In the past 40 years of Spring Festival Evening, “the most funny” of 10 crosstalk, Feng Gong did not enter the top five, the first place came from Ma Ji

In 1950, the folk art of cross talk, encountered the development since development

The biggest “crisis”


At that time, the New China was just established, and all walks of life needed “new appearance” in all walks of life, and they have been performing on the streets and alleys. The content is full of content.

Ethics, physiological paragraphs

The cross talk performance has also become the key “reform” object.

Hou Baolin and Ma Sanli, who are cross talk practitioners, are worried about this.

It’s actually one in front of them

“Contradiction” lock

—— “Vulgar, Moisturizing” has been engraved in the comic bones. To put it bluntly, the folk audience recognizes this, and it has been the case in the past 200 years.

If you want to change, how to change it? Will it be a “self -broken life pulse” after changing?

Under hesitant, Hou Baolin found a key character:

Old house


Lao She is a big coffee in the literary world, and is also an old predecessor in the cross talk world. A lot of cross talk books have been written in the 1930s and 1940s, such as “Lugou Bridge”, “Taierzhuang Dajie”, “Scolding Wang Jingwei” and other works. These cross talks in many areas in many areas Targeting tour is quite popular.

Lao She gave a knowledge of cross talk, and combined with his own opinions, he gave a way:


“The old sleeve that does not learn to make trouble, creates a new paragraph of laughter but not obscene.”

How to change it, Lao She believes that while retaining the essence of cross talk in the old era, it can also be created in combination with the lives of the new era and the people.

He also made a demonstration and wrote one


In the “Guangming Daily”, the content is actually re -created the previous newspaper name.

He later wrote again

“Beauty Britain to Beat”

This book with a strong background.

Under the inspiration of Lao She,

The practitioners of the cross talk world quickly found the way. Since then, realist cross talks with critical colors have begun to emerge, and this “new type of cross talk” has gradually become the main theme.

By the first Spring Festival Gala in 1983, the cross talk has become the most popular Quyi performance in the party. Two of the four hosts are cross talk actors, and one -third of the shows are crosstalk.

With the Spring Festival Gala Stage, the cross talk was immediately all over the country. In the next ten years, the crosstalk actors laughed and scolded on the stage, and also became an indispensable meal for the Spring Festival Gala.

Until now, cross talk creation has entered the bottleneck again.

Today we will take a look at the Spring Festival Gala Stage in the past 40 years

The best word of mouth, the most funny “top ten cross talks”

While helping everyone to relive childhood memories, we also explore why China comes into bottlenecks together.

(The following rankings are based on the reputation and influence of the audience of the previous Spring Festival Gala Cambria)

10. “Look at these two dads”


1999 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Niu Qun, Feng Gong

In 1999, it was a progress to comfort everyone’s heart in a ridiculous way.

As the saying goes, there are many stationery stationery, but this Spring Festival Gala “Look at these two dads” in 1999 tells us that the dad of poor students loves


In the show, Niu Qun and Feng Gong’s sons were the first and last second in the class. The two dads met and started to peck each other. The audience could see the joy.

There were many hilarious points in the show. For example, Niu Qun named “Newton” to his son, and Feng Gong named his son “Feng Strovsky”

Such as Feng Gong’s sentence

“Can’t bear the child, you can’t hold the wolf, but your wife can’t hold the hooligan.”

Now it has become a stalk quoted by many people.

I still remember that in the spring evening of 1989, Sister Ju Ping interviewed a bunch of beaded scholarship, and the New Year added a blockbuster to elementary school students across the country.

In 1999, this crosstalk, Niu Qun Feng Gong relieved everyone’s heart with a teasing way, which was definitely a progress.

09. “Point Company”

1994 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Niu Qun, Feng Gong


With Feng Xiaogang’s participation, this cross talk is compared to the past, there are two specials

In 1994, the “Point Company” was a bit special. In addition to Niu Qun and Feng Gong, the screenwriters of this cross talk were Feng Xiaogang and Xu Fan (signed Xu Xiaofan).

