If you meet the journey, are you ready to have a docking number?

The holidays in the New Year have not ended, and the uncle set foot on the new journey, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen horses walked a large circle. In this trip, you will indulge your appetite, use food to work hard for the past, and of course I hope to know every city through the taste of different tastes.

Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, all the way to enjoy the food

Familiar with my friends will always ask, how did you do your weight in a balanced state in this decade? This is a small secret of uncle, that is, after every liquor, I will measure the humanities and landscapes of each travel destination.

Walking is the best rhythm of “urban roaming”, and it is also the best travel method I think. Walking can make you more detailed to capture the beauty of the missed, you can also let you discover the details of life, start walking after a meal, both enjoy the journey, and the best time.

In the past few years, the old friends who gave the public number must know that uncle has a hobby, it is to buy shoes, don’t stop buy buy, the reason is because when I step on the journey, the pair of comfortable and beautiful shoes are you. The best companion. In various formulas of uncle, a hundred-year-old British shoes will be mentioned every year, that is, uncle’s journey was founded in 1825 Clarks. After watching the journey of uncle, you will find that in these years, it will accompany you many roads, Macau, Milan, Shanghai … no matter where it goes, there will be a position in my suitcase.


Macau, Milan, Shanghai, there is always a location in Clarks in the suitcase.

On the occasion of this year, before the upcoming series of new journey, uncle went to yourself. Double Clarks. This year, it is a new member Clarks SS19 Trigenic Sports Function Series Tri Verve Lace, attracting uncle is not only a good quality of Clarks, but also a fashionable value, and traveling for many clothes in the suitcase For it, it can be the best wild object.

Clarks SS2019

Trigenic Sportswear Series TRI VERVE LACE

It is said that the value is the first productive. This seems to have a very colorful shoe after the feet, it is full of charm, believe in the next journey of uncle, it will be able to attract passers-by, even if it is a bad journey It is necessary to take a street or participate in the party, it is enough to pay, especially with friends, drink a few cups, when everyone is tired, the comfortable feelings believe that only you can feel.


There is another reason for Uncle like this shoe, that is, it uses different dark black gray leather mixed anti-fur, and the shadow mix and colors increases the fashion sensation of the shoes, plus the iconic three-petal sole, and do not stand out. difficult.


Use different dark black gray leather mixed anti-fur


Speaking of uncle’s footsteps at the time of travel last year, it is enough to come back from Shanghai to Xi’an, so many roads, it is a pair of comfortable non-variable shoes. Uncle likes the most important reason for this pair, or because this pair of shoes can make uncle walk in the city, feel the most comfortable.

The necessary items must be created in the uncle, in addition to prevent accidental injury, more reasons are that uncle always wants to prevent the foot of the shoes. Many times, the cause of the grinding is because the soles are too hard, and many parts of the shoes cannot be adjusted according to the foot of the foot, and it has never been concerned about this, but the three-petal soles will not only make the shoes easier, but also give The shoes are adjusted with their feet.

More easy to bend, large rebound powerful rebound buffer

In addition, listening to the Ortholite insole and soft lining, the oversized rebound power is effective, so that this pair of shoes is soft to the back of the foot, which naturally becomes the best companion in the city of Uncle. .

In addition, this pair of shoes is the most shocking is its weight, which will definitely reduce your suitcase. Although the shoes under the moment are close to the light direction, it is not as “light” like this pair of shoes. many. It is also from its landmark three-petal sole that uses rubber after heeling with shoes and shoes, while ensuring friction while reducing the weight of the shoe.

It is guaranteed that the friction reduces the weight of the shoes while


Of course, don’t think that this series is only black gray like uncle, and there is an olive green Tri Verve Lace, natural atmosphere, showing a unique city taste; and the beautiful girl’s milk tea Tri Turn, natural gentle It will not be wrong with jeans and sports pants.


Olive Green Tri Verve LACE for Sao Nian

Fit girl’s milk tea Tri Turn


Watching the spring is about to drive, will it be far from the steps on the journey?


If you want to be as uncle to open a new travel plan, don’t forget to receive a pair of Clarks SS19 TriGENIC sports style, if we meet on the road, no need to say, this pair of shoes is our docking number.

Come, our docking secret is coming, hurry up.


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“Uncle”, comfortable your life!

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