2021 skin care inventory: How to buy boys’ anti -aging skin care products?

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Starting skin care is derived from being planned to be a delicate macho, so that your face can keep up with the state of the body. After all, if you have the ability to still have a face value, it is really invincible.


In 2020, I basically started my skin care process from the skin care. From a face that could not be stunned, I gradually learned the knowledge of the party, I knew the skin, I knew the ingredients of different skin care products, and the skin care products. effect. Based on my skin condition, I formulated a plan for 3 months to repair the skin barrier.

After my repair barrier plan was completed in April, my normal antioxidant and anti -aging skin care was.

Skin decision product

Everyone’s face does not have pure oil or pure dry skin. People are mixed skin. The difference is where the oil area and the dry area are. Use a hammer’s face to express the five partitions on the face, the forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin. I personally belong to the forehead and nose T zone, which is oily, and the cheeks and chin areas are dry.

有一个简单的判断方法是,洗完澡后部不涂任何护肤品,在舒适的室内呆1个小时,这时候去摸自己脸上的皮肤,如果已经比较油了,就是油皮,还是没什么油Generally, it is dry skin.


Of course, I recommend that you still do a Visia evaluation. You can know the condition of your face and skin, so as to make a choice of skin care products. Otherwise, it is very easy to spend money, no effect, and even bad face.

Visia is a type of skin testing instrument. He will give a very comprehensive face condition analysis by shooting three places on both sides+face face. The condition of my face.


Visia testing can be searched on the Meituan. Many beauty salons provide 1 yuan experience testing activities. Just pay attention to the corresponding marketing after doing it. Please make preparations for resistance, or bring friends to do it Pull you away immediately. Pay attention to the skin detector in many types, but not every one is Visia. You can see if Visia can see if there is this large logo on the device. , Also more accurate.

Why do I adopt a skin care solution for early C and Night A

Early C

Early C is talking about skin care products containing original VC and VC derivatives. The efficacy of VC is mainly:


1. Accelerate the metabolism of melanin and the transmission of melanin;

2. Control the production of melanin and dilute the original melanin;


3. Antioxidant


During the day, ultraviolet rays will accelerate free radical generation, leading to accelerated skin aging. The antioxidant characteristics of VC allow it to resist the production of free radicals, reduce the damage to the skin by ultraviolet rays, effectively fight ultraviolet rays, and anti -aging.

Late A

Late A said that at night, the skin care products containing VA (A ester, A alcohol, Adehyde, and A acid) were used. The efficacy of VA mainly includes:


1. The aging caused by anti -ultraviolet rays

2. Light pattern acne

3. Inhibit the production of melanin

Although VA is a good ingredient for skin care, there is a disadvantage. After exposing ultraviolet rays, it will cause free radicals, accelerate skin aging, and also grow spots and inflammation, because it is recommended to use it at night.

The principle of early C and Night A is probably as above, because the focus of this article is not about early C and night A, so the point is not to be talked about. It should be noted that early C and Night A are a kind of skin care plan. There are support and opposition. Please pay attention to whether it is suitable for you when you get started.

My early C list


Cleaning the water, after a night of sleep, there will be some oil on the face. There will be no too much dirty things. Wash the water to clean it. It does not damage the skin sebum film.



Avene Shujue Living Spring Spray

Avene, this Shujianquan spray really hot for many years, and can even be said to be the originator of spray. Now many niche brands and domestic products brands have sprayed out, such as Yilian’s hyaluronic acid spray and Vinna’s spray. However, the status of Avene sprayed is still unprepared. The hydration and absorption of Avene spray are not the best. Its most prominent effect is to soothe.

Avene spray is rich in silicon -containing, which can theoretically increase the skin’s softened blood vessels. It is said that the popular point is a certain antioxidant effect, and it also has a certain soothing effect on the irritating skin. But seriously, skin care depends on spray? Don’t make trouble, this is like eating by smelling taste. The effect is far away. It can only be used as a prelude to the formal skin care steps. Many spray products can replace it. Friends who do not understand ingredients are good at the right price. Summary, it can be used, can be used, and it is a bit useful, but it is not very useful. That’s it.

