Chat the supplies during pregnancy and all kinds of storage for the baby

Author: Lein113

At present, it is still during pregnancy. Only 36 weeks will have six pounds and eight pounds. I am worried. I don’t know if it ’s the nutrition during pregnancy. I learned that when I was pregnant, I was in a hurry. What. In fact, there is no need to be so nervous. On time, the check -ups, follow the doctor’s advice, iron and calcium supplement, pay attention to diet and exercise, and be happy.

Let’s talk about eating first.

Before eight months of pregnancy, the family was two of my husband and I had to go to work. Breakfast was eaten at will outside. At noon, it was a meal I made last night+the hot vegetables in the morning. I ate at 8 o’clock in the evening. Eat some fast food restaurants. There is no particularly increased meal (except for the fifth month of the fifth month, the takeaway platform is hot, people are lazy, and three meals are solved by takeaway. I was worried about uneven nutrition, so I adopted the opinions of my friends and chose several nutritional health products.


Folic acid

Essence I don’t have a special picking brand, what do the doctor eat? I think I still believe in this basic medicine.


Blackmore pregnant woman golden prime

Essence This is estimated that there are expectant mothers who have visited ZDM. Including various nutrients, two a day (diet nutrition can keep up, it is estimated that one day is enough. We are originally more focused on food supplements than foreigners. Daily diet has taken part of some or even enough nutrition). Purchase ways: Australian purchasing, Hong Kong and New Zealanders back, Caberia purchases. Feelings: In terms of price, Australia is the cheapest, Hong Kong is second, New Zealand is much more expensive; purchasing requires golden eyes to distinguish between true and false. Hong Kong’s small pharmacies are not credible and can only be bought in large pharmacies in chain. The link below is found on JD:

[Global Purchase] Blackmores Aojiabao Pregnant women with gold nutrients 180 grains of folic acid DHA protective tires …


Lemon calcium

Essence This calcium tablet is indeed good, which is faster than domestic calcium tablets, and the price is not much worse. This is what my mother said. She has eaten calcium tablets for a long time and has a say than me. I have eaten the high calcium tablets in the lid. When I was a kid, I went to the hospital to extract the candy given by the nurse. In comparison, the lemon calcium has no taste and no powder, and the taste is much better. Purchase ways: Hong Kong and New Zealanders back. Feelings: The price of Hong Kong is better than New Zealand, 150 capsules bought in Hong Kong = 90 grains in New Zealand (how much expensive it is so expensive), Hong Kong dollars are discounted at about 120 yuan, which is also unbelievable in small pharmacies. purchase. The link below is found on Koala.

Swisse relieves cramp muscle spasm and magnesium powder 180 grams

4. 4..

Bio island dha

Essence It is said that the Chinese registered in Australia and then fired. The first half of the sentence is indeed true. The second half of the sentence. I think there is a discredit composition. We can’t see that it is a Chinese company that it is fake and inferior. Purchase way: Momo Mom. Feelings: I do n’t know if this platform believes or not, because there are usually fish or something, the fish contains DHA, so I rarely eat it. So far, I have n’t finished eating a bottle. The link below is found on Koala.

2 pieces of BIO Island Bai Alangde’s pregnant woman special seaweed oil DHA capsule 60 capsules/bottle 2 bottles …


German Tieyuan

Essence Good iron supplement. The green bottle and the red bottle are said to be the same, just the difference between the pharmacy version and the supermarket version, but I think the green bottle is sweeter and prefers the taste of the red bottle. The sweetness is just right. You can also drink after a few bottles. Purchase way: Tmall flagship store.

Tieyuan SALUS German version of the red iron FLORADIX female pregnant woman’s iron supplement blood supplement nutritional nutrient solution import 500ml*2 …

The above, you can not Taobao without Taobao

Thank you Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and it is convenient to buy things. It is not convenient for mothers who buy themselves to find brand flagship stores (note that it is not that brand of purchasing shops sold), the water for purchasing is too deep, too deep, too deep, too deep, too deep

Now that I am in my hometown, I checked that the baby was six pounds for 35 weeks. All of the above were discontinued. I also told her mother -in -law not to make so many fish soup pork bone soup.

It is currently in use.

1. Maternity panties and pantyhose.

Don’t think that the previous trousers are still available, or buy a few of pregnant women, whether it is warm in winter or air -conditioning interval. As for the abdominal function, it is really blowing out. Then, the pregnant women’s pantyhose fried chicken in this shop is easy to wear! Especially the strong legs like me, even if you are not pregnant, you will definitely recommend it to you!

