Chen Yuqi is really the face of the “big heroine”. The retro wind embroidery long skirt is cold and noble, and the curve is too strong

In the hit drama “Mirror Double City”, Chen Yuqi plays Bai Ying, a girl with tenderness in her children and a girl in the world. Responsibility, mission, and her shackles, can no longer be chic, just live for herself.

Chen Yuqi’s face, with a bit of heroic spirit, is a typical big female face. Not only wearing a costume, but also the style of the style, even wearing an embroidered long skirt is cold and noble. The retro style long skirt is easy to concave the curve beauty, which is really amazing.

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1. Chen Yuqi fashion styling appreciation;

2. How to create a high -end retro skirt dressing;

Chen Yuqi fashion styling appreciation

A naked pink embroidered long skirt, extremely light pink, does not have a touch of girls. With shining luster, luxurious, atmospheric, advanced, and stunning. This light -colored system, exquisite embroidery on the combination, has gentle and delicate feelings, and romantic and high -level beauty.


Exquisite and delicate embroidery, all over the skirt, the overall style is more high -end romance. The tailoring of self -cultivation outlines the proud curve beauty. The black velvet element is used as an embellishment, the tube top, the waist, the shoulder strap, and the black velvet fabric is just right. The proportion of the body is more perfectly optimized.


The naked pink embroidered long skirt was a little bit of resolute beauty. Only the impact of dark elements can make a more fashionable style. Chen Yuqi’s retro style long skirt and black velvet element are the icing on the cake, more romantic and high -end feelings.

How to create a high -end retro skirt dressing?

Tip 1: Exquisite embroidery, enhance high -level beauty

The retro -style long skirt is not just color matching, but also not only the choice of style, but also the beauty hidden in every detail. In the softest way, the most romantic tenderness is blooming.

The delicate and delicate embroidery can create a more luxurious and high -level beauty. The retro -style clothing, which has the beauty of luxury, three -dimensional color line embroidery, has the beauty of glittering, and has more romantic feelings, which can enhance the sense of high -level dress.

Tips 2: S three -dimensional tailoring, outline high -level beauty

Retro -style skirts, tailoring and workmanship are very three -dimensional and advanced. Unlike daily wear, tailoring and wiring are relatively dull and tasteless. The three -dimensional tailoring has stronger shaping, which can outline the beauty of women’s curves and more naturally optimize the proportion of the figure.

The retro -style skirt will use the shape of the waist, the shoulder, and the large skirt. The combination of this detail will inevitably make the three -dimensional sense of the overall wear. Although Chen Yuqi’s group of wearing, although there is no swollen skirt, the combination of black velvet fabrics makes the overall three -dimensional sense stronger.


Tips 3: Crimson element combination, more high -level gas field

Followed and advanced skirts, be sure to avoid too soft elements. Abandoning a more casual style and choosing some high -quality decorations can also make the overall sense of high -level sense. For example, the combination of dark colors is a better way.


The combination of dark colors can not only strengthen the sense of lines of the body, but also help enhance the overall gas field and weaken the softness of women. In daily matching, the combination of dark color clothing is enough to enhance the high -level aura.

Tip four: makeup, accessories, complement each other

The combination of makeup and hair accessories requires a good beauty. In daily matching, more people like elegant and high -quality styles. At this time, the combination of makeup hairstyles needs to be more coordinated.

Chen Yuqi was wearing a retro wind embroidery long skirt, holding her long hair naturally behind her head, showing a somewhat heroic face, and her facial features were more three -dimensional and handsome. Wearing silver -white hair hoop, the gas field is more cold and noble.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to create a cold and high -level retro style? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)


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