In the show, Niu Qun opened a native company to help people produce ideas. Facing the strange requirements put forward by customers, Niu Qun responded to one by one, which caused a strong comedy effect.

For example, someone asked how to make the wallet up, and he replied: “Change to change.”

For example, how to face the fake and shoddy products in the market, he replied: “Just catch it.”

For example, some ladies asked many medals in the sports competition to get the female compatriots. How could the male compatriots look up? He replied: “Cancel the women’s game.”

This trembling reply now does not seem fresh, but in 1994, it was very innovative, and the audience was happy.


This comic dialogue has two special features compared to the previous cross talk.

First, because of Feng Xiaogang’s participation, “Point Company” has the taste of Feng Xiaogang’s movie, and we can immediately think of “Party A and Party B” and “Private Custom”.

Secondly, there are on -site audiences participating in the problem.


08. “Who makes you excellent”

2006 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Big Bing, Zhao Weiguo

The new “mother -in -law” makes the audience shine

When it comes to cross talk, we always feel that it is the patent of the northerners. In fact, there are excellent cross talk actors in the south, such as the soldiers from Hunan.


He appeared in the Spring Festival Gala in 1999 and said a 4 -minute “White Eat”, ridiculed the chaos of public funds, and made people see the glory of the comic dialogue.

In 2006, the soldiers took Zhao Weiguo again on the Spring Festival Gala and performed the irony cross talk “Who Makes You Outstanding”. In the show, the two participated in the selection of excellent actors. The irony and disassembling platform caused a lot of jokes.

The southern confidence is often blurred by the boundaries and funnyness. This form is also called “the mother -in -law”. “Who makes you excellent” is a typical child and mother. Let the audience who is used to the traditional cross talks shine.

Although this comic dialogue is a new paragraph, the structure and form are referred to the classic cross talk “On the Mocho”, which gives people a feeling of being familiar and fresh.


It is a pity that the soldiers later left the voices of the phase to be the host.

The banner of cross talk rejuvenation

At once


I handed it to Guo Dege


07. “Old Songs and New Singing”

2000 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Guo Donglin, Feng Gong

The “magic reform” of the CCTV gold medal column is the only insufficiency. A sudden “accident” appeared in the performance.

In the 1990s, the Spring Festival Gala sketches later lived, and the well -known sketches such as Chen Peisi, Zhao Lirong, Zhao Benshan, Pan Changjiang, and the satirical crosstalk was almost extinct, and the cross talk was completely lonely. It was not until 2000 Feng Gong and Guo Donglin’s “Old Songs and New Sings” that made people made people make people make people. Light in front of me.

“Old Songs and New Singing” is very innovative. It is not a traditional cross talk. Guo Donglin is also a sketch actor. The entire work is a combination of cross talk and sketch, which can be called “cross talk drama”.

In this show, the two had a magic change on the CCTV gold medal column. They sang “Focus Interview” with Tianjin Allegro, sang the women’s football competition with, and sang “Weather Forecast” with popular songs.

The comic dialogue of music is easy to live, but this show is frequent, and many lines have been repeatedly used until now. For example, Guo Donglin said when he described dogs to ignore the buns, “That’s not bad, the taste is great, using our American words to be very good.”

For example, Guo Donglin explained the women’s football competition with JD Drums, and many people can sing now.

However, an emergency occurred in the show. When Guo Donglin finally played the guitar, the guitar was broken. Guo Donglin was in danger. He held the handle of the guitar in one hand, and at the same time he used his belly to resist the guitar, and then put on a play. Pose, singing the song adapted from Cui Jian’s “Rock on the New Long March”, the atmosphere of the audience reached a climax, and no one noticed this small flaw.


The creation of cross talk dramas is extremely difficult. Now more than 20 years have passed, and there have been no works such as “Old Songs and New Singing”.

06, “Catch the Wind”

1989 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Jiang Kun, Tang Jiezhong

The last glory of the Spring Festival Gala’s satirical cross talk sounds funny, but it is sad to think about it carefully.

