Bluetooth wireless headset & mp3 function two-in Wedoking W-607 headset evaluation

Compared with the traditional wired headphones, the Bluetooth headset makes our daily use process more convenient. With the application of Bluetooth 5.0, the delay and stability of the real wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headset is very obvious, but for users who love sports, they come to users who love sports. When it comes to, the effect of ordinary neck-mounted and ear-in-ear Bluetooth headsets has obvious effects, and the experience is not very good. At the same time, for users who like running, in addition to the necessary equipment, as lightweight design, and Wedoking’s W-607 is true wireless With the MP3 two -in -one headphones, it meets the needs of sports users. Let’s take everyone to experience this Bluetooth wireless headset.

蓝牙真无线耳机&MP3功能二合一 wedoking W-607耳机评测

People like me often running, especially in summer, if you bring your mobile phone to run, the first one is easy to lose, and the second phone shakes in his pocket to affect the running experience. At this time, the MP3 function will be the function of MP3. Very intimate, in addition to the Bluetooth connection function, Wedoking W-607 can also become an independent MP3 player. We can copy our favorite music into the headset in advance. No burden.

In terms of appearance, the Wedoking W-607 headset uses an ear-mounted design, and designed two types of in-ear and in-ear types for different users. It is more comfortable to wear. At the same time It is very solid to wear, and it is definitely not crazy. Even fierce exercise can ensure the stability of the headset. In addition, earbarian headphones also allow this earphones to effectively isolate external noise. For users who are pursuing quietness, they are even more more than users who are pursuing quietness. Convenience.

蓝牙真无线耳机&MP3功能二合一 wedoking W-607耳机评测

In addition, this headset adopts two headphones with a separate ear hanging design. The advantage of this separation design is that the first is that the left and right two headphones can be used alone. The second advantage is that the headset and the traditional neck hanging type Compared with in-ear headphones, WedoKing W-607 has no stethoscope effect. For users who like sports, they can make them more focused on sports and enjoy better sound quality.

The semi -in -ear design of the headset and the appearance of AirPods are closer. Part of the earbuds will enter our ear canal. This way of wearing is more comfortable, and it will not feel hair. Ear earplugs can effectively isolate external noise, which performs well in terms of sound insulation. In addition, there are no differences in other aspects of the two headphones.

蓝牙真无线耳机&MP3功能二合一 wedoking W-607耳机评测

In terms of operation, two physical buttons are designed on the two headphones of WedoKing W-607, one of which is the opening and shutdown key, the other is the volume adjustment, switch the previous song, and also the key to switch the MP3 function. And every time there is a prompt sound, novice can also use it to operate easily.

蓝牙真无线耳机&MP3功能二合一 wedoking W-607耳机评测

In addition, this headset has an 8G independent storage space inside. We can connect to the computer through the data cable in the accessories and download songs to the headset. For users who like running I can go out and run, so that there is no need to bring the mobile phone to increase the burden of running, and the practicality is still very strong. The key MP3 function can also allow us to retrieve the fun of choosing each song in the school days and slow down the pace of life to slow down our life rhythm. , Better appreciate the wonderful music world.

The design of built-in storage space such as WedoKing W-607 is different from ordinary card-type headphones. The storage space of this headset 8G can accommodate 1,000 MP3 songs, and built-in storage space, allowing users to save the cost of buying a memory card separately , And also make the earphones lighter, not burden on our ears.

Not only that, this headset also has IPX5 -level waterproof. It is completely no problem to deal with sweating daily exercise, that is, it is a light rainy day. This headset can still be exposed outside.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology delays lower connections and more stable

WedoKing W-607 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. When connecting to the mobile phone, we can check the remaining power of the headset on the mobile phone. In terms of connection stability, after my actual experience, the headset can be able to obstacle. Keep an effective connection with a 15 -meter distance with your mobile phone.

In terms of delay, we used the two parts of watching dramas and games to experience. The first is to watch online video on the mainstream app iQiyi. When playing the game of Peaceful Elite, we can accurately hear the direction of the gunfire and respond in time. I can hardly feel any delay.

蓝牙真无线耳机&MP3功能二合一 wedoking W-607耳机评测

Outstanding listening sound quality performance is surprising

蓝牙真无线耳机&MP3功能二合一 wedoking W-607耳机评测

WedoKing W-607 wireless headset uses a custom 8mm speaker unit to listen well. After my personal actual experience, the three-frequency balance of this headset, especially in terms of human voice, is very pleasing, suitable for listening to all kinds Types of pop human voice, with the weight of 12G headphones, are almost indifferent in the process of wearing, and the comfort and sound quality are satisfactory.

Another one, the connection speed of this Bluetooth headset is also very satisfactory. When we turn on the headset power switch, except for the first time you need to match the device, each connection is basically the state of second connection. Fast connection makes our daily experience even better.

In addition, this headset uses a USB dual -inserted design. When the user is charging daily, it is more convenient to use daily use. At the same time, a rubber blocker is also designed on the interface to effectively waterproof it. The comfort of the headset is improved a lot. Even if sweating, the wear feel is still excellent.

At the end

: Wedoking W-607 Wireless Bluetooth headset cleverly combines Bluetooth playback with MP3. When it does not need an external output device, it can stabilize 6-8 hours of music. For people who often exercise, the sound quality of the headset is far exceeding the average level of this price. Generally speaking, at the price of 200 yuan, this headset has extremely good cost performance. One machine and dual use also make this wireless Bluetooth headset more useful Practical.


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