Recommended purchase price: about 40 yuan


Magnolia oil small white bottle

In the whitening essence of Yulan Oil, the small white bottle of Magnolia Oil really can’t find a higher cost -effectiveness than it. What is even more amazing is that I can’t see the obvious effect with a lot of expensive whitening essence. The white bottle can obviously feel that the skin’s gloss has become stronger, and the brightening effect is not generally obvious. I really don’t know if other big names are paddling, or small white bottles are too hard. In short, it is very suitable as an entry -level whitening product, and the formula is also gentle. When you see a good price, you can rush up and rush up. You will never eat ash.

Recommended purchase price: 40ml about 140 yuan

Carnier 377


The Canier brand is not famous in the country. Before Australia and New Zealand, they were placed directly on the supermarket shelves as opening products. It is equivalent to domestic Baique Antelope? The packaging is village and rude, and the price is very cabbage. Usually, the price of this price cannot be required too much for the effect. Only this Kenier 377 essence is not bad ~

There are not many essence products that focus on 377 whitening ingredients on the market. Famous, such as Dr. Chengye 377 essence, that price, the capacity of the search search, compared with this Kanier is really very very cabbage. Of course, although the two of them are mainly 377 whitening ingredients, the difference is quite large.


Dr. Chengye’s main whitening effects, including benzide, phenylphenol, VC derivatives-Siqijinliosol ascorbin, can play a whitening effect by inhibiting the activity of linoine enzymes. The main thing is that the 377 ingredients of Dr. Chengye belong to the “oil -soluble” category. Usually 377 are divided into two categories: “oil -soluble” and “alcohol -soluble”, while the Kynier 377 belongs to the “alcohol -soluble” category. More.

but! The “alcohol -soluble” 377 skin feel wow, there will be no obvious skin tingling dry, plus the Canier essence also adds VC derivatives, nicotinamide, and oxygenazole carboxylic acid. It’s not bad, the price is very high.

Compared to Dr. Cheng Ye, the essence of Karnier 377 is quite prominent, the skin feel is not so exciting, and it can be used in spring and summer, but it must be established before using it.

Recommended purchase price: about 30ml 50 yuan


Perlaya’s double anti -essence

When the light of real domestic goods! Many people may not know why they are called “double resistance”. Antioxidant+anti -sugarization is called double resistance! This essence is generally sincere. Do not take the previous LOW B domestic product to see it, just look at the antioxidant ingredients, shrimp greenin+EUK 134+diexymethylene oxybenal pyradic pyrodiahium phenolic pyrine Each dihydrous pyrarne is a good antioxidant player!

As for the anti -glycation ingredients, it is too obscure to show here. To sum up, this essence can be said to be underestimated. Whether from the formula of the formula and the active ingredients, it is very careful. The good moisturizing effect has a good effect on the skin’s anti -aging and maintaining hydration for a long time. The price of the first generation is very affordable, and the increase in the second generation is not worth the difference with the first generation.

Recommended purchase price: 30ml about 150 yuan

Obangqi’s C10 antioxidant essence

Ou Bangqi’s brand is the ace player of the Effective Party. I personally recommend it with both hands and feet. The brand founded by the well -known dermatologist in the United States is the pioneer in the field of efficacy skin care. It can be seen how much bull

The best place for its best is that there are more than 60 patents in terms of penetration and stability that are particularly valued by skin care. This is simply enough to blow a lifetime ~ For example, a skin care product, the formula is perfect, the composition is high -end, if the permeability is poor, the skin is fundamentally fundamental If you can’t eat it, it is still zero. Therefore, Ou Bangqi benefited from his own penetration patent, and the product efficacy was super capable.

Obangqi C10 anti -oxidant essence has good effects in antioxidant, diluting acne marks, and improving dullness. In addition, the oil control effect has a certain oil control effect. Basically, with 1-2 weeks, there will be visible changes to the naked eye. The 10%concentration is relatively mild, and some sensitive muscles can also be used.

It should be noted that this model is divided into the US version and the Japanese version. It is said that the difference is different. I am 10%of the US version.

If you have any disadvantages, are you slightly less affordable? Is it a disadvantage? Maybe not, right? This may be my disadvantage …

Recommended purchase price: 30ml about 570 yuan



Yuze’s acne removal balanced milk

In my personal skin care system, the essence is the most important, followed by cream. There are more creams in autumn and winter, and spring and summer are the world of emulsion. With the essence of efficacy, in fact, there is no need to use the emulsion of the efficacy to choose a product that specializes in soothing and repairing the basic repair type.