“Catching the Wind” in 1989 was the last glory of the Spring Festival Gala.

Jiang Kun, Tang Jiezhong, and Liang Zuo, the iron triangle combination, came to bring new works again. “Catching the Wind and Catching” tells the story of people’s words. Jiang Kun went to the Public Security Bureau to participate in a literary performance. Fortunately, Jiang Kun’s explanation became more and more chaotic, and he did not prove his innocence until the end.

This comic dialogue sounds funny, but it is sad to think of it carefully. A good person is wronged. It is likely to be unclear, and often you can only eat dumb losses.

Thirty years ago, neighbors of the neighborhood would spread your rumors. Now, on the Internet, “making a rumor with a mouth, rumoring and breaking legs”. Later, Chen Kaigee filmed “Search”. s story.

It seems that the times will change, and some social evils will only change to dress up to continue to the city.

05, “Elevator Adventure”

1988 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Jiang Kun, Tang Jiezhong


Those who are trapped, how to eat and study and discuss how to eat, bureaucratic storms are full of storms

The Spring Festival Gala in 1988 was the pinnacle of satirical cross talk. This session of Jiang Kun and Tang Jiezhong brought the cross talk “Elevator”.


In 1987, “Tiger’s Circus” was a great success. Liang Zuo and Jiang Kun again collaborated on this sequel. This time Jiang Kun was trapped into the elevator, and then caused a series of laughter stories.


“Elevator Adventure” and “Tiger Hurring” set up similar dilemma, but the two crosstalk cores are different.

“Tiger’s Too Tournal” focuses on narrative, from trapped to rescue, step by step, satisfying the audience’s curiosity;

The “Elevator Adventure” focuses on irony. After someone is trapped in the elevator, the leaders of departments at all levels push each other. Regarding how to eat the trapped people, they have to meet to study and discuss.

Even after more than 30 years, this cross talk can still make us sigh.

04. “巧》 0”

1988 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Niu Qun, Li Lishan

Ironics created the most previous Spring Festival Gala. Since then, Niu Qun and Feng Gong held hands to start a new era.

A golden sentence “Leader, Cosbility” was born in the Spring Festival Gala in 1988.

This line appeared in the cross talk “Qiao Ernan”. Niu Qun was the performer and the creator of the script. He also worked in the Beijing comrades -in -arms song and dance troupe at the time. He usually liked creating cross talk, but he had no fame.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 1988, his work “Leader, Bao No.” was lucky enough to be selected by the Spring Festival Gala director. The cattle are very excited and repeatedly modified. Although the work was large in scale, the review system at that time was relatively loose. The name has also been changed to “名 目”.

Unexpectedly, during the review process, Niu Qun’s partner went to the team. Niu Qun had to find a temporary partner through a friend to find a cross talk actor Li Lishan. I did not expect that the show was all over the country.

“Qiaoli Name” tells the story of a section chief to eat and drink with public funds. The chief played by Niu Qun often reports to cheat public funds. At the beginning of the report, he will write “Leadership, Corporation”, which has also become his mantra.

In order to cheat public funds to eat and drink, the chief thought to have all kinds of tricks. Even the Pavlov’s anniversary had to go to the group to eat roast ducks. He also returned by a set of fallacies, and even took Chen Jingrun at the time.


This crosstalk irony has created the best Spring Festival Gala, and now it sounds interesting.

While the Cattle Aquarius performed this cross talk, Feng Gong watched it under the stage. His partner at the time was Liu Wei. After “Qiao Li”, Feng Gong and Niu Qun jointly united, opening up their glorious moments.



Liang Zuo and Jiang Kun talked for 3 hours. Li Wenhua was absent from the accident.

Jiang Kun is the chairman of the Chinese Qu Association. In the eyes of many people, he is the mainstream crosstalk circle. He specifically said that some of the evenings of tickling “educated people” are opposite to Guo Degang’s laughter and scolding.

This is actually the biggest misunderstanding of Jiang Kun.


