How can we wear a “streaming skirt” this summer to not be fat? Colors and length are key

The spring breeze, autumn rain and summer flowers, the best scene in summer is the gentle wind gently brushing the girl’s fairy skirt. What a wonderful scene is the sun, breeze, and girls floating in the wind!

I don’t know what kind of skirts do sisters like to wear? Is it a lively pleated skirt, or an elegant and elegant skirt? This year, I might as well try to try salt and sweet, cool and cherished streaming skirt, and put on the most wonderful scenery in the world ~

First of all, let’s feel the beauty of a wave of streaming skirts

Streaming skirt+white shirt

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Elegant dream, noble and elegant, like the goddess of Moonlight coming slowly.

The loose flared sleeve white shirt is very designed. The V -type opening with a personality hem knotted style is the most beautiful ~ the clean girl is the most beautiful ~

With pure black streaming skirts, the dark and hazy skirts are decorated with irregular starlight flashes on the dark and hazy skirt, just like putting the galaxy on the body.

Slim T -shirt+fluffy short gauze skirt

Live and cute and playful, all over and down are full of ancient girlfriends of the flower season girl

The girly -filled straight slim white T shows the young girl’s greenness and lively. The exclusively printed flower increased the vitality as a whole.

With a dark gray fluffy short gauze skirt, the neutral gray makes the large area of ​​gauze not look too sweet. Exquisitely like a fluffy gauze skirt like a cloud, and a pair of exquisite lace -up high -heeled shoes, who is exquisitely like a doll girl who doesn’t like it?

Dye -dye jacket streaming skirt

Gentle and intellectual, full of temperament, like a woman who grows in Jiangnan

Spring and summer is a season with sufficient sunlight. In this season,

Light -colored dresses are always more refreshing and agile than dark dresses.


The pink tie -dye design is so beautiful, and it looks like a blooming lotus.

Although it is a version of the upper width and width, thanks to the thin and soft yarn characteristics, it will not appear heavy and bloated.

This kind of uniforms of the waist line is more suitable for choosing medium -long or long models, and the version should not be too loose. Usually, the distance between the skirt is enough to have a fist on the waist.

After watching these beautiful gauze skirts, do you have any heart? The heart is not as good as action, we will arrange the gauze skirt!

Learn to choose the length of the gauze skirt

1. Short streaming skirt

The short gauze skirt is very picky,

It is more suitable for sisters with slender lines or flat figures.

There are also many details that the short gauze skirts have to pay attention to.

The first is the most important length.

The length of the short gauze skirt and the length of the leg length is that the skirt is just near the middle of the thigh.

This length can not only modify the defects such as width, thick thighs, but also show long legs.

Then there is the qualified details of the short streaming skirt.

The short gauze skirt must have a high waistline. It is best to choose an umbrella shape in the skirt. Do not choose an too heavy A -type skirt.

Choose Thunder Area of ​​Short Streaming Skirts:

In recent years, the Sweet Fan’s Princess Princess skirt suddenly became hot. But the princess skirt is not selected, don’t want to be a “princess”.

Do not choose such a fluffy princess skirt like the left. Not only is it fat, it will also be particularly strange.

Its problem is out,

First, there is no obvious high waistline,

It is like a bucket on the body.

The second is that the skirt is too thick and fluffy,

However, the lightweight sensor of the shoulder and neck and legs is easy to be unbalanced in gravity. Don’t step on these two sisters in the minefield!


2. Middle long / long streaming skirt

The short gauze skirt is playful and cute princess Fan Er, the medium -long / long streaming skirt is a little more immortal and elegant.


The mid -length gauze skirt is suitable for the length near the knee, the length near the middle of the calf, but be sure to avoid the length of the knee and the middle of the calf.


Long gauze skirt is suitable for choosing the length of the middle of the calf, above the ankle,

It is not suitable for choosing ultra -long money that exceeds the ankle, and it is easy to press it.


The medium -long / long gauze skirt is more suitable for the A -type and H type with the shoulder width of the skirt.

Mid -long / long gauze skirt Choose a lightning area:

Both the medium -long and long streaming skirts are a large number of sensitive items, so we must work hard in design


Avoid design with too complicated or swelling

For example, large area of ​​lotus leaf, bubble yarn, bow embellishment, etc. These designs are not only easy to make the skirt cheap, but also super short.

Don’t believe you look at the two sets of gauze skirts above. They are all T -shirts with streaming gauze skirts, but this set on the right is more temperamental than the left. The reason is the design of two sets of skirts. If there are too many bubble gauze design on the left, the skirt will look very complicated; the A -type design of the narrow skirt on the right side, the thin and smart gauze skirt, the immortal feeling.

Learn to choose the color of the gauze skirt

1. Avoid dull color matching

It is hot in summer, and we must be “cool” in wearing, so that we will give people a pleasing beauty. The “cool” streaming skirt will never make mistakes when choosing a solid color.

In addition to the basic colors of black, white, and earth color, sisters can also choose low -saturated and low -saturated light -colored skirts such as cherry powder and matcha green.

In addition to solid colors, there are many color gauze skirts such as stitching models, printing models. This type of streaming skirt is more suitable for choosing light -colored designs.

It is not suitable to use too many dark, dark and deserved together, it is easy to look rustic and dull, without temperament at all.

2. Avoid too transparent materials

However, the pursuit of “coolness” must also have a degree. In order to make the fairy feel stronger, many sisters will choose almost transparent streaming skirts. But this kind of gauze skirt will not only enlarge your skin tone and leg flaws, but also make your match look very cheap.

The set on the left is a sweet pale pink, but the problem lies in her too transparent stream skirt. The skirt is almost transparent, and there is no level of monotonous. With a thick T -shirt, it is more cheap in contrast.


The thickness of the right skirt is moderate, and the verticality and texture are very good. Even if it is only paired with a basic underwear, it is beautiful and elegant.



The short gauze skirt is suitable for the length of the length of the thigh; the middle and long gauze skirts choose below the knee and the length of the middle of the calf;



Avoid design such as dark printing, splicing and other designs, avoid high brightness, high saturation color system, and avoid too transparent materials.

The summer of summer is open, and the new sun is expanded. Summer is the season that is most suitable for wearing gauze skirts. White fairy, blue elegance, black mysterious … Different colors and temperament, hurry up to pick it!


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