different requirements of the customer, spray various colors, and the paint should be dried after a few days, so that the paint will completely penetrate into the wood, so that there will be no paint that will not appear.

Put the strings and knobs. Now the strings used in the small guitar are all nylon strings. They have a strong flexibility. The echo time is long. The knobs are generally metal.


Follow the teacher, add teacher: ykllfl

g’c’e’a ‘


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