Ten popular men’s shampoo, if you haven’t started, it will be too low

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The problem of head oil and dandruff is the disaster of most boys. Good shampooing products play a key role in the health of hair and scalp.

Generally, boys use ladies shampoo, and often do not achieve the effect of deep cleaning oil control. Choose men’s shampoo products for hair and scalp can be maintained. Ten men’s shampoo in this issue, let’s take a look!


1. Green Deya shampoo

This shampoo is a plant -oriented scalp, natural and gentle, the texture is gel -shaped, with a small green and green essential oil ball, which will penetrate into the hair and scalp due to massage during shampooing. It is very exhausted all day. After washing, there is no astringent feeling. The scalp will not be stuffy, but it has a soft feeling, comfortable, and strong oil control. With Brazilian ginseng essence, sweet orange essential oil, smoked grass essential oil, and rosemary essential oil, it improves and strong hair quality from the root of the hair, so that the hair is restored to health and vitality.

By massaging for 5 minutes, the essential oils in the micro -magnet beads gradually released, enhancing the scalp microcirculation, providing nutrition for the hair follicles, and strengthening the root of the hair.


Second, L’Oreal HaiRSPA Silk Spring Purifying Shampoo

It can remove oil and dandruff and remove the odor. After washing, it has the effect of soothing the scalp. It is comfortable and refreshing all day long, the taste is comfortable and smell, and the hair is smooth and smooth. Anti -dandruff, greasy, removing odor, easily reduced the scalp, and feel more comfortable to use. The very simple bottle body design makes people feel very technological. It contains three scalp stars purification ingredients, but


In order to allow urban white -collar workers to soothe the pressure of the scalp hair under the destruction of the haze weather, it obviously improves the problems of hairy and dryness. Recommended!

Third, Pan Ting’s pure shining


It has great effects on oil removal and removing excess modeling products,


After use, the hair is very shiny, the texture is transparent, and the washing is refreshing.

It is very suitable for boys with damaged hair such as frequent modeling or hot dyeing

The process of washing feels very gentle and comfortable. Especially for dull and lustrous hair, you will not feel dry scalp after washing, and your hair will not generate static electricity. Not only the scalp, but even the hair quality. Do not add chemicals such as silicone oil, dyeing agent, preservatives, and preservatives. The texture is transparent, giving the root and deep deeper and gentle cleaning, effectively removes oil and modeling products, and brings a pure nourishment feeling for hair, so that the hair is brightened. Very suitable for men!

Fourth, Qingyang men’s ded it

There is no additive silicon oil, containing mint components, you can feel the hair follicles comfortable and clear after washing, and it is very cool to feel the feeling of the scalp is breathing!

It is very suitable for summer, and it is also suitable for men who are more likely to be oily. They have clear roots and are a very cost -effective product.

Men’s clean and cooling 0 silicon oil adds dandruff formula without blocking the pores; rubbing the oxygen bubbles during shampooing, cleaning the scalp; it contains mint alcohol, which is especially suitable for summer use!

Fifth, Schwarn men’s hydraulic dedration and washing out

This shampoo is suitable for people who are easy to get dandruff.

Dry scalp is most afraid of itching because it is too dry. After use, it can effectively relieve itching and has a soothing effect. Boys with short hair in summer have to wash their hair every day, and this washing will be revealed


It can relieve itching and swelling caused by frequent washing hair. At the same time


It is also very good.

What kind of shampoo do you use? Is there any good effect, such as anti -hair loss, haha.

The next five shampoos are updated in the next issue, remember to follow me, male compatriots.


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