In addition to Switzerland in Europe and the United States, do you know these good watches?


In Europe and the United States, everyone may think of a large and watches in Switzerland, but today the haircut fish introduces the watch brand from other countries in Europe and the United States. You can experience the rigor from Germany, the elegance of France, the boldness of the United States, and Italy. Fashion, these retro classics can make you more distinctive.

▼ Hamilton Hamilton series H32565555 mechanical men’s watch

When it comes to European and American tables, how can I not mention Hamilton with American classic tough guys? The Jazz series dial symbolizing the charm of male adopts a happy design. The hollow window is opened from 11 to 4 to 4, from 7 to 8:00.


The watch is equipped with the ETA 2824-2 movement, which cancels the calendar display. Double-sided on the bottom of the window and the hollow dial shows the mechanical beauty. With brown cowhide strap, the skin lining makes the wearer more comfortable. The hollow shape shows different pure beauty.


Tianming Timing hollow series 8130sx mechanical men’s watch

If you are a mechanical fan and feel that semi -hollow is not attractive enough, then this Tian Ming with a full hollow process must be your heart. The silver -gray concentric round dial adopts a fully hollow design, the central inlaid with eye -catching blue steel pointers, and the cooperation between the Roman digital timing markers shows the classic watch style.

The side of the watch is decorated with black plaid, and the back of the surface is also cut out, making the movement jump in front of the eyes. After the automatic polishing and exquisite patterns, the blue steel screws are staggered, showing a unique mechanical beauty. With the brown leather strap, the texture is comfortable and generous, showing the man’s elegant gentleman’s attitude.

▼ UNIZEIT Goside series BC001-SL100-00BN mechanical men’s watch


Although Yili Shi is a young German watch brand, it gives high -level technology and high -profile movements into watches to ensure that each watch can maintain accurate time. At the same time, Yili is also good at the design of the Bauhaus style. Only with simple geometric shapes can make people shine.


The case is made of German Thyssen Karubi steel, and the dome -shaped raised curved surface mirror shows a classic acrylic effect. The pointer on the dial is quenched to form a blue blue. With Arabic digital timing markers and rail -type minute scale, the wearer seems to be in the 1940s, which can be regarded as a must -have watch for retro masters.


▼ CK Calvin Kleingents series K2Y211C3 men’s quartz watch


The purest and simplest is CK’s design spirit, in order to add a sense of fashion in simple. This men’s series uses a minimalist plan, which removes the complex functional elements on the dial, leaving only the brand logo and strip small three stitches. The black disk surface is brushed by drawing, showing the sun -like radiation pattern.

The watch is equipped with a black leather strap, and the bottom of the watch is seal design, which is engraved with the brand logo, which shows the unique design aesthetics of CK. The overall simple and pure design reflects men’s informal small sections. At the same time, it combines American fashion and watchmaking technology, showing the texture of the retro atmosphere of the European and American streets.

▼ Herlin Michel Herbelin Star Series COF.17048/01L quartz female watch

French elegance and fast disassembly mutual shift belt gives you different wonderful every day, with different occasions and moods at any time. The exquisite and small white square dial, Roman digital scale and compact time show Herblin’s romantic elegance. The graceful arc curve of the case gives the wrist a smooth and delicate touch.


Using seamless surface design, there is no fear of sweat, keeping fresh and refreshing at all times. With France’s soft calf leather strap, the surface lines are rich and delicate, and the 45 color straps are changed to create the charming and touching atmosphere of Paris women, so that you can become a trendy darling in fashionable occasions.


▼ Grace Moller Muehle · Glashuette Sports Series M1-25-23-MB neutral mechanical watch

The Moro watch from the German watch -making town, in accordance with the rigorous watchmaking technology, occupies a place in the field of precision instruments. This watch refers to the 29er sailing design, which integrates the accurate timing elements into the design, allowing the wearer to experience the accuracy of navigation timing.


The black matte dial and red pointer form a sharp contrast, exercise and vibrant. Simple stripe scale is covered with square night light to ensure the effect of reading in a darker environment. The movement is equipped with a woodpecker’s cervical fine -tuning, which improves the sensitive adjustment device, improves the effects of shockproofing, and reduces the impact of outdoor sports for watches.


▼ Ferragamo Feroni series F4404 0017 quartz men’s watch


Italy’s fashion has been leading fashion. As one of the well -known luxury jewelry brands, Ferragam also walked at the cutting -edge of the trend. The outer ring of the watch is the iconic Gancino shape. The dial is designed with a blue concentric circle and decorated with a dual carving effect. There is a date display window at 3 o’clock, and the second time zone display window is set at 6 o’clock.

The bottom of the table is a seal design with a unique architectural pattern on it. Equipped with five sections of steel chains, high temperature resistance, delicate workmanship more fit the wrist curve. The overall design makes the watch exudes a noble and elegant atmosphere, making the sense of fashion more touch.

▼ Carlov Korloff Luna series 04WA1020028 quartz female watch


The legend of Carlov, France, derived from a black diamond with an 88 -cut surface, and was integrated into the production of fashion watches with superb diamond technology. This Moon Goddess series uses silver -white pearl mother shell dials, showing colorful effects in light. 34 diamonds that were cut out of it were scattered and turned into string moon and star dots.


The smooth and round case and table handle, the touch is more comfortable. The stainless steel butterfly buckle strap shows the elegant taste of the lady. The overall simple style design shows a beautiful star dream. Now buying Carolov perfumes to feel the aroma of sweetness and vitality.


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