2. Pregnant women.

Generally, the mother and infant shops are ugly to explode. It is recommended that a family named “Sen Su” Taobao shop. People did not have a maternity dress, but her style, and the loose pregnant women are very suitable. Say,

I haven’t collected good -looking breastfeeding clothes yet, ask for recommendation



3. Pregnant woman pillow

Essence I once thought this thing was a chicken rib. I once thought that the big long strip was even more chicken. As a result, when my stomach was so big and fell down, I quickly started a one like this. After a while, I found that the thighs were too heavy, and I often woke up in the middle of the night.

Jiayunbao’s waist pillow, pregnant woman side bedding, multi -functional pillow pillow, pregnant woman pillow, abdominal pillow classic waist pillow pillow cushion … Jiayunbao pregnant woman pillow side sleep pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow side sleep pillow products multi -function pillow …

4. American BABYPLUS prenatalism

Essence It is said that the effect is very good. My friend uses it every day, and I am lazy. Now I am basically idle … The mother who wants to use, it is best to use the four sections of Panasonic to love the battery, one hundred yuan. If you use ordinary batteries, you need to change it in three or four days, and the cost is much higher than the battery. In addition, the original price is very expensive, you can consider buying second -hand on the idle fish.

5. Love pregnant fetus

Essence I have n’t used it idle, and the mother I needed in private (in other words, I still have a new Binge New Zealander’s bee toxic mask back, the red one, does anyone want?

6. Biranide filter kettle

Essence Fengquhai Tao purchased it, free shipping at 99, and bought 8 filter elements. As a result, the mother -in -law who hosted the housework felt that it was not necessary to use it, and it was completely idle.

7. Horse oil.

It is really better than olive oil. There are two models, one is moisturizing milk, and the price of Fengqu Haitao is 99 pieces and three bottles, which is better than Johnson & Johnson, sheep, etc. It is easy to absorb. My mother -in -law told me to buy a lot to give her a lot of Chinese New Year.

Japan Loshi horse oil moisturizing milk 485ml

The other is specifically rubbing the pregnancy pattern. I can’t go to Riya today, take a physical picture. This is a consumption -level pure horse oil. Friends often wipe, my belly does not have long lines, I am too lazy to wipe the place, and the place where I often wipes does not grow. It may happen to happen. The moisturizing degree is indeed enough. If you don’t wipe it, it will be uncomfortable in winter.

Besides, we are currently hoarding the baby.


Before returning to my hometown, I participated in a few public welfare lectures in pregnant women in Shenzhen, and gave many baby supplies and supplies to be produced (Meisu Milk Powder Trial Installation, ABC diapers trials, cotton era sanitary napkin, wet towel sanitary napkin, baby shoes, socks, hats, saliva Towel sweat towels, water thermometers, insulation pots, pregnant women’s underwear …), so everyone may wish to participate more, in addition to gaining a lot of bred knowledge, they can also save money.

1. Milk powder.

Diving to learn from various fairy masterpieces, all kinds of experience literature and literature have been studied, and the results are even more dizzy. Her husband went to New Zealand to travel on a business trip, and he simply carried a can to love him back in the local area. I am going to be pure breast milk, and this can of milk powder is just a spare product. As for the Chinese version of the statement, it is more suitable for Chinese baby. Oh, I believe this statement is just a quality inspection under the current national conditions. It is said that this can of 120 yuan in love for him, and the milk powder of the local brand is 80 yuan, and the reputation is also very good. On the other hand, our dear motherland, let alone the price of milk powder, 80 yuan of milk powder, do you dare to buy it? Not to mention that people have rich milk sources, my milk sources in China are actually not small and not bad, really.

2. Bottle.

The same is a spare product. Compared with Dr. Brown and Xin Anyi, he finally picked a new Anyi glass bottle, and Meiya Black Wu entered.


3. Murroscopy.

I didn’t plan to enter, but some people said that if you have less milk, it is also useful to suck in this more. There are too many milk to drink it more convenient to use this. One milkware.

4. strollers and safety cradle

Essence I have never thought that the stroller is four digits at all. I have always thought that the three or five hundred yuan is high -end. Similarly, I studied the experience stickers of various predecessors in various ways, and finally chose NANO, because I guess my doll will be a fat man (it really is in …). Meiya Black Five Version 199 US dollars, my younger brother chose an unreliable transfer, the freight was extremely high, and finally the price was about 1800. After getting it, I feel good. The workmanship is better than the domestic 2,000 yuan stroller, which is convenient for folding. In addition, I also bought a matching mosquito net and rain cover, and the texture is also good. Safety baskets are selected from the economical and affordable Kiddy,’s event price is 398. If you do n’t plan to use the second child, you can use the second -hand fish. Most families have used it a few times to get idle. There are also renting on Taobao, but it is not brand new anyway, it is better to buy second -hand.

