Xiaomi newly released a suitcase with a 360,000 -degree wheel, solidly durable to meet the needs of various types of travel

In the start of the school season, everyone is a large bag bag. At this time, with a suitcase, we can help us solve this difficulty, but which suitcase to choose is needed. The light Xiaomi starts. I believe that everyone is familiar with this brand. From 2016 to 2021, the total number of all channels of Xiaomi’s suitcase sales exceeded 1.8 million. Xiaomi suitcase not only Rongdang Tmall V list, but this time period recently Xiaomi Tmall There are also large discounts for flagship stores.


Xiaomi suitcase, personally chooses 24 inches, size: 425 × 255 × 618mm, about 66L, net weight: 4.3kg, a girl can easily lift, three colors, three models to meet different needs.

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi’s suitcase appears low -key and connotative. It is a business type. It is a sense of stability and dexterity as the whole person. There is no extra flower branches. Pay attention to the practicality of the texture. Quality.


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Xiaomi luggage men’s and women’s universal rod box suitcase student password box 24 -inch gray

¥ 399



The status of the box shell, Xiaomi’s suitcase guarantees the quality of the product from the source. The box shell raw materials come from higher quality German PC raw material suppliers Koschuang, and are equipped with a quality inspection team to track and control the quality. Koschuang has an 80 -year innovation experience. It is the inventor of PC. He has 50 production bases and 10 innovative centers worldwide. It has also been tested through GTT professional products. It cooperates with professional cooperation and spends greater cost costs and more energy. Just for higher quality, the products that come out in this way must be carefully crafted!

The details of the Xiaomi suitcase are also worthy of sophisticated. The TSA certification password



, You can set your own password, double -toothed zipper explosion, TPU soft handle handle to pull portability, nail design protective box body scratch and skids, boxes are strictly seams, tight and durable, skin -friendly lining in the box, good dirt and goodness Take care of the details.

The unique honeycomb -shaped uneven dot design of the surface layer of the box can make a lot of action. This design makes the Xiaomi suitcase lighter than the plane box. The damage of the face also provides a strong support, a small design, a great role for the box.

Do not miss its walking test, highly elastic TPE wear -resistant rolling wheels, and optimize the structure of the wheels and wheel cover. Anti -collision scratch resistance, firmly not easy to drop. This is the use of the MedicalWheel roller system, smooth, clear, and effort, and do not interfere with ourselves and others. The mute aircraft wheel, a 360 ° universal wheel, rotates freely in each direction angle.


The internal dual U-shaped storage space, reasonable partition, by reducing the distance between the case of the box shell and the expansion effect, plus the R corner design, make full use of the space. Compared with the general suitcase capacity, the 24-inch Xiaomi suitcase can be installed 6- more 6- Seven pieces of clothing, strong practicality, must have enough space in the suitcase, so as to better take care of our food and food.

The box shell adopts a multi -layer PC composite structure, which is more strong, resisting, durable, and high rebound. In the box, the polyester fiber of the clothes we usually wear. 24 -inch on -boarding needs to be checked, so you don’t have to worry about violent consignment and the items in the box are broken.

With the Xiaomi suitcase, I am indispensable for my business trips, extracurricular learning, outdoor activities, and visiting relatives and friends.


Summary: Xiaomi’s suitcase is equipped with 3 handles (including tie rods, top handles, and side handles), thickened aluminum tie rods, and combined with different people’s four gears comfortable and highly adjusted at will. The surface of only the tie rod is treated with antioxidant treatment, sweat anti -corrosion, not worried in summer, and not afraid for a long time.


Xiaomi’s suitcase, tough and durable, scratch -resistant and slippery, 360 degrees as you want, go to the place you want to go, and be the most intimate life secretary.






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