Qiu Shuzhen’s 20 -year -old daughter shoots ads! Wearing a suspender skirt is full of full waist and good figure, saying that I want to be a screenwriter

Recently, the advertising film of Qiu Shuzhen’s daughter Shen Yue was exposed. The beautiful face inherited her mother’s good gene, which was very amazing.

Shen Yue was wearing a pink suspender skirt, and the slim design outlined a plump thin waist and good figure. She is very similar to her mother Qiu Shuzhen, and her temperament is exactly the same. She is sexy and sexy, which is very fascinating. Her facial features are delicate and tender, and her career line is very grabbing. She is not afraid of the field in front of the camera, and the camera shows super online.


Shen Yue also revealed her ideals in the interview. She exposed her recently fascinated by science fiction and was very interested in virtual world and artificial intelligence. She also expressed her hope to have the opportunity to engage in the screenwriter of science fiction blockbusters and want to see her work on the big screen.


Qiu Shuzhen is a generation of goddesses in Hong Kong and the youthful memory of many mainland audiences. After marrying the wealthy businessman Shen Jiawei, she withdrew from the showbiz, which made many fans regret. Fortunately, her daughter Shen Yue inherited her mother’s high value and was also interested in acting career. She had many fans who loved it.

Recently, Shen Yue has frequently moved in the acting career and is suspected of having to debut. She not only filmed advertising movies, but also filmed a cover blockbuster for many magazines. She also had many platforms for luxury brands. Her ultra -high value and outstanding temperament sucked countless fans, she received a lot of praise and appreciation, and she was highly expected.


Shen Yuecai is only 20 years old. Her family is economical and has such outstanding appearance. There are too many directions that can be selected in the future. I wish her to realize her ideals, find her career she really likes, and hope that her acting career is getting better and better, becoming an excellent person like a mother.

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