What is the standard size of the home improvement socket switch? Remember these details, the decoration will not turn over

The switch socket is a hidden project in the home decoration. Once it is determined in the early stage, it will be more troublesome to change in the later stage of the decoration. At the same time, the position of the switch socket is fixed on the wall. Comfortable, it may even be blocked by later decoration or furniture, which makes the switch socket cannot be used normally. So what should be paid attention to in the size and design of the switch socket in home decoration? Let me share some dry goods, you can learn from it!

1. Switch height

There are two types of lamp switches, one is a conventional switch, and the height is generally 1350mm; the other is the bedside switch, because it is used when lying on the bed.


700mm (at the same time on the bedside, it is usually made into rows with the switch).

2, socket height

① The socket of the TV wall:

Generally, according to the design of the TV wall, the main goal is to hide it as much as possible and use it normally.


About 500mm, if it is a wall -mounted TV, the height of the socket should be about 1000mm, set at the top right of the TV.

② socket on the sofa wall:


According to whether there are several sides on the side of the sofa, the height is 350mm or 700mm. The sockets here are mainly used for small electrical appliances such as mobile phone, table lamp or floor -to -ceiling fan.

③ Mecian cutting socket:

According to the height and design of the meal cabinet, it is recommended to install it in the blank layer of the cabinet. Generally, the height is about 1200mm, which is mainly used for small electrical appliances such as kettle.


④ kitchen socket:


The kitchen socket is embedded in the electrical socket and the small electrical socket above the operating table. The sockets embedded in the electrical appliances are generally left to leave the socket according to the electrical specification. Generally, the height is 350mm. By the height of 1200mm, minus 800mm of the operation desk, which is probably the height of 400mm above the table;

The water heater socket can stay high, so as to be 1800mm


⑤ Study -up socket:

The study socket is based on the desk. There is a desk on the stage and the stage. The socket on the stage is generally 1000mm height, and the height of the 750mm desk is reduced, about 250mm from the table; the outlet is about 350mm;

⑥ air conditioning socket:

The socket of the wall -mounted air conditioner is generally installed at a height of 2200mm; the cabinet air -conditioned air conditioning socket can be installed to 350mm high.


3. Precautions for sockets and switches


① Kitchen electrical socket distribution switch

The kitchen electrical socket is recommended with separate switch control, especially the socket embedded in the electrical appliances, hidden in the cabinet, is blocked by the electrical appliance. You can control the power supply of the electrical appliances through the switch.


② The switch next to the door

The switch is generally installed next to the door. In some spaces in some spaces, if the position of the switch is not controlled, the door frame may conflict with the switch position;


Therefore, in the compact space, the left and right sides should be considered to reserve the position of the switch to balance the door of the door, because the door sleeve of the door will be 3-5cm width. Therefore The switch should be about 8cm away from the door hole, so as to be more insurance.

③ The switch socket on both sides of the bedside

When the sides of the bedside reserve the switch socket, do not hasty! For example, a 1.8 -meter leather bed, the distance you reserved on both sides is 1.9 meters. You think it is enough, but after the leather bed is swiped in, it will block the switch socket, because the 1.8 -meter leather art is leather art. In bed, the bedside may be more than 2 meters.


Summary -the standard size of the home improvement socket switch is as high as the following: conventional switch 1350mm, bedside switch 700mm, TV socket 500mm/1000mm, sofa wall socket 350mm/700mm, dinner cabinet socket 1200mm, kitchen electrical socket 350mm/1200mm, study socket socket 350mm 350mm /1000mm, air -conditioned socket 2200mm. There are also some other switch sockets, which can be determined according to the actual furniture layout and design.


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