Don’t bully others, but don’t counsel! It is more effective to deal with it when a child fights

When children are playing together, fighting is common. What should parents deal with their children? Since becoming a mother, I have been thinking about this issue and constantly improving my treatment.


How to solve the first conflict is very important: not bullying people, but no need to counsel

The cola kid is now on the two -week and five. For the first time, he had a conflict with other children, and I remember it. On the evening of the ten a week, the breeze and the hot summer became not so impatient. I took the cola to breathable downstairs. The Cola took a small car and rode his four -wheeled sliding car downstairs. Suddenly, a child rushed over from the side, and when he came up, he reached out to grab Coca -Cola car and wanted to squeeze the Cola away; he fought with Coca -Cola toys, and Coca -Cola did not give it. I looked at it quietly and watched how the two children would deal with it, and then saw Coke given the child a trick “Jiuyin Bone Grab” … The child’s grandma saw it quickly and took away the child from the side …

When I walked downstairs before, I often saw the child and grandma playing with this child downstairs. This child likes to grab others’ toys. The child and grandma generally don’t care. Unless the child is bullied, he will take the child away. This time I did not let Cola “play for my brother for a while”, but quietly looked at the handling of cola.

Afterwards, I told Cola:

“If others have not passed your consent, grab your toys, you can grab his wrist and tell him that this is your toy. You can’t bully others first, but don’t be afraid of others.


I don’t know if this handle is right. Since then, Coke seems to have opened the “door of the new world”. When playing with other children, if you ca n’t solve it, you will have a claw.

When the conflict again: let the child know that you can solve this way like this

With the first time, fighting with other children later became a common thing. Every time I go out to play, I have to follow the cola and stare at the cola. I am not afraid that he will be injured by others, and he will be afraid that he will hurt others. Who is not a little princess and a little prince now!

I observed that every time I have a conflict with other children, Coke usually starts first, but he is not doing it for no reason. For example It’s a toy and so on,

He started to get started without talking

Essence A few times before, I was very nervous, and I hurriedly ran, grabbed his hand and said, “You can’t do this.” If he doesn’t listen, I will still pat him twice.

This processing method has been very effective, and the fighting behavior of cola is better. At that time, I was often thinking, why is my child so overbearing?

I learned a lot about the conflict of the child on the Internet, and I found that my processing method was wrong. In the world of cola, he would think he grabbed my toy. Why can’t I do this?

When Coke conflicts with other children, I will stop his hand first and tell him:


“You can tell your brother, you also want to play this toy, can you play for a while”, “This toy is Cola, I don’t want to lend you to play now.”

Essence Every time there is a conflict between the cola, I will emphasize it with him:

You can say to your children, you can’t do it, it is impolite behavior; if you can’t solve it, you can come to your mother.

I insisted on it for a while, and I found that this is effective. Cola is trying to communicate with children. The communication is invalid or will do it, but

Coke can’t do it first

Almost, and

The frequency of conflict incident is declining

When going out and slipping, I don’t have to keep staring at it all the time!

Take a brief example: I went to the amusement park to play, and played the family game with a six -month -old brother. My brother sat in a chair in a hut in advance. Coke wanted to move a chair to sit in. The brother did not let him go in. Coke kept squeezing inside, and his brother reached out and pushed Cola several times. When Coke saw that his brother was like this, he also had to reach out his brother’s hair. I hurriedly opened the two children and said to the Coke, “Is Coke who wants to sit in with his brother?” Coke said aggrieved: ” Yes, my brother, my brother won’t let me go in, “I said,” That’s because there are other chairs in the room, my brother means you don’t need to move in a chair. ” Yes. I turned around and said to Coke, “You see your brother wants to play with you, but you don’t understand what your brother meant. You can tell your brother what you want to do. If you say my brother, I want to sit in, my brother will tell you the chair Don’t move in. Learn to communicate and make things clear, so you can play together! “With this simple episode, the back cola and this brother played very happily!

Every time the child has a conflict, your treatment must be clearly pointed out, and then tell him that he can solve it like this instead of saying: No! Children do not know how to solve it, so how can you emphasize that it cannot be invalid.

Encourage children to say it is important

Many conflicts between children happened because they would not express their inner thoughts. At this time, the mother must


Encourage children to speak out.

I have always told Coca -Cola: You can tell the children like this, so the children know, who did you know what you mean!


I have been promoting Coke to say it. When I went outside, I saw the toys of other children, and he would tell me, “Mom, I want to play that toy.” I said, “Then you ask the kid, can I play with you? If the kid Tell you to play with you, you can play. “At the beginning of Coke, I didn’t want to go, and would say,” Mom says “, I would say,” You want to play children’s toys, you can only say it. ” I insist. Now Coca -Cola can communicate with children very well. When going out to play outside, I encounter children of the same age.

Cola is the few who will say, “Can your toys play for a while?”, “Can I play with you”.

Coca -Cola asked: My toy is playing for you, can your toy play for a while?

After the Cola meeting conflicted with other children, he would also communicate with others first, and he would say, “This is my toy”. When he encounters others to grab his toys, he will also grab it back or not. Give. Of course, I think that the child’s conflict is unavoidable, but as long as this behavior is not aggressive, it is not intentional, I think it is acceptable.

I am still satisfied with the current state of cola. One is that I don’t have to worry too much about him that he will hurt other children, and the other is that I don’t have to worry too much about going to kindergarten. He will be bullied. child.

Coca -Cola has dug tunnels with the consent of a few brothers

Of course, the living environment and growth rate of each child are different. We must choose the most suitable way of education according to the characteristics of the child. I hope that I can provide a little bit of reference to the Mom Mom in dealing with cola fighting!


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