Drinking a drunk dream is like a smoke, and the years will be done in one go.

I love the faint clouds in the sky, the faint wind, and the faint thoughts. Often, a cup of tea is cleared, and a faint music is placed, and a person is quietly melted, the fragrance of fragrance, and melodious music, open the dusty memories. Recall that you never need to remember and never forget. In this faint, how much emotion and how much resentment is helpless. Faintly, always so memorable.

There is a scales under the feet, there are directions in your hands, the target in your eyes, and the scale in your heart. We cannot control the environment, but we can change emotions; we cannot reach God’s will, but we can make artificially. Is it a guardian or a circle in life, often making us embarrassing. In fact, the circle is in the square, removed the virtual floating, don’t be too smooth, just a little stable; Fang is in the circle, hiding the sharpness, not so aggressive, and allowing a bit of dynamics to be a kind of wisdom in life.


The older the age, the understanding of love no longer respects the sweet words, and the understanding of love no longer wants to ask for the mountain alliance. The beautiful love is not vigorous, not the twilight, but a flower blooming like a flower on the placket, always soothing the five internal organs, no matter how deep the years of the years, it can overflow the mint like mint. The fresh and refreshing fragrance comes, let you smell your eyebrows and smile on your eyebrows, making you smell like a lush green in your heart.


In the world, people have no one, look at the mistakes of others, think about their own mistakes, look at the wrongs of others, and then forgive the difficulties of others. The lighter the people’s heart, the less damage; the wider the human heart, the more happiness is; if you encounter misunderstandings, try to argue most of it, it is better to pass by with a smile and give the time to give the answer; it is not speculative to say. There is no roots in trouble, no nature is picked up;


After decades of ups and downs, you will slowly know that you have to stay half soberly and half intoxicated in life to be happy; if you have half of your life, you must understand and half confused. It will be as light as before. If the heart of the people is as broad and frank as the sky, it will be more tolerant; if the hearts of the people are as dangerous as the earth, they will be so relieved; if the people’s hearts are as deep as the sea, they will not be surprised

In life, no matter how much regrets, how much soreness, fortunately, or unfortunately, it is the past. It is all the past. In life, no matter how glorious, how wonderful it is, how many twists and turns, and how many failures, you will not be perfect. If you work hard, you should have no regrets. In this world, living with emotions is tragedy, and alive is comedy. No rugged bumpy, not climbing; no pain and trouble, not life

Qiu Qiu and Qingyun and slowly long, passing over the mountains and flowers, warmed the roof tile fields, and wrapped the strong and abundance of red dust. Qiuyue is like a poem, and the spring flowers wins the snow. They are all good stories on earth. The green soul is soft and soft like the grass. Love and pain are like a breeze, with silence and love, falling on the rhyme of poetry. The mountains and rivers are far away, and the smoke and clouds on the paper are full of. Drinking a drunk dream is like a smoke, and the years will be done in one go.

The fallen leaves have Zen, and the glory is lightened, leisurely, and face to face, and the reincarnation in the flow of the light. Falling wood is boundless. In the sky wind, Xiao Xiao down, this leisurely miles of mountains and rivers, there is a vast and cold atmosphere. This is the clutch of wood and leaves. It is the nirvana of the plants and trees. It is low and magnificent, like a distant Sanskrit sound of the ancient temple, which is a mighty song in the autumn wind. Pick up the poems and affection in the past, chant a book of light and yin in the full moon and moon.


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