Designed to reshape the ninth Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition Highlights

December 2, 2021,

Hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, the Shenzhen Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association hosted, with “new habitat-designed reshaping ecological force”, “The Ninth Shenzhen International Industrial Design “On February 1st, it is shocked to open,” comprehensive display of new ideas, new design and new industries, with diversified links to design value, explore various possibilities for design-driven industry upgrades, and give full play to industrial design The leading role of industrial development, further promoting the rapid development of Shenzhen design and creative industries. In addition to the three-day theme exhibition, the THE GREAT ONE Awards, the Great Design Value Summit, Industrial Design Intellectual Property Protection Forum, Global Design · Shenzhen Release and New Products, “Design X Manufacturing” Business Points The exhibition has brought the unique charm of the unique charm of the bloom design by the line, and the new opportunities that brought technology and innovation brought industrial design.

New perspective to create a design “new habitat”

This exhibition focuses on strengthening the leading role of industrial design on life, industries, and city, highlighting the “14th Five-Year” key industrial layout and industrial change and industrial integration, inviting Denmark’s well-known design company Urgent Agency founded partnership Max Quistgaard fierce, with “new habitat-designed reshaping ecological force” as a new theme, focusing on the current and future design innovation driven city, industrial thinking, It will be designed as a metaphysical, reshaping the full chain design ecological space, integrate the industrial order, and build an extension industry ecological chain to design to more industry empowerment, truly realize all-round audience value sharing.


The total area of ​​this exhibition line is 15,000 square meters, setting a full-scale design service integrated exhibition area, an emerging design brand exhibition area, an international design exhibition area, a new technical value chain cooperative zone, Shenzhen design center exhibition area, design support and promotion exhibition area, and design entrepreneurship And the 7 major exhibition areas of the hatcherage, invited Dutch pavilion, Danish Prescription and other seven overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) design groups, internationalization levels continue to rise last year. Exhibition focus on sustainable circulation, AR / VR new technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, including total housing intelligence, freight bicycle, air disinfection lamp, immersive smart ski training machine, etc. 6000+ global design boutique . A total of 312 domestic and international exhibitors have participated in the exhibitor lineups have significant changes in the industry attributes, such as the concentrated intelligent experience of Huawei’s UCD center, paying attention to the health of human life, is committed to automatically driving a multi-sensing solution of the vehicle. Learning such as digital innovation companies bring a batch of new technologies, new materials, new models such as integration design aesthetics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biomedical, new materials, new models.

At the same time, the big exhibition gathering Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan design power, Hong Kong Design Association, Taiwan Design Research Institute, Macau Product Design Association, Sannuo, Racing Zou, Guan Jun, Hi Ming Design, Jia Ji, 9:00, Bai Fox, etc. Many Shenzhen local excellent design resources are unveiled, as an international brand and excellent business integration design event, in a comprehensive display of high-end products and emerging technologies in an all-round way, and also promote industrial design and industrial depth, facing the world Strong voice, build industrial design industrialization, innovate the international docking platform, form a good situation of collaborative innovation in both sides of the strait, Shenzhen as a link, help together, build, share the innovative design ecology of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dashang District.

Global design, Shenzhen release, to create a design front edge

At the 9th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition, global design Shenzhen released and new product launch conference was successfully held. The new product conference activity is based on international perspectives and global height, selection representative products from different fields of industrial, fashion, energy, and technology, and built a free open design for designers, domestic and foreign companies, entrepreneurs and financial institutions. Foreign exchange platform. During the two days, Shenzhen Inter-Zouge Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Sannuo Group Industrial Design Center, Shenzhen Wei Chen Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Nine Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiajia Geometry Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Waiting for 15 companies to focus beauty, outdoor, intelligence, home, etc., with “new thinking – new products – new vision”, “Tiger, eight”, “design”, etc., etc., 15 new product releases. Among them, the Netherlands China-EU Brand Development Joint Center has released the camping products of new technologies and new materials. It is light, high-performance characteristics unlock outdoor exploration new experience. The Neabot-Q11 sweeping robot released by Niibao Technology is from the perspective of family members. From the user’s home clean demand, then to the drying, streamline every step, so that the public’s daily life is more intelligent, more calm . This year’s new product launch will solve the problems emerged by various consumer circles and social organizations, form a three-dimensional, interactive design ecological network, and promote the benign development of the national design industry. The exhibition also uses new product conferences as an opportunity to introduce international advanced resources, and vigorously enhance its product supply and service capacity, help consumer lifestyle, output domestic innovation products, expand national brand awareness and influence, and finally realize international Interworking between domestic trade collaboration.