In summer, the skin is easy to be imbalanced in water and oil, so I chose acne to clear the balanced milk. The entire series of products of Yuze is very good. I do n’t step on the mine. I can choose according to my needs. I personally feel a little helpless … and this kind of squeezing port is easy to remain at the bottom and it is not very convenient.

Recommended purchase price: 50ml about 95 yuan




ANESSA sunscreen

How many years are the ANear sun sun and sunflower. Basically, there is no need to introduce more. If you do n’t know much about sun protection or do n’t want to study, it ’s basically right to buy ANane Kaishi.

The zinc used used by ANESSA is the exclusive patent of Shiseido, which can exert the ability of zinc oxide to block ultraviolet rays to the extreme, and make the product transparent when applying. But moisturizing and not greasy. I personally feel that it is really comfortable. It is the best sunscreen. Although I have not used much, and the price is very good.


Recommended purchase price: 60ml 100 yuan


ELTAMD sunscreen

ELTAMD’s sunscreen has a great advantage is cheap and big support. Other sunscreen 30ml, one or two hundred, it is a hundred or two hundred in the first one hundred, this cost performance is not to say.

This sunscreen is mainly a physical sunscreen, supplemented by chemical sunscreen, so it is a combined sunscreen, which is effective for UVA and UVB. SPF45 and PA +++ sunscreen strength is absolutely enough.

Many people care about the skin feel of sunscreen, and even take the skin feel as an important criterion for choosing sunscreen. In fact, I am that it is easy to sweat in the summer. How can I live a thick layer? This sunscreen can be ranked among all the sunscreen I have used. The film formation is fast. It is not refreshing but not heavy. It belongs to the skin feel that most people can accept. Essence The most refreshing sunscreen I have used is the blueberry sunscreen of Yue Shifeng, and it feels like the emulsion. Unfortunately, the sun protection power is too weak.

Recommended purchase price: 75ml 120 yuan


My Late A list


Kerun amino acid cleansing milk

Crownic amino acid cleansing milk, amino acid facial cleanser is more affordable and multi -person choice. The brand itself is aimed at sensitive muscles, so this is also a relatively mild cleansing milk. The different thing is that the polyshan pear acid 60 is added, and the cleaning is more outstanding. The feeling of using it is not too smooth or tight. Recommended more sensitive muscles and use of ordinary people.


It is also an explosive ace product. Ke Run’s cleansing is basically the same as Fulfangs. It is cheap large bowl, gentle and easy to use, just buy it!

Recommended purchase price: 150ml around 55 yuan

IPSA flowing gold water

The famous flowing golden water, the high price can’t stand the grass’s grass, the sales are still high. As a bottle of water, where is it good? First look at the main ingredient, coagulation acid+glycyrrhizes potassium. Yan resistance and black are very advantageous, so some girls have a big sun in the summer and apply it with flowing gold water to apply it to the skin stability.

In fact, the main ingredients of the flowing gold water are not whitening, and the formula is not a functional product. It is still good to use as a basic skin care for stability and stability, but it has a certain irritation. The sensitive skin should not be used for a long time.

Recommended purchase price: 200ml is around 190 yuan

Ke Run infiltrate moisturizing lotion


There is no need to say more about the Kerun series, mild, basic skin care, and parity, all of which are included. To use the sense of use, the product is weakly acidic, alcohol -free, pigment -free, without spices, and reduces the stimulation of the skin as much as possible. In terms of safety, gentleness, and moisturizing, you can also choose a standard moisturizing and refreshing type according to your skin condition, which is a bottle of lotion that can be blindly bought.

Recommended purchase price: 150ml is around 50 yuan


Many people hate and love for Arden gold glue ~ It belongs to an old -fashioned product that has been seriously underestimated. Many people think that “too oily, greasy to get home” can’t accept it because people are originally oily essence. Intersection Only in this way can there be good closure and exert the effects of repair, stability, and moisturizing. It is basically useless if it is made into water.


