How to wear the basic “sweater” to be fashionable and advanced? You must watch these 3 methods

As the only best partner in spring, do you still know how to wear a sweater? Just one set? Simply match a pair of jeans?

If you are still wearing this way, then you are really low. The sweater is not only the most versatile and warm item, but it is also the best style with the best potential.


However, the sweater is easy to wear, and it is difficult to wear it to be high -end and handsome, especially for the basic sweaters to have their own characteristics.

How should the basic sweater be worn? Seeing this many people sighs. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to wear it, you can match it according to the three methods summarized by the editor, so that your sweater is different ~

Sweatper wearing


Sweatshirts are actually the simplest way to wear, but if you want to have a different high -quality texture, you must start with two aspects:

(1) The style should be new

The style of the sweater plays a decisive role when wearing a sweater. The last personality of the style is naturally unique to wear on the body.


: If you want to wear a sweater, the length of the sweater must be controlled.

It’s best to get the position of the hip

The slightly self -cultivated body highlights the figure.

Note: Oversize -style sweaters are not suitable for creating high -level sense.



: The adjustable strap at the neckline position,

Choose the size of the neckline according to your own mood and wear more ways to wear,

Lazy and advanced.



: The zipper model is also specially designed at the neckline. Chili is generally small details of standing collar, handsome and retro. Especially for girls who are not particularly beautiful shoulder and neck lines, you can use zipper models

Modify the lines, turn a smaller V face in seconds.





The American retro Polo collar is worn on the body, and the American pastoral laziness.

For girls with short neck lines, the design of POLO leading may be more likely to expose the shortcomings.

(2) The color should be formal

The color of the sweater can be described as a very important step. The color selection is the right high street fan. Once the wrong is wrong, you can also make you a funeral family.


Color is actually required


Avoid too bright and bright colors, it is best to choose a dark color system

It looks more dignified and generous.

① Basic color system

Basic colors are also expensive and easy to wear, and do not pick people’s skin tone and figure. If you wear it well, you will be reduced to ordinary people.


Same color wear method

: The basic color system is the most suitable for coloring method. The overall color is unified, simple and direct. At the same time, the version of the sweater will not be too complicated.

No need to be positive

: The color can not be too serious. You can choose to have other colors to develop derivatives on the basis of the basic color system, and you will also have your own style to wear on your body.


Recommended color: apricot, rice white, gray blue,

② Morandi color system


If you want to be high -level, Morandi is definitely essential. The addition of gray tone makes the original color look too public. There is an extraordinarily stable and exquisite color matching.

Recommended color: bean green, dry rose powder, goose yellow

Sweater stacked


After speaking, wear it, and the next thing to say is the sweater stacked. To have a richer layered experience, stacking is definitely essential.

Especially now that the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, it is definitely not enough to keep the heating of the sweaters alone. At this time, it is best to wear it when you want to get rid of it in the crowd.

(1) Stacking inside

When the sweater is stacked in the inside, the version of the inside should not be too loose.


: Sweater stacking shirts is the most common way. Different shirts highlight the texture and temperament.

The doll’s shirt is full of cuteness, and the small V -neck shirt is exquisite and small.



: As a great partner, the bottoming shirt is not exaggerated with the sweater leader, and now there are many fakes. When the bottoming shirt is overlapped, the neckline position does not need to be too high.

Ordinary middle and senior collars look more about the slenderness of the neck



: The color of the bottoming shirt should not be too dazzling, try to

Black and white earth color.

(2) Stacking jacket

The range of stacking of jackets is more extensive, and you can choose a stacked jacket through your suitable style.

Youthful school

: The lively and bright sisters are more suitable for stacking some more loose,

The dull lines can highlight the sense of age on the body.

Recommended jacket: denim jacket, baseball uniform,



: This style of wearing and color should not be too troublesome, but you can


Use different designs in fabrics

, So that there is a certain sense of novel design. Cortical locomotive jacket is a very good choice, cool and handsome.


: Speaking of minimalism,



It is definitely a leader inside. The matching of sweaters and suit jackets can completely neutralize the single dull texture brought by a part of the suit jacket. It is more based on the casual and simple style.

Note: The suit jacket can have a certain small shoulder, which can visually play a role in modifying the outline of the overall figure.

Personal wear method of sweater

The version of the sweater is relatively loose, so when wearing, the position and manifestation of the waistline are particularly important. Being able to highlight the waistline is also a key detail of the sweater.

(1) Passage of the belt

The most direct way to reflect the waistline is to achieve through the combination of the belt outside.

To outline the waist curve better, it will not look too bloated.

Especially in the case of loose jackets, the blessing of a belt can make you reflect your body line.

Note: Do not width of the belt too wide, and the position should not be too high.

(2) Personalized pocket

What is more fashionable than the belt is the waist bag, it can

While highlighting the position of the waistline, it can also play a certain decorative role.

The completion of the overall dressing will also look higher.


: Waste -waist -wear is the most direct role in highlighting the figure.


: The chest wearing is to directly wear the waist bag to the position of the chest. There is a sense of visual charm. In an indirect way to pull the position of the chest line, it can have a corresponding high effect. At the same time, it is also quite friendly to the big -breasted girl.

(3) accessories

You can also wear small accessories on the basis of the sweater, and the overall style will be more prominent. Those who like French style choose a small scarf like a silk scarf. As for the dragging sister, it must be the most suitable embellishment of the hardware necklace.

The sweater is simple foundation, but it is not difficult to set up a sense of high -level. As long as you can follow these three methods summarized by the editor, perfect GET high -level sense.




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