Cross-border big coffee design “voice”, and common possibilities

The “Global Design Value Summit” in the same period, the world famous architecture and industrial designer He Kagawa, the executive director of Huada Gene Group, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Professor Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, BDDWATCH Yanzen Design China CEO, IF International Design Forum Co., Ltd. CEO UV Craymelin, Hefang Jewelry Founder and Designer Sun He Fang, CEBA Dutch China-EU Brand Development Joint Center Chairman Nanmei, Huawei UCD Center Experience Design Director Yaojian, Xiaomi Products Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Director Huang Suqing and other more than ten multi-field design masters, business leaders on line online, joint conversation, from different perspectives, how to empower design, explore new environments Industrial trend and design business model, allowing design to expand to more unknown areas, standing in cross-boundary perspective for social, urban, environment, economy, human voice, bringing new business value and marketing value Let the audience on the global online audience break through the geographical restrictions, and meet the closeness of the design big coffee. The professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, BDDWATCH initiated people’s Hui Ming, with the theme of “New Ten Years, Achievement Design and Drive Brands”, pointing out that design thinking is not single to watch design, but also to balance and integrate people’s needs, users’ needs , The possibility of technology, can three of the business success, use the design to link technology and business, realize the results of science and technology, and the maximization of the commercial value, the design of the brand is designed to design drive type. Huawei UCD Center Experience Design Director Gao Jian is theme with the “design practice and future” of digital new infrastructure under 5G era, through multiple programs, the future decade is a golden decade of intelligent era, through data and knowledge-driven design The concept to upgrade the traditional network architecture to make the entire network achieve intelligent upgrade. CEBA Netherlands China-EU Brand Development Joint Center President Nanmei is the starting point for “Cavement – New Perspective” as the starting point, giving suggestions for designers and companies, saying that when Chinese companies are creating, brand logic Apply it to the entire design system and ultimately marketing.

“The Great One” award, leading the original strength

The Great One Design Awards for the Exhibition Has been held since 2015 is already the seventh, “The Great One” award encourages cross-boundary integration and diversity, emphasizing actual, replica, economics, Environmentality, etc., fully excavated and utilized scientific and technologies in the design to seek solutions for the world’s sustainable development. This year’s the great one design award and the largest difference in the session, design has been given a broader connotation, and it is more closely related to worldwide thinking, dedicated to “design strength to promote the achievement of United Nations sustainable development goals”, in the original Product Design Supreme Award, Product Innovation Design Award, Best Display Awards Awards, adding a sustainable design award, fully demonstrating the demonstration leadership of Shenzhen industrial design. The “Best Display Award” of this year’s Great One Design Award is from Shenzhen General Design Co., Ltd., Xiongan New District Future Industrial Design Institute, Jacob Wendon Design, Weifun Design Institute, Weir Group, Shenzhen Simple Geometry Industrial Design Co. X Intelligent Full HD Entry Enterprise, “Light-GO” Multi-Function Lighting “,” Ling “, Shenzhen Delicious Design Co., Ltd. The series outdoor speaker is abstracted; the Sustainable Design Award is “Cell”, Shenzhen General Design Co., Ltd. “Cell”, Shenzhen Smart City Furniture “, Shenzhen Good Transport Brand Design Consulting Co., Ltd. Coniferous tree fiber environmental protection shoes “three products won,” The Great One Product Design Supreme Award “designed by Huawei UCD is awarded, and it is also recommended by this year’s exhibition. Digital intelligent mine joint solution. The “The Great One” Awards, reinterprets the design of inclusive, cross-boundary, innovative and unlimited possibilities, bringing more, industrial transformation, urban new students bring more Enlightenment.

