Witary old carpenter, use a pencil to make a love sucking light! Don’t talk about styles, the craftsmanship is absolutely first -class

Recently, while taking advantage of the weekend, many children have accumulated a lot of children using the remaining pencil heads, so I want to use the pencil head to DIY a ceiling lamp and do woodworking for more than ten years. I still have this craft. Everyone.


First of all, the materials required: computer box panels, palettes, pencils, saws, tiger pliers, swords, welding tools, several pencil heads, 502 glue, scissors, sandpaper, etc.

1. Today, I use the shape of the palette as the shape of the ceiling lamp. The computer box panel is used as a lamp panel to describe the shaped color disk shape with a pencil.


Then use a saw to see the shape of the lamp chassis out. It is best to put the saw when sawing, so that it is easier to see it into a curved shape. Generally, the curved is more difficult to see, so it can be paired with a tiger tongs (twisting the iron to the side) and the knife (the edge of the iron skin), which will make the process of sawing easier.


The ceiling lamp will have a certain thickness, so welding is needed to be welded in the periphery of the shape. Before welding, it is best to polish the edge of the iron. In addition, the bottom plate of the lamp and the iron sheets around the outer circle should be put on the tin, which can achieve a better welding effect.

Welding is a technical work, so it is best to have a professional welding master to guide it next to this, so that it can better welded, and no accidents will happen during welding.


After the base of the lamp is done, the next step is to make the lamp panel. Using the old painting board as a panel, it also uses a pencil to describe the shape of the panel, which can be slightly larger than the bottom plate of the lamp.


Then use the shape of the cutting tool to cut, as long as the peripheral circle.

Next is to use 502 glue to arrange the remaining pencils in the home (as much as possible) to stick to the lamp panel with 502 glue.


After the pencil pastes well, for the sake of beauty, you can spray the messy pencil heads according to your preference, which will look better.


At the bottom of the panel, you can also use the paint to make a gradient color, which looks more beautiful. Then use adhesive to paste the acrylic board.


The next step is to specify panels and bottom panels. Use iron buckle and screws to fix, pay attention to tighten to prevent the situation of falling off in the later period.


Drill the corresponding holes first, use the iron buckle and screws to fix, and then use the adhesive to bonding after tightening. This can prevent the iron buckle and the screw rust and affect the beauty.


Finally, put the LED light bar in the lamp, and then install it on the roof, so that the production is complete!


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