If your family hangs these 4 cross stitch, it is guaranteed to make a fortune! Especially flowers and wealthy pictures, good feng shui!

If you ask what is the most likely living room decoration, then the editor must shout loudly: cross stitch! Intersection Intersection


Because it is not only the inheritance of traditional Chinese embroidery and painting, but also hanging in modern houses, it will have a feeling of “distant self -deflection”.


Every time I talk about the cross stitch, I feel very kind, maybe because the aunt and eight aunts at home are embroidered? In fact, the most important thing is because of the stubborn strokes, which is more contagious than buying. Even if it is sent as a gift to others, there will be a sense of preciousness.


So what is the most pleasing thing about the cross -stitching in the living room?

1. Flower blooming rich picture

The meaning of wealth is good, and the color is gorgeous and good -looking, which is very suitable for hanging in the newly renovated living room.

2, steed map

The steed map cross stitch will be very atmospheric in the living room, and there is the meaning of success to success.

3. Phoenix map

For the Chinese, dragons and phoenixes have the meaning of auspiciousness. The cross embroidery of the Phoenix Tu is gorgeous in the living room.


4. Qingming Shanghe Tu

The Qingming Shanghe Tu is one of the national essences of China. It is undoubtedly added to the home in the form of cross -stitching, which is undoubtedly added with high historical value and artistic level.


The location of the cross stitch is particular:

1. Large cross stitch is placed on a blank wall. Like Qingming on the river map, horses are successful, which is more suitable for walls with less debris, so as to highlight the atmosphere.


2. It is best not to put it directly above the sofa to avoid accidentally falling to people.

3. You can also use some small cross -stitching in the blank space of the TV wall.

The feng shui problem of cross stitch:


1. Pattern selection

The cross -stitch behind the sofa is best to choose a mountain, indicating the meaning of the mountain. Or some patterns with rising sun, suitable for those who are reading at home, indicate hope.

In addition, the pattern choice should be selected according to the members of the family, and you should not make a break.

2. Place

You can find a person from Feng Shui to find the good orientation of the living room at home and hang the cross stitch.


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