Employment of industrial value, promoting business transformation

The Industrial Design Exhibition has held more than 50 national and regional design institutions, and industry organizations have gathered global quality design resources. In order to build the most influential design service cooperation platform of the world, to boost more industrial design results, this exhibition for industrial learning, intelligent aiot, smart home appliances invites Shenzhen Inter-Zouge Industrial Design Co., Ltd. founder Zou Zhenmei Huang Rui, Shenzhen, Huangrui Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Huang Rui, Shenzhen Nine-point Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Joint Foundation Liu Ying, Shenzhen Baoxi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Business Manager Li Yasu, Foshan Shunde and Industrial Design Co., Ltd. founded Deng Haosheng, Shenzhen Ouang Industrial Design Co., Ltd. founder Liu Hao, Shenzhen Hisi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Zheng Bin, Shenzhen Jiajia Geometry Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Project Manager Tu Qiongulin total 8 well-known designers focus the internet The design innovation direction under the new consumption trend is design-oriented, surrounded by science and technology, culture, intelligence, fashion consumption, beauty makeup, life home and other fields, and combined with its own extensive design experience. Shenzhen design empower advanced manufacturing industry development provides innovative solutions, and Haiyuanda Communication Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Aki Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kangjia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qixin Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Leibai Technology Nearly 50 professional docking products such as strain companies. This exhibition is based on pairing, with Shenzhen dominant high-end industries to specially accurately exchange and docking in the base segment. Promote advanced design depth link manufacturing resources, build a full chain, multi-level industrial design and industry integration development innovation Ecosystem, industrial design as the engine, improve high-end manufacturing value, constantly empowore products, high-quality development of industry, build Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macai District, all-industrial chain circular economy system, release Shenzhen as design capital, innovation city, the first advantage And demonstration power

Designed as engine, build talents and intellectual property service platforms

Recently, the Central Talent Work Conference emphasized in-depth implementation of the new era of talents, clearly accelerating the construction of the world’s important talent centers and innovative highlands, providing talents support for socialist modernization in 2035, in 2050, comprehensively built socialist modern power, talent foundation In the importance of domestic talent work, the importance of domestic talent is raised to the new strategic height. This year, relying on the exhibition official applet to provide talent recruitment services for all exhibitors, and invites Shenzhen colleges and universities to organize students to actively participate in the exhibition online activities, and will forward the design concepts and new processes, new materials. Application information is shared to the college design professional students, actively promoting the increase in the accumulation of the accumulation of talents. In addition, the activities of the industry design intellectual property protection forum have also been carried out for the design industry high-quality development, and invited Chen Shiming, director of Beijing Jingshi (Shenzhen) Law Firm, Lawyer, Patent Agent Wu. Hui Rui and the partner of Beijing Jingde (Shenzhen) Law Firm, Wang Yi, the head of the compliance department, sharing the legal issues of intellectual property, “judgment and response strategy for design and infringement”, “personal information protection law “As the subject, through the detailed case sharing the common problems on the corporate innovation development road and the current background of my country’s current intellectual property protection work, the main intellectual property issues in business operations, further deepening the understanding of the intellectual property work, in order to help Shenzhen The best way to build important scientific and technological achievements industrialization and global first-class technological innovation talents have taken an important step towards gathering.

National participation, detonating multi-“clouds”

In order to actively respond to the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic, this big exhibition has opened up the “online design exhibition” topic, hosting the cloud broadcast, cloud docking, cloud show and other special “cloud” activities, using artificial intelligence , VR, AR and other advanced intelligence technology, build line display and communication docked applet, 3D virtual exhibition hall, series of live online live broadcast platform, based on cloud small programming, provide product display for exhibitors and procurement units, information release , Transaction match, docking negotiations and other services. The audience can enter browsing through 2021 Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition, “Cloud” enjoys the design feast of deep frontier. It is worth mentioning that the Great One award-winning works and exhibitions will also be displayed in the Municipal Industrial Exhibition Hall in the design miniature exhibition, forming “big exhibition + small exhibition” innovative exhibition model. Online online design of the product store – “Design Pickup” gathering, the gathering of young, rich in pioneering, focusing on new consumption patterns to create a diversified design. In addition, the exhibition also joins the third-party shake platform, opens the mission of the mission, and the melon cash, etc., detonating the “Cloud” design exhibition.

The annual Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition has passed the nine-year precipitation, successfully built an international platform leading innovation, future, design and industrial integration development.This year’s exhibition gathering more high-end elements, high-end resources, high-end enterprises, high-end talents, gather the world’s top design innovation power, promote industrial design more efficient, higher quality, and highlight all vertical field industries, highlight Shenzhen as design capital, firstThe leading role of the demonstration zone.

(Liu Liqing)


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