Recently, I often memorized the thousand -yuan niche bag, which looks good and can be installed. I started these a few

Women’s pursuit of bags can be said to never end. After buying a commute TOTE, after carrying a month, I will miss the dexterity of the small bag; start with the big -name classic models, do not go out for half a year, the aesthetic fatigue of the old flowers, and start planting grass and fashionable niche bags …


SO, is there a fairy bag, can hold different occasions, and do not hit the bag at all?


Master Fan recently discovered a niche brand



, Its bag value, quality, and cost -effectiveness are online, which is very popular with celebrities. Liang Yongqi and Li Xinjie have both memorized.

The Internet celebrity on INS also loves to use ESEMBLē concave shape.

After Fan found it, he was planted immediately. Coupled with the price -friendly people, I simply got a few breaths. A few days ago, I went to Yunnan to take it with Boy.a a few days ago.


Today I am going to give you the ESEMBLē package of the first phase of the fan.

1. Retro Modern, sweet and salt


ESEMBLē was founded in 2016. Alex Jiaravanont, the founder and creative director of the brand, is a high student at the Harvard Design Institute and is an authentic New Yorker.


Alex jiaravanont (first from left)

The design of these bags is inspired by antique handbags in the second -hand market in New York. Alex combines the current trend elements during design.

So you will find that the bag of ESEMBLē has both the elegant retro of Vintage and the fashionable and modern.

In addition to the additional points, ESEMBLē also has a lot of highlights in details. This iconic V -shaped buckle is very recognizable. Hardware uses a high -level silky matte surface to work well.


The mysterious melody found in the bottom or pocket mezzanine, and you can also see that the designer is full of fun.


The 2017 autumn and winter series are printed with Chase Rainbows, Breathe Joy, Smile OFTEN and other words

ESEMBLē wants to advocate the fun of “Celebrate Alway”, so I customized the positive and cute Tattoo for lovebags. These small ideas are intended to encourage the owner of the bag to spend every day happily.

Fan believes that in life, I like to create a small surprise for myself. Treasure girls who want a ritual sense will not refuse it ~


2. Universal versatile, amazing capacity


As a buyer, read the bag


(Chop your hands)

Countless Fan Lord can share with you a point that is often ignored when buying a package:


When you buy a bag, it is easy to chop your hands because of a single use scenario. But current urban women, work and life, often need to be seamless. Therefore, universal bags can exert the maximum use value.

Universal Bell Shoulder Bag


When Fanzhu bought the ESEMBLē package, this is considered. Like this weekend, by the way, when you see your partner, you can not only have a concave shape and can be converted to the workplace state, which is naturally the first choice.

Speaking of which, the friendship prompts. Girls are very hard, and they are also common to make up makeup every day. The capacity of the bag must be sufficient. The mini bag looks very pity, but when the mobile phone can’t let go, the owner is pitiful …

The capacity is also one of the reasons why the owner recommends ESEMBLē to the girl in the workplace. Several of its main packed capacity is not small, the cosmetics pretend, and you can put two mobile phones.

Penny bag square bags are not a problem to put a normal -sized umbrella.


Positioning: Commonly used bags not only be able to “install”, but also really can be installed ~


3. Price and people, do not lose big names in workmanship

Let’s talk about ESEMBLē. The founder Alex is the descendant of Thailand’s Zhengda Group. It can be seen from the high -definition pictures of hardware, leather, and wiring. Compared with big names, ESEMBLē does not lose at all.

The bag of the Bell series is made of a selected half -tree cream leather. It is carefully tanned to the original leather with tannin -rich plant coatings. After this complicated process, the color will be more and more beautiful, and it will not be afraid of “use traces” at all.

And according to Fanzhu, in addition to the ES bag, ESEMBL Char’s handbag factory also produces high -end designer big -name handbags such as Céline, Prada, and Alexander Wang.


Thousand -dollar bags, the quality of luxury big names, feel happy if you think about it ~

—– The division line worth buying ——

Bell Shoulder Bag

Today, I recommend the Bell Shoulder Bag, known as the “Broken King”.


L Canvas Brown Bell

Fan Lord fell in love with this canvas brown at first sight. In addition to serving as regular supplies on the weekend, he could also be a camera artifact.

Blow a wave of its face value -brown leather cover and canvas material combined with the canvas, with its own vacation temperament. There are friends in the office that it is a Hermes canvas bag, but the owner of Fan believes that the temperament of the two bags is completely different. Bell will be more literary ~


For example, the metal oyster pendant comes with the bag is inspired by the famous saying of Shakespeare: “The World Is your Oyster”.


Open the cover cover, and you can also see the victory gesture that echo the V -shaped buckle.


