Is the waist sealing the old sheet too old? Is it helpless? You can also transform into a fashion small “waist” in the right waist seal

This fashion item has returned to the public’s vision recently. In recent years, it has been on the catwalk of major fashion weeks. Or sexy or capable. But waist sealing is not the exclusive of the celebrities, clever matching, you can also become “fashion waist”!


Before the official explanation of the waist seal, let’s understand what changes have been experienced in the development of the waist seal as a strong decoration and a full -scale sense of fashion? What kind of fashion trend does his innovation indicate?


1. History and evolution of waist seal

1. History of waist seal


Speaking of waist seals, people who have watched “Pirates of the Caribbean” may not be unfamiliar. Elizabeth fell into the sea desperately in the film. The reason is only because the waist is too tight and cannot breathe. Great understanding, in fact, this is not the exaggeration of the movie, but the true portrayal of medieval women. The morbid aesthetics made the society strongly tout the fine waist of women at that time, which derived a popularity called CORSET tight underwear. At that time, it was made of whale beard and showed an inverted triangle. There was a lace behind it for adjustment. The loosening of the waist to shape the ideal state of the waist circumference.

2. The evolution of waist seal

To this day, the waist seal has evolved into a variety of styles, and the waist is no longer its only purpose. It is more used to show the beautiful curve of the women’s waist. It helps to improve the overall waistline and modify the defects in the figure. For girls with pear -shaped figure, waist seal is also a friendly product that can be optional. And ignoring the lower body that is not very beautiful.


Next, let’s take a look at which waist seal you are suitable for?

Types of waist seal

1. Stroke waist seal

The length of the strap -type waist seal is different, but most of the choices are long, and the straps are wrapped around the waist. Do not deliberately take the right layer of the strap. Playful and cute, it is different from the restraint and cramped brought by the belt, and emphasizes the separation of the space. For many beautiful eyebrows that want to highlight the waistline, strap -type waist seal is really a good choice.

2 retro super wide waist seal


Compared with the strap -type waist seal above, the retro -wide waist seal is slightly difficult in matching, and it is more likely to highlight the bloated body and the mixture of the combination. For the beautiful eyebrows, this waist seal will make them happy, and the widening belt’s shaping of the temperament is not the same.

3 Wrapped chest waist seal

The wrapped chest and waist this year are really eye -catching! The tube top waist seal shows the right sexy. It is a lumbar seal similar to the waist -like corset from the chest to the waist. This kind of waist seal can achieve the role of a thin body and shaping the waist curve. , Wrapped the chest and waist is more like a piece of clothes, how to wear it is sexy!


The differences in the choice of waist seal material are also different from the creation, so how should we choose?

Third, the material selection of the waist seal


1. Silk satin waist seal

There is also a lot of knowledge about the choice of waist seal material. The silk satin material creates texture, and instantly enhances the characteristics of clothes and personal taste. Due to the lightweight of the straps, many beautiful eyebrows will use straps. A solid color silk straps. Or retro print -like straps can also be transformed into Chocker, and the proper temperament is full! And the wide version of the silk waist seal will make you feminine!

2. Velvet waist seal


If in autumn and winter, a waist seal of a fluffy material is also a good choice. The cold of the weather makes it difficult for people who want to show their figure, then you can try to use the velvet waist seal as a beautiful star person. , Outline your perfect figure.

3. Cortical waist seal

If you suspect that the silk is too light, and the fluff is slightly thick, and you happen to be a cool punk style, then the leather waist seal is your best choice. The multi -purpose of cortical waist seal is so much that you can’t imagine! Whether you are a casual denim or a warm hot girl, or even a sweet skirt, leather straps can present the effect you want. You can gain sweetness, and you can also get a good luck in the sweetness.

Trying the usage of waist sealing will definitely make you feel different, bringing more inspiration to your shape!

4. Correct cognition and use of waist seal


1. Applicable people with waist seal


Although the waist seal Dafa is good, it is not applicable to everyone. The “warming” of the waist seal means that people need this item to show their beautiful waistline, so the waist is more fat, and the girl with Apple -shaped figure It is not very applicable. Using waist sealing will not only add a sense of fashion and lightness, but it will highlight the bloated body, reveal the defects of the body, so the waist seal is not very applicable to such beautiful eyebrows!

2. Correct use of waist seal

In addition, the use of waist seals should pay more attention to correctness. The waist seal of the Middle Ages is a morbid product. They are used to restrain the waist and squeeze the waist to achieve the slenderness of the waist. Li, health beauty is what we pursue and admired! Therefore, in the use of waist seals, the process should not be too long. Choosing a breathable waist seal will help the body and skin breathing. In addition, the use of waist seal should not have discomfort. , Mei Mei must remember!

Let ’s teach you a little trick, how to match the waist seal the most fashionable!

5. Suggestions for wearing waist seal


1 waist seal+long skirt

The representative figure of the waist sealing on the long skirt has to mention the wonderful combination of Jennie in the Korean hot group Blackpink. The clever waist seal locks the gentleness. The contrast of the single product attribute makes the two charm more significant. Gentle and playful, cute, and cute, I bring me as the queen’s aura.

2. waist seal+coat

I am used to the randomness of the coat, or the same is too monotonous, and the stylish leaders have begun to ponder the combination of waist seals and coats. The waist seal is wonderful for the fat coat. Especially the visual obesity brought by the silhouette jacket, it can make the layering of the whole body more clear. The cool and handsome suit jacket and waist seal are the best!


3. Waist seal+oversize wind shirt

Among the many matching, my most heartwarming waist seal+oversize wind shirt, the large shirt will make the whole person look very lazy and casual, and the large size will also look thin. If you are a cute girl, one, one The little boyfriend’s wind shirt with light waist seal, with a beret and casual shoes and micro -rolls and short hair, the elf on earth is you! If you happen to be a one -meter -seven -meter royal sister style, the waist seal decorates her boyfriend’s wind shirt, leaks a thin long leg, pedal high heels or Martin boots, the ever -changing style will choose with you!


4. waist seal+skirt


There are always a lot of skirts and a variety of long and short sleeves in girls’ wardrobes. Sometimes they are distressed how to match the upper and lower jackets with two styles. The small embarrassment of matching, choosing a suitable waist seal, can neutralize the discordability of the upper and lower body, digest a part of the styles held by each, and then cleverly combine the two.

5, waist seal+trousers

The effect of waist seal and trousers is absolutely amazing, especially when wearing wide -leg trousers, with a matching waist seal, becoming long legs in minutes.

6. Waist seal+loose sweater

In order to warm up, we wrapped in layers of clothes in winter, and our figure was absorbed by the bloated clothes. If you want to be sexy in winter, you can choose a long and loose medium and loose. Sweat, wrap your upper body, choose a playful waist seal to tighten your waist, both look good and warm.


The above is the sharing of this fashion item today! Whether it is light, sexy wind or cute style, you can also become fashionable waist essence if you find the right waist. So, after reading the article, do you plant grass crazy about the waist?


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