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Mustard, from the American brand Babiators/Flying Baby.

Flying baby’s sunglasses

Provide effective blocking of ultraviolet rays

, Comfortable to wear, not afraid of bending, the face value is also high.

Real shot flying baby navigation series


There are three major series participating in the group: limited series (205 yuan), flight series (169 yuan), navigation series (169 yuan), they

The difference in the heavy responsibility of anti -ultraviolet rays is the main difference.

The limited series will be more picky in terms of styling, and the other two series are relatively routine.


A lot of styles

Each series also has multiple styles, so I mainly introduce the parameters and comfort of the sunglasses itself.

Specifically, when you look at the face value, you also need to enter the product page to choose.

Also reminded that sunglasses are very popular now,

May be sold out at any time, and you want to buy it quickly!

Activity price: 169/205 yuan

(Daily 199/259 yuan)

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*Logistics: Free shipping in most regions in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan do not ship.


Talk by hard power

Dear moms must have done their homework long ago,


UV rays may cause damage to children’s eyes,


Good sunglasses can provide effective protection, so sunglasses are indispensable hard sunscreen equipment when children travel.

Generally speaking, children over 6 months can wear sunglasses.

AAP recommends using 99%UV -proof sunglasses for children

Of course, the size is also suitable for children.

And this requirement can meet this request.

There are 100%UV logo on the lens

There will be a logo with UV400 or 100%UV on the lens or box

This means that the wearer can bring effective protection of the ultraviolet rays of the full band.

Everyone knows that we mainly need to prevent: UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. UVB’s waves are within the range of about 280–320nm, and the wavelength of UVA is between 320-400nm.

UV400 means energy

Realize the block of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of less than 400 nanometers


100%UV is also the same, the protection of ultraviolet rays is close to 100%.

In short, the protective strength of the flying baby’s sunglasses is excellent.

In addition, the current domestic is about sunglasses


There are two main national standards: QB2457-1999, GB10810.3-2006,

Flying baby’s sunglasses also meet the requirements of the national standard, you can see

Test Report:

Uncomfortable equal to buying in vain

Many parents have such experience, sometimes children do not like sunglasses at all, and they have to pick them down in a few minutes.


This is probably because sunglasses are uncomfortable.

Flying baby’s sunglasses are made of resin,

It is very light, and the design is also in line with the face shape and nose trend of Chinese children.

, Let the picky cubs wear it with peace of mind.

The glasses use food -grade materials,

Don’t be afraid of children biting.

And soft and tough,

Can bend at a large angle

, Ensure that wearing comfort, can also

Prevent a break from older children.

Real shot: sunglasses can bend at a large angle

The length of the mirror leg is just right, because it is soft enough,

Direct contact with the baby’s ears does not cause discomfort.

In short, flying baby’s sunglasses are also very good in comfort.

Do not compress the bridge of the nose, ears, do not clamp the face, soft and light, not afraid of 掰, children can wear it!


Each model is divided into 3 sizes: 0-2 years old, 3-5 years, 6 years old++


Can cover children 0-10.

Beauty is justice

It can prevent ultraviolet rays, which is comfortable enough, these are not enough



The face value is not available, the bear child will refuse to wear directly!

Then, let’s bomb the picture to see the actual wearing effect of children.

However, because there are too many series and styles, it is impossible to display it in detail here, and only a part of the picture can be placed.

Specific selection and settlement, you also need to watch the product page.


Limited series



Cat Beautiful Girl

Flower of Happiness

Key stick money

Navigation series

Flight series

The length is limited, and all styles and colors cannot be presented

You can buy pages for targeted selection in conjunction with children’s preferences.

By the way, flying baby


After -sales service is also worthy of praise,


Under certain conditions, damage and loss can be changed to new


Alright, let’s start!

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Activity price: 169/205 yuan

Activity price: 169/205 yuan

Activity price: 169/205 yuan

(Daily 199/259 yuan)


(Daily 199/259 yuan)

(Daily 199/259 yuan)

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