What is the most particular about wearing a coat & down jacket? 3 kinds of wear plan, few people know

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

When wearing a coat & jacket, what boots are the most particular about? A lot of Wei friends are invited, let’s talk about it today.

Fashion has new ideas and never tirelessly dressed. Whenever autumn and winter, when you see more fashion magazines and have seen many fashion bloggers wear it, you will find a phenomenon: Most of them are thin and thin shoes at your feet. Is it not cold?

If you have this question, most of the questions are ignored:

Aesthetics and practicality


Compatible confusion. It involves three kinds of reception attitude. Luo Wei had a brief sharing before, here again.

1. Practical attitude

There are three response attitudes to anything or things, which are practical, scientific, and aesthetic. And practical attitude is human instinct. For example, people who are cooking and practical, just ask for cooked delicious food.


2. Aesthetic attitude

The aesthetic attitude is based on the beauty of [things] itself, but it is purely appreciated. Practical and aesthetics can be both, or it can exist alone.

People with the same cooking and holding aesthetics will pay attention to the color of food, color matching, and coordination with the plate.

3. Scientific attitude

So the scientific attitude is based on composition, paying attention to a credible and objective theoretical basis. In the case of cooking, people who hold a scientific attitude must rank first in nutritional ratio and component content.

The three kinds of response attitude, there is no right or wrong, but the angle entry point is different. one of them

Aesthetic attitude

, To Luo Wei’s view is the most advanced. Because it cuts self -consciousness and emotions and things to form opposition, it can truly understand the object itself.

This is of great benefit to improving its own vision and tolerance. If you can really experience the differences in three attitudes, you will have a sudden and cheerful pattern.

Okay, cut back the topic. Think about it, what is the purpose of fashion magazines? It must be a series of matching actions in the main purpose of good -looking shapes, which is strong.


Ask. The coordination of heavy clothes and anti -season shoes can create a strong fashion contrast and obtain a comparative beauty.

In addition, the shoes in the magazine mostly exist to cooperate with the overall shape, and take the beauty as the first task. As for the fact that it is not practical, it is no longer the focus of attention.

Therefore, when we appreciate the beauty map of the magazine, we must have


With a critical aesthetic perspective, I went to the filtering. Absorb the good color matching, inspire inspiration, broaden your eyesight, and cultivate your appreciation.

Seeing a good -looking match, but when some details are out of time, you have to think: If I wear it, which places can be used for reference and what are you to abandon? Or, the shoes are too thin. What shoes are the ideal?

Thinking is good; wisdom, transparent, what do you say?

Well, hurry back to the topic of wearing today: When wearing a coat or jacket, what boots do you match? Through the daily miscellaneous, follow Luo Wei to learn from the scriptures.

Keyword refinement

: The coordination relationship between coats/coats and boots in winter, there are two factors that must be considered, namely: style and color matching. The two complement each other, and one party is not coordinated to hinder the overall beauty.

Based on this, the main line is based on the style of coat and coat, and there are three coping solutions.

First: What boots do gentle coats wear?

What kind of coat is gentle? That is, women are full of flavor. How to distinguish? The silhouette is soft, line curves, feminine design, soft fabrics, and unlimited colors. All styles that make people feel soft at first glance.



Choose the points of the boots:


Real color and style are not limited.

As long as the color matching of boots and coats is OK, no matter what shoe type is suitable! For example, fine heels, thick heels, round heads, slope heels, thick -soled boots, Martin boots, white shoes, father shoes …


The same color system

Making coats with boots or close colors is an unquestionable preferred advanced combination. From beginning to end, the tone is coherent, no matter what color it is, you can write the atmosphere.

Black coats and black boots, many classic combinations that many people tried repeatedly. If you pay attention to some, you can pull the contradiction gap between the material and make it more obvious. for example,

Patent leather shiny noodles



And beige coat, choose a brown boot to cooperate, use the same color system


, Slowly spectrum to write a pair of elegant scrolls. These two sets of matching are all models that are not wrong.


Boots and bottoms of the same color


In addition to the coat, keep the boots and the same color system with the same color, highlight the longitudinal harmony of the lower body, and extend the high lines. It is the favorite combination formula of the small man. Breaking the dullness of the same color as the coat, it is more playful and lively.


