Uncover the secrets of the Japanese main woman perfectly, the original one has this 10 MUJI artifact

Japanese housewife I know,

There is a home for housework.


But common, it is the use of tools.

Assist us to play a half-mean effect.

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For example, home storage, various PP plastic storage boxes, vine basket, hard tray …, etc., all the small tools for the owners’ love; so, in the previous articles, you can see them will It is used to use it, even give me a high degree of creative, innovative features to benefit daily storage.

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Trunge, Japanese housewives who ask forced disorder! 5 skills, properly accommodate hundreds of shoes

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Like I and the Japanese housewife use a file box, as the kitchen storage pot; or use a variety of storage boxes, polyethylene soft boxes, to achieve classification storage, a glimpse. And I am inadvertently found that Japanese friends like to use Muji tools because:

First, simple simple

A major feature is simple, simple, and it is easy to match home atmosphere, and create neat spatial screens.


Second, easy to use

Its storage tool considers the possible use of home life, so in addition to wide range of use, it is also possible to play basic functions.


Third, the tool type

Probably a personality that continues the Japanese people’s sky, obsessive-compulsive disorder! The goods it offer have a wide variety of features, and more unexpected features, as well as items that make life comfortable.

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Therefore, in the circle of Japanese housewives, everyone will share each other, high cost MUJI tools, to avoid buying a headless fly-like, buying the following, share us, sharing us The storage of small things!


Whether it is an open shoe, rack, or a custom closed storage cabinet, there are several MUJI tools that we are very love to use in porch to enhance storage efficiency.

Wall-mounted hook

If you don’t live in a luxury or country home, the urban homes are clearly smaller, often put down a shoe cabinet, there is no extra space; therefore, we are used to install wall hanging on the wall. Hook, when doing hanging. And I really like it simple shape and wood material, which feels very comfortable.

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Polypropylene file box

To be honest, if I do this, I didn’t think of the MUJI polypropylene file box that usually put files, actually a tool for housing shoes. For the practice, just put the file box side (inverted), you can place the shoes, and the load is good, you can also put the shoes. Small reminder, the file box should be recommended to select the “wide” style.

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Acrylic separator

With the good use of shoe cabinets, we all know that you can use double-layer shoe brackets to increase storage, but the Japanese housewives actually use acrylic separators to do partitions; and according to Japanese friends, this item is hundreds of items The human investigation is standing out, and it is seen from the Japanese housewife. Usage, in addition to putting in the shoe cabinet, you can use it as a housing storage tool that cannot be installed.

Dinning room

Traditional Japanese restaurants will plan the function of “shelter shed” and similar sidewalls to accommodate diet and cutlery, and use small storage tools to achieve good-looking.

Since our storage cabinet (rack) is more open, in order to pursue a visual beauty, you will choose a hover, color consistent storage tools; where MUJI polypropylene file is a good thing recommended by Japanese housewives.

It will choose it, in addition to making a clean white color than “polyethylene” texture, “polypropylene” material, can also provide better protection, moisture, not afraid of water and durable characteristics, really very Suitable for storage tableware, a whole row is placed on the storage rack, and it is also very good.

Getting tinning box


Under time, sometimes it is really running with time, so the Japanese housewife is very like open shelf when picking the sidewall, and then matches all kinds of storage boxes, and protects the purpose of the tableware. . In addition to the polypropylene file box, there are also many housewives in the tinning box, especially if they use the ironwork racks in their homes, it is very suitable for matching tinplate, style.

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The kitchen should be one of the Japanese housewives to play a lot of space, especially if we use tens of dollars of small things, you can create the effect of the site custom storage cabinet; these practical items provide you with your reference!

Polypropylene vertical file box

Smartly use the polypropylene vertical file box storage pot, probably the most familiar storage skill of the Japanese housewife! We will change the file box originally used for the study in the cabinet drawer, not only effectively divide the space in the drawer, but the size is just accommodating the wok, it is better to take, no more troubles, and the problem of space.


Stainless steel wire basket

In Muji, there are many plastic storage tools, this stainless steel basket is a rare style; and therefore in the Japanese friends’ friends circle, there are also quite people recommend it. The reason is that the strongness of steel is better than plastic, and naturally also has a better protection effect, and the durability is also more prominent. We usually use it as a storage dish or a season kitchen supplies.


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In the bathroom, you can also use these storage tools to allow items that can be relatively intact even in a humid environment.

Polyethylene soft box

We like to use this polyethylene soft box, in addition to the rounded design for user-friendly, and relatively soft materials, it also has excellent water resistance, so it is easy to touch, dirty, high humidity, natural It is convenient to use clear water to clean. It is common to use it with it to store towels, cleaning liquids or tools.

Other tools

In fact, the above storage tool does not have to put a particular space, how to use the user to use; like a few MUJI storage supplies, not only last long, and the range is wide, almost every Japanese Items in the housewife home.

Overlanti rattan


This vine basket is a very common rate in Japan’s home storage tool; in addition to its external simplicity is full of natural style, it is very durable, many people have used for 10 years without deformation damage, plus It is very light in itself, so even children have to take it.

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Thus, from the storage of children’s toys, they can be placed, groceries or tableware …, etc., and its bottom also takes a contracted design, which is more convenient to stack, is a very high consumption storage tool. Small suggestion, if you are concerned that the basket is large, the item is placed easily, and you can use the file box to zoom in space to achieve an orderly storage purpose.

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Cotton and linen blended soft box

Sometimes, it may be limited to spatial conditions, atmosphere … and other status, it is not suitable for the use of hard Bangbang plastic box, and the material relatively soft polyester fiber cotton and linen blending soft box has become a tool for Japanese housewives. Tools.

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And it is very cute in place in the cabinet or placed on the ground. It is also easy to fold when not in use, plus a variety of different sizes, so it is used to place clothes, textiles, and even harvest quilt, bags … Very practical, is also a hot tool.

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A dazzling accommodation tool,

Sometimes I feel less than a little bit,


It may be an external or function,

So relatively simple and practical MUJI tools,

It has become a lot of reservoirs recommended by many Japanese housewives.

Provide you with reference,

More welcome to leave a message to share what good things!


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Image Source / Pinterest / RoomClip

Polypropylene file box

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