Is the color K gold worth money? Why is it more expensive than gold? Is Lao Fengxiang gold change 18K gold?

Although there are not many fans, there are still many people to privately believe me: 18K gold is not worth money, why is it more expensive than gold? I have previously questioned a question in Wukong, but also a lot of people concerned, an answer has received 38,000 readings, so I decided to write an article to everyone to pull this problem, let you see this article understands This is the dragon debro.

Color, 18K gold is worth


My colleague, I sent a 18K gold double-ring necklace before marriage, using 18K gold, is the following, the custom price is 1800 yuan, later because of urgent need for money,



Sold it (there is a special recycling of gold, platinum, K gold, silver website), selling prices is 1060 yuan.

1800 yuan to buy 1060 yuan, so, 18K gold is worth money.

Why do many people buy 18K gold jewelery than gold?

18K gold contains 75% of gold, if the price of gold, the 18K gold only has a price of 75% of the price, then why is the 18K gold jewelery bought in the counter than the gold still expensive?

This is because 18K gold jewelery is high.

18K gold price = gold price + design fee + labor + brand premium fee

At the same time, the counter merchant in order to have interest, the 18K gold first decoration is a price of goods, because if the price is calculated according to the gram weight, the price of the calculation may have to be 400 ~ 500 yuan / gram, consumers can’t accept, then the merchant There is no profit. So giving a misunderstanding of consumers:

18K gold jewelry is more expensive than gold.

Van Clever Yabo – Small Series

In fact, 18K gold is not more than 999 gold expensive, in the wholesale market, 18K gold jewelry is probably the price of gold * 0.75 + cost, will not be higher than the price of the gold. 18K Gold and Football is actually a completely different types of products, and their prices cannot be measured with the amount of gold.

The 18K Golden Jewelry is its style and design, as an accessory, good-looking, don’t consider the value and value added. If you consider this, it is recommended to buy gold.

Van Clever Yama Golden Store Four Leaf

18K gold is the favorite, Van Clee, Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari, in Big, and Tiffany, Bulgari. It is designed or inlaid with 18K gold.

Bulgari spring necklace


Is Lao Fengxiang gold change 18K gold?


This is also a problem with my fan private letter, saying that Lao Fengxiang has a golden first and replaced 18K gold jewelry, does not change?

Xiaowei suggests not to change, gold and K gold is two products, gold is a hard-selling product, which is a universal person considers that the value value can be guaranteed to be inflation.

However, 18K Gold Jewelry is mainly an accessory, which has a good style, strong ductility, high hardness, multi-change, and uses in the design of the jewelry, you can enjoy a complex and beautiful creative performance.


So, if Lao Fengxiang gold change 18K gold, this is not cost-effective, Xiao Wei does not recommend it.

Why is the first 18K gold jewelry more and more?

18K gold fire is because of his advantages, both gold’s ductility and gloss, and the hardness of precious metals, summing up

1,18k gold has high hardness and toughness, wear resistance

2,18k gold price is relatively cheap, the price of 75% + payment

3, 18K gold recyclable, general counters support repurchase, there are also websites specialized in recycling


4,18k gold color lasting

5, 18K gold has a colorful color, mainly K yellow (gold color), K white (white), K red (color of rose gold)

Bulgari spring ring

In the end, what is a lottery, K Gold?

We can usually say 24K gold is pure gold, theoretically, the gold content is 100%, and the precious metal is divided into 24 copies. 24k is 24K gold;

18K Gold: There are 18 gold +6 parts of other precious metals in 24 parts, which is 18/24 = 0.75 = 75% of the amount of gold, also known as AU750.

22K Gold: 24 copies contain 22 gold + 2 other precious metals, that is, 22/24 = 0.92 = 92% of the amount of gold.


K gold is generally divided into: 24K gold, 22k gold, 18K gold, 9K gold; general consumers are divided into 99.99 million gold, 999 thousand gold, color gold, these three types (color gold is K gold, generally White, yellow, rose gold)

I am a fashion jeweler, update jewelry identification knowledge every day, pay attention to and private letter I can get the “Jewelry Lightning Protection Guide”, it is said that cute people will give me a good time.


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