What kind of sofa cushion is good sofa? What fabric is good?

Sitting every day, no matter how good the sofa, there will be dirty and dirty day. At this time, the sofa cushion, sofa sleeve, sofa towel and other protective sofa are sent in handy, but the material fabrics made into sofa pads and sofa sleeves are available. Diverse, what kind of material is good for the sofa, what fabric is good? Which sofa towel is better?

1. What material is good for summer sofa cushions?

Bamboo Sofement Pad

When it comes to the sofa pad used in summer, it is naturally the first choice. Because Xi Zhu is relatively cool and healthy, breathable, cool, non -sticky, and not curly. However, the style of the ordinary bamboo sofa is relatively single, which is more suitable for solid wood sofas.

Linen sofa pad

Linen is a relatively healthy and environmentally friendly sofa pad. The linen material is relatively cooler, the breathability is good, and it is better. In addition, the style of linen materials is relatively rich, which is the first choice for fabric sofas.

Ice silk sofa pad

The ice silk sofa cushion generally refers to the sofa pad made of lines and jade. This kind of sofa pad is often used on the car. This sofa pad has a great effect on cooling heat and cooling. High -end, the price is relatively expensive.

2. What material is good for winter sofa cushions?

All cotton sofa cushion

Many people will choose by many people, because they feel good and are not easy to get the ball. When they sit up, they will feel more comfortable. However, compared with the plush material, the price of all cotton fabrics is cheaper and cost -effective, while the whole cotton fabric is more suitable for winter use.

沙发垫什么材质好 沙发套什么布料好 沙发巾哪种好

Plush sofa cushion

The price of plush sofa cushions is low, and there are many styles on the market. It is also popular with consumers. You can also make your favorite sofa cushion according to the space style and color of your room.

Sponge sofa cushion

The thickness requirements of the sponge sofa cushion are generally at 4.5-6.5 inches height. The density should be at least 30kg of high-rebound sponge. It is a sponge and spring structure. Generally, it is filled with a bag spring bag. The surface is covered with a layer of 1-inch Sponge, plus duck and duck down filling, the sponge cushion is generally to ensure the softness of the surface, which will bond the 2 -inch thick spray cotton on the sponge surface, which is very suitable for winter use.

3. What fabric is good for sofa sets/sofa towel?


The main feature of the fabric sofa set is fashion, economy, practical, and beautiful, and most of the cloth art sofa sets are detachable and washed designs. This greatly improves the convenience of maintaining the fabric sofa. You can make your favorite fabric sofa.


The use of the Shenier cloth gives the sofa with a thick and light texture, which has the advantages of high -end luxury, soft feel, full of fluffy, and good hanging properties.


The lace fabric makes the sofa look more charm, and the lace texture is clear, but when used, it is necessary to prevent hooks and unexpectedly cut off. The best suggestion of children’s pets at home does not use lace fabrics.

Fourth, sofa cushion purchase skills

Prepare a ruler to accurately measure the size of the sofa.

1. Measure the width of the sofa cushion

It is generally recommended to have a 20 -㎝ hem. The hem is not only beautiful, but also protects the edge of the sofa. For example, 50 的 wide sofa, choose 70㎝ wide sofa pads. For example, 55-75 的 width sofa, choose a series of 90㎝ wide series.

2. Measted the length of the sofa cushion

Follow the principle of “buy big and buy small”. If the length is 170㎝, choose 180㎝ long, and it can be more reliable when it grows.

3. Measted the sofa back size

Generally, a square cushion is used for the back towel. If the width of each back is less than 70㎝, choose 70*70 as a back scarf. If it is greater than 70㎝, 90*90cm is used.

Five, sofa pad cleaning

1. Handwash

This should be the most common cleaning method, mainly for fabrics and fiber sofas.

Pour the cleaning agent into the water and stir until it dissolves, put it in the sofa pad to squeeze, let the cleaning agent be fully integrated into the sofa pad, rubbing, and repeatedly rinse with water.

Finally, the sofa pad is wrapped in a dry cloth to absorb the moisture; then placed in the ventilation place to dry, try not to expose it, and it is easy to fade.

There is usually a sponge in the sofa pad. If you roll it with a washing machine, you may deform.

2. Sun exposure

It is suitable for the shallow plush or cotton fabric sofa, and it must be placed outdoors to receive the sunlight. It is not a bactericidal effect through glass!

3. Disinfection

Put an appropriate amount of disinfection in water to achieve the effect of antibacterial anti -mites. During the drying process, it is necessary to shoot the sofa pads intermittently to make the surface and filling fluffy and soft, which is convenient for restoring the original shape.

4. How often do you wash

It is recommended that you clean the sofa cushion every 1 to 2 months. For some materials that are not suitable for washing sofa cushions, it is best to clean it to the dry cleaner.

Tip: In addition to the sofa pad, the armrests, backs and gaps of the sofa must also be taken into account, and they cannot be ignored. The cortex can be wiped with wet cloth with wet water, and the fabric sofa is best to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.


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