These two sets, a blue coat, a beige coat, are the same color inside, and the boots that cooperate with them also echo the same color as the pleated skirt.


: Want to be more fashionable, work in small things such as scarves. Or the depth of the lower dress and the boots, or use patent leather boots to create light luxury spots.

Second: What boots do you put in a handsome coat?

In contrast to the gentle coat, the appearance of the handsome coat makes the free and easy to return to name. how is it like




Woolen cloth? H version, large shoulder, stiff fabric, or neutral work style design.

Heavy style, heavy color


Neutral handsome coat, suitable for femininity





Wind short boots,


Leisure sport

Boots. These three types of short boots have their own characteristics, which will reconcile or strengthen the style of handsome coats to make it more stylish.

Pointed pointed boots, regardless of the heel type, as long as it is a pointed, you can portray the femininity of exquisiteness and exquisiteness. And this is particularly popular in the sharp handsome coat.

A game of rice white matches the pointed short boots on the soles of the feet.

Pointed boots

The atmosphere that brings always makes people’s spiritual excitement, which is a kind of speechless posture. If you are a professional in the workplace, or you often have required occasions on the image, the perfect match of pointed boots and coats will surely surprise you.

If you want to pursue comfort, the sharp head is also available, and the momentum is good.


+Martin boots:

In fact, if you must make a minimalist treatment of the shoe cabinet. A pair of Martin boots can deal with all winter wardrobes. Especially the cooperation with a neutral handsome coat to the extreme.

As soon as the elegant black long coat is poured to the end, the flashes of the flashes under the figure, a pair

dark red

Martin boots overflowed … This effortless atmosphere is unforgettable.


+Small white shoes:


Although it is said to be a boot, Ke Luowei wanted to mention small white shoes. Like Martin boots, small white shoes are not only versatile, but also cover this wipe.


I don’t know how many fashionable souls.


The handsome coat matches it, it is a must. Today’s small white shoes, there are velvet and hair versions in the inside.

By the way, the versatile shoes similar to small white shoes, and

canvas shoes

The figure. Even more youthful and playful, it also brings a lively vitality to the heavy winter.

: Leisure sneakers, you want to be mature and stable, leather is better than fabric. Few people will understand the small secrets, not to accept it!

Third: What boots do you put on cotton & down jacket?

The thick cotton or down jacket makes the warmth of winter become a fire in the heart and the furnace of the hand. However, the more heavy wrapping, the more you can’t show your fashion and curve. How can you balance it? The following set of matching schemes may be worth trying.

Suitable boots:


Yes, you read that right, it is all kinds of handsome and charming long boots. Let it cooperate with the down jacket, the light style made in an instant, let the image freeze into a landscape, and indicate the exclusive winter.

When down jackets and boots become the main tone, think about it, what to choose to match? Of course it’s beautiful






Isn’t it?

Down jacket+skirt+boots

Under the cold wind, wearing a skirt really tested courage. However, after adding down jackets and boots, the fashion phenomenon that cannot be obtained by both the pair of fashion and temperature will become a reality that can be reality.

Thin and heavy

The more contrast, the more obvious the coolness. These two sets of matching, just look at the down jackets that are definitely not enough to attract, thanks to the elegance of the waist and the handsome and the handsome of boots.



, Always attract the linger of sight. With the calmness and heavy support of the down jacket, the dresses and long boots in the inside can be barely publicized.

As long as the color matching relationship between the two of them is good, the winter is good -looking. These two sets, a blue+red, an orange+rice, a retro, a novelty, making the image changeable.

Down jacket+tights+boots

Regardless of long and short down jackets, it can be matched with boots. The classic combination is regarded as a stylish declaration by countless beauty and fashionable essences. It has been repeatedly verified and never fault.

However, it is more picky leg shape.

If you want to keep some, a black+beige boots may be stunning and low -key. Stable blessings, but there are still fashionable and fashionable flying, becoming the focus of attention.

If you are not very secure about your body, then you can wait for the long down jacket, half -covered and half -covered!


Well, the coat & jacket and boots are shared. I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.


I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!




Choose the points of the boots:





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