How to choose the groom suit? Practical strategy handle hands to teach you to do it

The bride wearing a wedding dress on the wedding day is the most beautiful, and the groom standing next to the most beautiful woman cannot fall.

The suit is the groom’s wedding. On this important day, how to choose a suit that is suitable for his own to stand up with the beautiful bride. This is the trouble of many newcomers and babies.

Want to put on a suit like Kong Liu, Li Xian, Yang Yang in a suit? Today is a dry product article about how to choose the groom’s suit. Come and copy the homework ~

Suit color selection

The groom’s wedding is gray, black, and blue. But you can also choose a light -colored suit who likes young and lively newcomers.

Black suit


It is the most classic and the most common groom’s wedding suit, and it is also the most difficult color. Black suit can set off the solemn temperament of the groom, and it also forms a classic black and white match with the bride’s white wedding dress, giving a very formal sense of ritual, and then with a tie or bow tie, it also shows the stable attitude of the groom to the extreme.

Recommended with:

Shirt: white

Tie: black, dark blue system


Leather shoes: black


Pocket scarf: flower color

Socks: black

Blue suit

It is a very popular color in recent years. Of course, the blue suit also has different types, such as dark blue, dark blue, bright blue, etc. In addition to a calm and formal feeling, there is also a lively and young feeling It makes people feel that the color will not be very single, adding a different charm and temperament, the navy blue is also a trendy and popular blue now.

Shirt: white, light blue

Tie: dark red, dark brown, dark blue


Leather shoes: black, brown

Pocket towel: white, dark brown


Socks: dark blue, gray

Gray suit


The reason why it has not fallen in the long river of history is because it is formal and classic. Rock gray, medium -gray, and pale gray are all popular gray. The gray gray is solemn and stable. The medium gray is a universal color suit. The pale gray feels brisk. It is important to choose a gray suit suitable for season, time or wedding style.


Tie: Blue, Gray

Pocket scarf: white, dark blue


Light -colored suit

It is more visually younger, which is very suitable for Mori weddings or outdoor weddings. The light color gives a sense of spirit and freedom, suitable for spring or summer weddings. The light color is also very good, which can highlight the groom’s temperament with some bright -colored shirts.

Shirt: white, bright color


Tie: blue, brown, black

Pocket scarf: color, khaki

Socks: black, brown


Body analysis


Rectangular body


Choose a suit tightened by the abdomen. You can use the shoulder pads to adjust the shape appropriately. Double -breasted or refreshing suits will weaken the thinness of the upper body. The waist suit jacket, a slight shoulder decoration will look good.

Triangular figure

Choose a deep V suit with a lower opening, which will modify the figure and make the figure look more slender. Choose two grains with a suit. Do not choose a double buckle, which will expand the crotch. You can choose a slightly wide version.

Trapezoidal body


There are more choices, and it is not easy to make errors. Except for double -breasted suits, it can be controlled. The internal and vest and then open the jacket will look better.

Round body

When choosing a suit, choose more light fabrics and dark colors to avoid horizontal development. Ties should not choose styles with width and narrowness.

Inverted triangle figure

It is a perfect figure, you can choose a comfortable suit.

Suit style

1. The cuff of the shirt should be exposed about 1cm in a suit jacket.


2. The length of the coat is just covered with pants.

3. The length of the pants is the best to touch the shoes.


4. The shoulder should be the same as the shoulder width, not too long or too high.

Suit details

1. The tie should be in the triangle formed by the collar.

2. The tie color must be darker than the shirt color; the tie length is just right to the belt;

3. The suit buckle should be paid, a single row single buckle, which can be buckled or not; two rows of two buckles, only one of the top of the top; a single row of three buckles, the one in the middle of the buckle.

4. The suit with cufflinks is more quality.

5. Pocket and tie color can be inconsistent, but there are differences in the same color.

6. The vest not only keeps warm, but also a gentleman.


1. The color of the belt should be consistent with the leather shoes.

2. The double -open suit on both sides is more fashionable.

3. Choose long socks and try to choose dark colors.

4. If you wear base clothes, don’t show your shirt.

At the end

If the groom who doesn’t usually wear a suit can choose to rent. But 11 is recommended to customize, because customization is more in line with the proportion of the body and will fit more. In order to avoid only wearing at the wedding, the newcomers can choose a dark suit, so that they can be worn everyday ~

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Recommended with:

Recommended with:

Recommended with:


Shirt: white


Socks: black


Leather shoes: black, brown

Leather shoes: black, brown


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