The brown cover and pendant transition to the beige canvas, and then the brown leather bottom. Not only is it more resistant to dirt, but also the color tone is too much. The color matching is very attentive.

(Please enjoy the perfect wiring here again)


Bell series bag straps can be removed. Hard, cross -body, and shoulders can be satisfied, and the length can be adjusted.

With a white skirt and wide -eave hat, easily create a holiday style ~

The texture of the linen is very matched with the bamboo forest.


This Bell’s performance is still great outdoors, and Fan Lord wants to plan a picnic for it.


If you wear a black cashmere dress, you can return to the office in minutes to meet …


Being casual and commuting to switch at will, thanks to the Bell Shoulder Bag can be installed. Don’t look at this bag very beautiful and lightweight


(379 grams, only 2 iPhone11 Pro)

The capacity of the upper and narrow bells, the capacity is not small.

Fan Master has two bottles of perfumes, three lipsticks, two mascara, a powder, a bottle of sunscreen, an eye drops, a hand cream, a AirPods, and the clothes removal and washing the handwashing. Can’t fill Bell. After installing things, the bag type is still firm.

The inner bag is also equipped with a dismantling pine leather zipper bag, which can be placed on paper bills or cards.

This bag that combines high value and practicality, as well as black and blue to choose from. Do n’t miss it!


皮 olive green full skin belL

In addition to canvas bags, Bell also has the most common all -leather models. The color of the whole leather model is particularly rich. Fanzhu started this year’s more popular olive green.

The small zipper bag with the whole leather Bell is also leather, and the texture is very good. You can take it as a pocket bag.


This bag is more in the workplace. Fanzhu replaced the metal oyster cranes built by the bag with a white mini bag, which will be more lively to match.

Fan believes that the olive green belL is suitable for those girls who do not want to wear too DRAMA in daily life and want to retain their unique personality girls.

B Pink Yun Duo Bell

Compared with the first two bags, this pink cloud belt is sweeter.

The bag of this bag is still real cowhide, and the delicate “fat intestinal hair circle” handle uses sheepskin. This year’s “fat intestinal hair circle bag” wind is very shaved, and Fan Master can’t help it ~

Frankly speaking, the Lord Fan was placed when the order was placed. Still a little embarrassed, worried that the pink bag is not easy to match. Only when I got it, I found that I really thought too much ~ This kind of cigarette pink is not picky, and just pick a real silk top and checkered skirt you usually go to work to hold.

However, Fanzhu still selected a pair of high heels of the same color. The post -90s girl in the office said that the bag and shoes were matched, and it felt like the “office princess in the office” …

Penny Bag

Compared with Bell, the Penny series will be more tough, suitable for cool girls with more leisure style. Hong Kong star Jiang Liwen and fashion blogger ANNA MARETSKI all carried them.

Jiang Liwen (left), blogger Anna Maretski (right)

Y apricot Penny


Fan did not choose too bright colors. According to the usual dress style, Penny’s Penny is more suitable for me.


(Predemage can be purchased)

The color matching is very high -level and elegant, the square bag is free and easy ~


The material of the inner lining is very soft. The side and inside of the bag are designed with mezzanine. The small things can be classified and put in, avoiding the embarrassing scenes that are looking for things everywhere.


The capacity of this bag is even greater. With the same “formula” with the same “formula”, Fan Master also added a small parasol to enter.

Large folding umbrellas can also be placed, but it will take up some more space.


The bag is very light, only 458 grams (≈2.4 iPhone11 Pro), and the wide shoulder straps are very comfortable to carry, and it will not be too tired to walk all day.

Penny’s rounded handle, feels very good. It will be cool with a wide shoulder strap.

The other bag brought by Fan was on vacation this time. Large capacity and good packaging, go to school, go to work, shopping, travel, Penny is enough ~


In different light, the color of Penny will be small, but the texture is very good.

Finally, there is another close -up of apricot Penny’s outdoor ~


☞ Elephant Gray

Elephant gray is also a color that has been on fire for N years and does not cool down. This color is better than all. Whether it is the color of the clothes, the skirt or pants, the performance of elephant gray is excellent.

Fan Master uses a black knitted skirt to match the elephant ash Penny. This high -end color is versatile. Whether it is the color of the clothes, the skirt or pants will not make an error.


It is also very beautiful, and the hollow print on the shoulder strap looks pretty playful.


—– The end DE division line ——

Alright, the bag of ESEMBLē is here today. I do n’t know which bag, I caught you?

Pictures from ESEMBLē and Business Fan Shooting


Business Fan Product: Edit Josie | Operation Tina


Source WeChat public account “Business Family” (WeChat: BFANER)


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