From the category of large cross talks, some of Guo Degang’s comic dialogue now belongs to the old -fashioned cross talk. It has obvious street teahouse style, which can “have no taboos”;

Jiang Kun, Ma Ji, Niu Qun and others belong to the representatives of the new type of comic dialogue. The main feature is to create a new era. We said at the beginning of the article that this was changed according to the proposal of Lao She. Generally, the new crosshair has a strong irony criticism sex.


From an actor, Jiang Kun not only presided over the Spring Festival Gala, but also contributed a lot of classic Spring Festival Gala cross talk. The most familiar to everyone was the crosstalk “Tiger Hurid” in 1987.

The origin of this comic dialogue and the little story.

In 1986, Jiang Kun and Chen Peisi visited the female writer Yun Rong and met her eldest son Liang Zuo. Liang Zuo was a high student at the Chinese Department of Peking University. After graduation, he also taught Chinese in colleges and universities.

Liang Zuo and Jiang Kun talked for more than 3 hours. The two were very fate. The next day, Liang Zuo gave the manuscript of his novel “Hukou’s Rest” to Jiang Kun. Jiang Kun’s eyes were bright. This novel was a wonderful cross talk. You can move to the stage to perform, so Jiang Kun adapted the novel into a cross talk for 2 days and 3 nights on the train, and named it “Tiger Huro Tavory”.

Jiang Kun is an apprentice of Ma Ji and has a strong creative ability. Under his adaptation, Liang Zuo’s absurd novel has become a crosstalk work of elegant and vulgar appreciation.

Jiang Kun’s first partner was the old actor Li Wenhua, but later Li Wenhua suffered from throat disease and could not participate in the performance.

In 1987, 37 -year -old Jiang Kun and 52 -year -old Tang Jiezhong performed “Tiger Hurid Ther”. This comic dialogue tells the story of a young man who fell into the zoo cage. The performance of the performance, and the effect of the scene is perfect.

Liang Zuo is not a professional cross talk actor, but as a layman, he has injected new vitality into the cross talk world.

After “Tiger’s Too”, he cooperated with Jiang Kun, Feng Gong and others many times, and several people created the prosperous age of cross talk in the 1980s.



1987 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Ma Ji, Liu Wei, Feng Gong, Zhao Yan, Wang Jinbao

Good art works can travel through time. Today, “One Annual Comedy Comedy” has 2 shows to learn from it.







1988 CCTV Spring Festival Gala performers: Jiang Kun, Tang Jiezhong


In cross talks, group cross talk is the hardest.

Among the more than 300 traditions circulating currently circulated, the proportion of group cross talks is less than a quarter. The reason is also very simple. People who can say a few people can make it together. Essence

Among the many classic groups, “Dragon Horse Gow”, “Trainer”, “Disassembly”, “Diamond Legs” and so on are left by the Qing Dynasty. Modern group cross talk is almost from the hand of the Malaysian person. Written, his apprentice Wang Qianxiang recalled that when Ma Lao wrote a cross talk, he often entered the state of forgetting me.

It is this excellent creative ability that allowed Ma Ji to write excellent group cross talk such as “Following Followers”, “Rumor”, “One Servant and Two Master”. of.

In the show, the five actors of Ma Ji, Liu Wei, Feng Gong, Zhao Yan, and Wang Jinbao played the heads, mouths, eyes, ears, and noses of people. Can feel strong artistic.

“Following Following Followers” for a total of 18 minutes, but the viewing is in one go, mainly in the exquisite design.

This show is mainly divided into three parts.


The first is that the five senses come from me to introduce me, and set up “people” and bring the audience into the play.


The second is that the five senses have a “report report” to explain the importance of their own, and the jokes rose.

The third is that the facial features finally have an internal dysentery, and the entire comic dialogue reaches the climax.

Under such a strict structure, several cross talk actors performed well, and the audience was pleasing to the eye.

In 2009, Ma Ji’s son performed “New Word of Following Following Following Followers” in the Spring Festival Gala, and expressed his respect to his father in the same form.

