Shanghai Digital RMB red envelope is here, have you signed it?

The second Shanghai “Five -Five Five Shopping Festival” entered the second half, and the digital renminbi red envelope came to help, and the consumption climax was launched. At 9 am this morning, Shanghai Digital RMB red envelopes were announced. Some lucky citizens immediately went to Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Yuyuan and other business districts after receiving the text messages. , Turn on the “Five Five Five Five Happy Purchasing”.

Caption: Citizen signed a digital RMB red envelope Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Mingzheng (the same below)

Digital red envelope “Buy, buy and buy”

“I signed it!” Just after 9 am this morning, Ms. Feng, Ms. Feng, entered the “Shanghai release” WeChat public account, and entered its mobile phone number and verification code in the “Digital RMB” special page of the “Municipal Hall”. I received the good news of “Congratulations, Signed”. “I was drawn by China Postal Savings Bank.” She showed reporters to her digital RMB app. The 55 yuan red envelope has arrived because it happens to be near Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. After sending a circle of friends, she rushed to rush to the circle of friends. New World Oshiman Department Store, I bought two sports T -shirts and a sports shorts for my son.

“The Dragon Boat Festival activities can be superimposed to use digital red envelopes, which is more cost -effective.” The reporter saw that the FILA sportswear purchased by Ms. Feng is doing 3 8.5 % off activities. Bond. The original price of 3 clothes purchased by Ms. Feng was 1220 yuan, and the delivery coupon and the use of 55 yuan digital red envelope, which is equal to 682 yuan, which is equivalent to 5.59 % off, making her scream.

In addition to shopping malls, Lianhua Supermarket, Family Convenience Stores, and Suning Stores can also “buy and buy” with digital red envelopes. After receiving the 55 yuan digital red envelope, Ms. Lin, at the Hongmei Road store of Suning Store, bought 38.7 yuan products and purchased soybean oil and soy sauce. “Open the digital RMB APP on the mobile phone, choose a bank wallet, slide up the payment code, deduct 38.7 yuan directly, and complete the transaction payment. The remaining amount can still be paid next time.”

According to the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Suning, “At present, Suning Shanghai has more than 70 Suning Tesco stores including Pentagram Store, Zhongshan Park Store, Pudong First Store and other electrical appliance stores, as well as Suning Small Stores. Accepting pilots, consumers can use digital RMB to pay at any consumption of the store. Synchronization, the number of digital RMB acceptance logos in the cash register location in the store can be convenient for consumers to choose payment methods. “

Caption: Taikang Food Store can use digital RMB for consumption

The merchant prepares in advance, and the return is not worry -free

The Municipal Commercial Commission stated that the pilot of digital RMB in Shanghai focuses on expanding pilot merchants around the key business district. The centralized renovation of the digital RMB acceptance terminal has been completed, covering the people’s livelihood consumption fields such as department store super, catering hotels, tourist attractions, automatic sales, living services, home travel, and theater theaters.

The reporter learned from a number of merchants that digital RMB has been tested in the mall for some time. At present, digital red envelopes can not only use no thresholds, but also superimposed with the promotions of the mall. Even if consumers have the need for returns, they can operate smoothly.

In this year’s “March 8th Women’s Day” marketing campaign, New World City has adopted Xiaodian RMB, and cooperated with two banks to launch no threshold red envelopes or full red envelopes. The reporter learned from New World City this morning that the mall’s cashier has completed all the terminal transformation. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the “Dragon Boat Festival Consumption Season” promotions can be superimposed. On the basis of the discount, use 55 yuan of digital renminbi red envelopes. Some catering brands such as Xiaodong, Tao Taoju, Tims coffee can also use digital RMB red envelopes.

“From the end of April this year, all 31 stores in Shanghai have opened all digital RMB tests in Shanghai. As of June 9, there were nearly 900 transactions in 17 stores, with a amount of more than 600,000.” There are no obvious promotion tips in the mall, but users who have recently used digital RMB are endless. Among them, Bailian Central Shopping Plaza ushered in a large list of 99,000 yuan in purchase of gold during the May 1st period of this year. Patients choose to pay with digital RMB.

What should I do if I want to return after shopping with a digital red envelope? The reporter learned from the merchant that it can also provide refund support. If the consumers in the red envelope are canceled and returned during the validity period of the red envelope, the system will give priority to the amount of the amount of recharge and payment of the winners, and then refund the digital red envelope. However, if the trial period of the red envelope is exceeded, the red envelope will be temporarily retreated to the personal digital wallet of the Chinese signed personnel, and then the original road will be automatically returned to the operating agency.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Zhang Yuyun


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