Wait for the baby to be born, use it and write a feeling.

Mountain buggy 2016 Nano Stroller, BLACK, Germany Kiddy Kiddy Basic Basket Car Children’s Safety Seating Baby Car Basketball Basketball 0-12 …

5. Infant service.

It is said that it is best to wear old clothes. There are three reasons: one is that the possibility of the formaldehyde of old clothes exceeds the standard. However, my friend was going to send it. Later, when the second child’s policy came out, everyone kept it for the second child. I could only buy new clothes with tears. In addition to the cotton baby clothes bought in the mall, Double Eleven bought two short two long gauze monks in the cotton era, 80 yuan, very thin, and slightly hard after washing (relatively pure cotton coat), but I heard that I heard that The more softened it will be washed.

In the cotton era, pure cotton baby gauze serving breathable gauze baby service long X2+short X2 …

6. bath towel

Essence I bought a few six -layer high -dens scarf on the richest man, and I felt okay, but it felt rough (in other words, I also had four yellow diamonds, naturally I would not buy unreliable shops. It is excellent word of mouth). Later, Double Eleven entered two large gauze bath towels in 134 in the cotton era. Well, this is the density I want. After washing, my hand was good. It’s just that the whole cotton family style is too vegetation, and Bai has to be like hospital supplies. I bought a total of six big bath towels before and after, hey, no matter, you can also be a quilt or quilt anyway.

The cotton era pure cotton baby bath towels babies combed cotton gauze newborn big towels are super soft …

7. Soft towels and wet towels

Essence Double Eleven had a bunch in the cotton era, 158 packs and 18 packs. The soft towel is its star product, which is better than the normal mid -end infant brand Pigeon NUK. I did n’t buy the wet towel, and I gave a few packs when I attended the lecture. If you do n’t worry about the wet towel ingredients, when you need it, I will use water to wet the cotton towel.

The cotton era natural baby pure cotton soft towels, dry and wet use of wet paper towels, 18 packs …

8. diapers.

At a certain time of’s global purchase event, two packs of Huao NB were purchased in 158. At that time, if the baby is adapted, it will be very fast if it is easy to use.

Jingdong Global Purchase Flower Merries diapers newborn NB90 tablets 0-5kg Hangzhou Free Trade Zone …

9. Pigeon baby nail knife.

It is said that this is best used. Japan and Asia are really expensive, dozens of pieces. It is said that there is also an economic version, Rikang.

Pigeon Newborn Special Nail Scissors 15122

10.luca papaya cream.

It is said to be a universal cream that can cure red PP. Back in New Zealand, about 20 yuan.

Lucas’ Papaw Remedies Lucas Magic Papaya Universal Popular Overpow

11. Limsion nipple paste.

Meiya Buy, on the way, did not get in hand.

Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeed Mother, 40 Grams

12. Goat milk soap.

New Zealanders have returned to less than twenty.


3 pieces of VOTE Goat natural goat milk cleansing soap, oatye 100 grams/piece 3 pieces …


Newborn bath oil.

Purchasing in the Netherlands, in the early one.

4. diapers.

Well, I have a diligent mother -in -law who should not need this big guy. But I ca n’t just be a cow, my waist is not good, and I am too boring during delivery. I bought this solid wood diapers. Three hundred dollars, very thick, the quality is better than my friend’s solid wooden bed. I wondered that if it was really not used at that time, I would move the first layer of the guardrails down, and then put it with a thick collision bed to become a crib.

15. Clothing dryer.

The due date is the Qingming Festival in the rain. The rainy days of Guangdong are terrible, and the dryer is necessary. The dryer bought is quite practical, more than a hundred pieces, the sound is small, and you can make a wardrobe when you do n’t need it. If you can fold it, it will be perfect. It is recommended to buy the version of the wheel, the material is much strong, and the same quality is more than 300 in Wal -Mart.

Zhigao dry clothing ZG09D dryer home baking machine super quiet home baby special baby PTC ceramic sterilization …

The bottle disinfectant, the thermos, or the like, there is a mother -in -law who does not believe in these small home appliances, so they are not entered.

Pregnancy is really a happy and hard work. I have the same preparation of myself and the baby’s supplies. I have a sense of satisfaction in my heart, and there is also a pleasure of buying. I hope the baby can be born healthy and smooth!



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