Who said that the sweater can’t wear in the summer, short-sleeved sweatshirts, and the summer is not bolding in the summer.

Although it is very hot in the summer, it is hot.

But there are many women to make their own shapes more fashionable.

Will play the fashion inverse season.

So what is the fashion?


The fashion inverse season is actually not suitable for this season wearing clothing, using some fashion skills to become a single product that can be wear this season.

Then the summer’s anti-season fashion is actually the single product of the autumn and winter season, such as weaver in summer is a counter-season fashion.

Knitters can be done in summer,

But the style of the sweater needs to have some changes

Try not to choose a long sleeve sweater, and choose a short sleeve sweater.


The material of the sweater is also as thin as possible.

Do not choose those heavy fabrics.

Who said that a sweater cannot wear in the summer, short-sleeved sweaters understand, in the summer, it is not sured, so is it a short-sleeved sweater? In terms of summer sunshine samples, fashionable and temperament.

Style selection of short-sleeved sweater


There are a lot of styles of short-sleeved knitters.

Different styles are suitable, and the temperament showing is not the same.

So everyone chooses to choose from their own body when choosing short-sleeved knitters.

For example, the little sister with the marriage is very suitable for short-sleeved sweaters wearing umbilical models.

, Show your slim waist and the vene line, and there is a vitality in the fashionable.


In addition to the short-sleeved knitting of the umbilical model,

Middle long short-sleeved knitters can also be selected


, Then someone will say that the long-long sweatshirt is hot, how to wear in the summer?

Don’t worry,

Middle long short-sleeved knit sweater can be added in the position of the clothes

If you don’t give it a hot feeling, it will look more fashion because of the design of the fork.

Pure color

The sweater itself does not match the wearing in the summer.


So don’t recommend everyone to add extra printed patterns on the sweater.

Choosing a solid color short-sleeved knit shirt will make the shape simpler.

Solid short-sleeved sweater

It is recommended to choose black, white, red, etc. More classic colors.

Try not to choose the color of the stylish feelings, it is easy to wear.


Of course, the short-sleeved sweater is not a printed pattern,

It’s just that the print pattern cannot be added casually, it is necessary to have some laws.

For example, it is very good to create a print pattern with a stripe.

Or the color of the print pattern uses some more colors,

Such as black or white, or some of the shallow color colors of some agefields is ok.

Doll collar


The choice of short-sleeved sweater is also very particular.

People who can wear short-sleeved sweaters in the summer often want to make their temperament more girl.

Then you can choose the short-sleeved sweater of the doll.

The decree of the design of the doll collar is not too good.

At the same time, the dolls also have the effect of modifying the neck lines.

Short-sleeved sweater

Short-sleeved sweater set


After reading the style selection of the short-sleeved sweater, how should short-sleeved knitting?

First of all, the one will not be wrong is the short-sleeved sweater set.

With the short-sleeved sweater set to match themselves, the upper and lower installations are maintained, and they will not give people a sense.

Short-sleeved sweater set suggestion selection set of skirts


Such a match can improve women’s knowledge and retro feelings, so that temperament is more prosperous.


Short-sleeved sweater + trousers

If you want to make your shape more gas field,

Use trousers to match short-sleeved sweatshops

It is also very particular to match the mix of trousers and short-sleeved knitters.

First short-sleeved sweater suggestion, choose black or white style,

Or is a styles between black and white, followed by trousers, suggested with black trousers to match themselves, let the overall shape present a clean and simple feel.

Short-sleeved sweater + half skirt

Short-sleeved knit sweater can also be matched with a skirt,

And the dressing of the skirt can make women’s taste more strong,

It can be matched with a skirt or dress.

If you match the half skirt,

I want to create a gentle temperament, it is recommended to use half-length skirts to match it.


, The good little sister can choose the bag of hip skirts or straight skirts, you want to be more fluent, you can choose A-head skirt.

Short-sleeved sweater + dress


The short-sleeved knitted sweater is of course also matching with the dress.

If you match the dress, then the dress is recommended to choose a suspender.

The reason why the skirt will be combined with the short-sleeved knitted.

In fact, it is mainly because the suspenders are sleeveless design.

Only shoulder straps, which will not give people a bloated feel.

Sling Skirt Suggestion Light Color, Shallow

Color ceiling skirts are all possible with light-colored short-sleeved knitted sweaters or dark-stained short-sleeved knitters.

For short-sleeved knitting selection and match, this article has been very clear, then everyone may wish to refer to these matching methods, and strive to improve their temperament and charm.

What match suggestions do you have? Welcome to leave a message, comment!



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