2022 Spring and Summer Brands The latest 15 CHANEL, LV and DIOR new bag styles

It is time to prepare for the spring and summer shape. Although the weather has not yet been officially recovered, it should also be cleaned up and start to formulate a list of spring and summer shopping.

It is necessary to match a handbag that can show your spring and summer personality.

Surprising Fashion Collection The following 15 models of 2022 spring and summer are selected for the latest bags, there is always one of your eyes!

CHANEL BOY CHANEL Light Blue calfskin bag

When it comes to the bag that ladies must buy, Chanel’s Boy Chanel series is definitely the first choice. More girly.

Louis vuitton loop long handbag

LV, a half -moon -shaped novice bag, debuted for the first time in the 2022 Early Spring Series. It woven the brand classic Monogram pattern to the fading effect cowboy cloth with a detachable chain belt.

Dior vibe hobo bag

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

2022 Spring and Summer Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri turned Dior girls into a sports girl, and even the bag was added to the sports element.

Made with a white Cannage Texa pattern sheepskin, the black “Christian Dior Paris” logo is hidden at the bottom of the bag. When wearing a hand, shoulder, or oblique back, it will inadvertently display the logo.

Gucci Bamboo 1947 Small Hand Ranga

The Bamboo series of Gucci was made to make a hand -pull in 1947 due to the shortage of post -war supplies, and came to Alessandro Michele’s hand to reproduce the classics again.

Modern aesthetics of the brand, and the bag is equipped with two detachable shoulder straps, so that the handbags can be carried on the shoulders or hands.

Bottega Veneta Cassette handbag

The rough vine -weaving handbags launched by BV, so the unique appearance has become a must -have bag for fashion ladies.

In the spring and summer of 2022, the brand launched a bright light yellow color for the bag, adding a touch of summer atmosphere to the bag.


Celine’s handbag is excellent in that it can make simple design, become classic, elegant and rich in modernity.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

After being promoted by BlackPink Lisa, the brand’s Triomphe series has become the hottest style of Celine. In spring and summer, a new canvas and leather -mixed bucket bag is launched.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

Fendi black fendigraphy bag

FENDI’s new design Fendigraphy bag is a rare brand bag type. The semi -moon -shaped design is made of soft black leather. On the surface, the design is really designed.

There are retro gold metal FENDI design at the bottom. The handle of the bag can also be connected to the shoulder strap to wear in many ways.

Burberry sheepskin soft LOLA bag

Burberry takes the brand’s classic checkered, retaining the lines sewn it on the leather by sewing method, becoming a major feature of the LOLA bag, and the bag also has several dazzling colors, which is one of the eye -catching styles of spring and summer.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

Giorgio Armani Siqi hand bag

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

To be elegant and exquisite handbags, the design of Giorgio Armani’s design is right. This handbag adopts a circular design, decorated with golden edges, especially suitable for evening clothes or formal dressing occasions.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

Balenciaga pink Editor bag

Balenciaga’s Editor bag is a new design that transforms the iconic Hourglass handbag design. It appears in spring and summer in 2022. Compared with Founder’s Hourglass bag, Editor adds a soft part and feels more rounded.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

Prada leather triangle hanging shoulder bag

The new geometric design derived from the brand’s classic triangular logo, which also represents the brand that the brand will break the inherent framework. The belt of the shoulder bag has a small collection bag, which is a practical and stylish design.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

Valentino vlogo hanging shoulder bag

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

As a bag model that Valentino focused on in 2022, VLOGO’s shoulder bags are eye -catching color, matching the brand iconic V -shaped logo as a focus, you can use it as a hand holding or hanging shoulder, suitable for different shapes of spring and summer.


2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

In the Loewe handbag family, Hammock is known as multifunctional. The new style Hammock Nugget will innovate the handle design, and the bag shape is also larger and larger than the past short body, which can store larger objects.

Versace la medusa handbag

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

To find the most distinctive bag, you can pay attention to Versace, the new La Medusa handbag, and the most popular Y2K style in recent years.

2022春夏各大品牌最新款 15款Chanel、LV与Dior全新包包款式

With the most popular texture printing of the millennium, the color of the pink leather is just like the campus style of the year, condensed in the design of the bag.

Saint Laurent College Liu Su suede bag

Spring and summer is the quarter of the tassel bag. Saint Laurent puts the classic V -shaped plaid College bag in spring and summer, adds a tassel design to the front cover, and is equipped with a handle and removable chain and leather straps. It is more casual to use.


Which one do you like best?


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