The core ingredients of Alon Golden Glossoms are antioxidant -tea seed oil, anti -aging -retinol palmate, purple pupae, repair and maintain stability -regulature 1, 3, 6, comprehensively speaking The ingredients and recipes are very sincere, and the effect is there. If you really can’t stand your skin, there is no need to disgust while using it.





Recommended purchase price: 30 pieces around 140 yuan

Weizi Multi -Peptide Yanan Bottle Essence Essence

The brand of Weizi is the first anti -aging brand in European pharmacies, so anti -aging products are very advanced. Many people now think that it is just a bit famous for repairing sensitive muscles and narrowly! Talking about the Weizi multi -peptide peptide tightening Yan’an bottle, that is, the anti -gravity bottle, and the advanced peptide molecular cutting technology of the Weizi Laboratory, which has a significant effect on reshaping the elasticity of the skin, is quite obvious.

The peptide itself is the star component of the anti -aging world. This anti -gravity ampoule has two peptides and three peptides. It is mainly aimed at skin elastic fiber and collagen fibers. Even more flexible! The base of the volcanic hot spring water, with high -efficiency penetration of the size of the molecules, the entire anti -aging idea is clear.

Simply talk about skin feel. As a high concentration essence, the concentration is normal. This is why they can improve the skin in a short period of time, but in order to maintain the activity of the efficacy, the bottle is either oil or heavy. (Speaking of you, Spanish XX bottle), it is the oily skin, and it cannot be absorbed at all. Weizi is like water, high liquidity, and very clear. If you are interested, you can try it. For the skin, you can try it. For the skin, you can try it. The brightening effect is relatively obvious.

Recommended purchase price: 1 only around 5 yuan



Olay Oil (OLAY) Big Red Bottle Cream

A small white bottle has made me feel good about OLAY’s home. In addition, a big red bottle cream, OLAY is really a good brand in my heart! As mentioned earlier, the peptide is a star anti -aging ingredient. The big red bottle is also the main peptide anti -aging. The core ingredient five peptides are the kings of peptide. It is said that it is expensive than gold!

The auxiliary of ingredients such as nicotinamide, hyaluronic acid, pan alcohol, glycerin and other ingredients, so that the skin and stability of the skin of the red bottle also have a good effect. Many people like it, including me, a little thick, but a cream, a thicker, a bit of security to have a sense of security. It is more suitable for autumn and winter.

Recommended purchase price: 50ml about 100 yuan

Lou Qingqing Ahol Night Cream

The night cream is pushed up, and the effects and cost -effectiveness are both well -known. It is a perfect match with the OLAY white bottle mentioned above. The effect of 2 is finished. The taste is very light, it is not irritating or greasy, it is very moist, it feels smooth and tender, and the skin is very moisture.

A alcohol can act on the wrinkles under the epidermis to help smooth skin and improve wrinkles. However, it also needs to be used for a long time to make good visibility. In addition, it contains a complex vitamin B5 (pantol), vitamin E and moisturizing factors to help enhance skin moisturizing, and the effect of shrinking pores and smooth skin can be seen quickly. In particular, this combination is very suitable for anti -aging entry players. It is not irritating, the effect is relatively obvious, and the price is not expensive. Who uses it?

Recommended purchase price: 40g about 70 yuan


Among the products recommended this time, the most expensive is the essence of Obunqi and Arden, and the price is acceptable. Others are basically affordable products. Why do I have always pushed the cheap products? I will enter these two models? It is mainly Obangqi’s penetration and the effect of the oil -based essence of Jinjiao. Their unique uniqueness makes me want to try it.

In addition, each of the above categories only introduce only one product, such as the morning water, it feels that the product’s product is not effective, and it is enough to use a one. Some brands introduce a variety of products, such as the essence, because different essences have different characteristics, you can try it, but everyone must not make mistakes. I recommend a variety of essences, which does not mean that everyone is every day. Use only one at a time, don’t make mistakes.

Coupled with the shelf life and oxidation of skin care products, it is recommended that you buy a variety of skin care products, use one bottle and then open another bottle, try not to use the essence of this brand today, change the essence of one brand tomorrow, so Personally, I don’t think it is good.

The list of anti -aging skin care lists in 2021 is basically the same as above. Welcome everyone to discuss a lot. If you are interested, you can specifically talk about Visia testing or brushing sour next time ~~


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