In 2021, in the show “The annual comedy contest” hosted by Ma Dong, new comedies such as “You Are Sleeping” and “Who Kill Sunday” have drawn on the creativity of “Follow Following Following Followers”.

It can be seen that good art works can travel through time.

01. “Cosmic Cigarette Cigarette”

1984 CCTV Spring Festival Gala 丨 Performer: Ma Ji

The foundation of the Spring Festival Gala cross talk, in the 6th minute of Ma Ji, “accidents” occurred.

In the Spring Festival Gala in 1984, two major foundations were born.

Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao’s “Eating Noodles” buried the foreshadowing for the outbreak of sketches; Malaysia’s “Cosmic Cigarettes” directly set the tone of the 1980s’ Spring Festival Gala Crosstalk.

At that time, it was the early days of reform and opening up. Many fake and shoddy products appeared in the society. Ma Ji hated it and decided to write a cross talk to irony this phenomenon.

What Ma Ji has been writing before is the interpretation of the oral dialogue. This time he decided to write a single -mouth cross talk. After the cross talk was written, he changed a lot of drafts. In order to be afraid of the audience, he also went to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to repeat. Final fixed manuscript.


At that time, the Spring Festival Gala performance was relatively casual. The clothes of Ma Ji during the performance of Ma Ji were his own. The briefcase in his hand was borrowed from the electrician in the stage. When he came to the stage, he fucking this standard Tangshan dialect, which was particularly grounded.

There is 8 minutes in this crosstalk. Ma Ji wants to play a salesman to sell inferior cigarettes. While he has to tout cigarettes, he has to dismantle himself. It is very difficult to live in these 8 minutes in front of hundreds of millions of audiences.

As a master of cross talk, Ma Ji’s biggest advantage is the creative ability. A small cigarette is blown out by him.

First of all, he shouted the slogan, saying that he wanted to let cigarettes out of Asia to the world, and then came to the name of “Reporting the Name” to say the names of many countries. This is actually a traditional heritage.

Then he dismantled himself, saying that the problem of this cigarette was very big. The way their factory was to frequently replace the product name. From “Peach Tao” to “Shit Shell Lang” to “Beauty Card”, the irony of the irony and the boast of the previously boast Part of the comparison is formed.

Then he turned around and began to sell cigarettes with brainwashing advertisements. For example, if you do n’t buy cigarettes without buying cigarettes, you ca n’t find the object, you ca n’t go to college, the family is not successful, and so on.

In the end, he also made various promotional activities, such as the surrounding products, collecting twelve -sisters to send TV, etc. These methods were later learned by advertisers.


Although there are so many exquisite designs, Ma Ji did not have a trace of performance. In 8 minutes, he exaggerated like the uncle next door. The rhythm point is extremely accurate, and even during the performance, he really smoked smoke, adding authenticity.

In the 6th minute, the cigarettes suddenly died. The horse season is now hanging, without traces, the skill is evident.

After the party, Ma Ji was originally going home. At this time, the hotline called. A Shougang worker didn’t see cross talk because of duty. He felt very sorry. Ma Ji performed the worker on the phone again. “Cigarette”, now it seems incredible.

This period of comic dialogue has produced a huge influence throughout the country. As soon as the Spring Festival ended, there was a trademark of cigarette cigarettes in the Heilongjiang Cigarette Factory and produced cigarettes to the Quartet.

The tobacco factory wanted to invite Ma Ji to endorse, but Ma Ji eventually refused, but the sales of cigarette cigarettes in those years have always been very good.

Well, the above is the “top ten crosstalks” with the best word of mouth in the Spring Festival Gala in the past 40 years.

We can see that some of these works are indeed satirical, but not all. It can be seen that “irony” is not the only magic weapon for the new era cross talk.

For example, “Old Songs and New Singing” is a new form of performing arts, which is extremely novel. For example, “Tiger Hipping Revival” tells a relatively interesting story. The scene is simple, but it can also make the audience leaning back and forth.

In the new era, although comic creation encountered some restrictions, it did not enter the “dead road”.

Drawing methods from these classic works, crosstalk will inevitably usher in a new life.

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