36 children’s shoes comparative test: Nike, back force, people and other comprehensive performances better

The quality and safety of children’s shoes is increasingly attracted to the attention of parents. The quality of children’s shoes has a very important role in the growth of children. Because children’s feet are very delicate and are in the period of bone development. Or the physical and chemical methods such as the hardness and abrasion resistance of the sole are not qualified, which not only affects the comfort of wearing, but also affects the growth and development of children.

What is the actual performance of children’s shoes on the market? Does it contain harmful substances? A few days ago, the Guangzhou Consumer Council, the Foshan Consumer Council and the Macau Consumer Council announced the comparative test results of 36 children’s shoes.

testing sample


In terms of testing sample selection, the selection of elderly shoes and children’s shoes has comprehensively considered factors such as the brand market share and sales volume, offline and online brand distribution, and product price distribution. This comparison test purchase of 33 brands of 36 children’s shoes products involved in 33 brands. The unit price of samples ranges from 55 yuan to 814.2 yuan.

Test items

Physics and mechanical safety performance, chemical performance indicators: including physical machinery safety performance, hexavalent chromium in leather and fur, formaldehyde content, resolving carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, total heavy metals/extraction of heavy metals, pomanolic acid dicells, rubber, rubber, rubber N-nitrobinamine and polychidic hydrocarbons in components; phthalate, volatile organic matter, etc.

Use performance indicators: peeling strength, fold resistance/flexion performance, outsole abrasion resistance, outsole hardness, humidity and humidity, etc. In addition, the experiment also made a sensory evaluation of 36 samples, that is, the overall hard and hard level of the sample, the stability of the sample, and the appearance quality of the sample.


Chemical Security

The test results show,


Of the 36 samples of 36 children’s shoes, 32 samples passed chemical safety testing. 4 samples including Mu Linsen, Hornet, CLAW MONEY have not passed phenyl amelate tests.

The standard values ​​and allowable values ​​specified in “Shoe Shoes and Shoe Packs that may harm to the material shoe material” are ≤0.1%.


It is a collective referred to in the forms of tiebenzene. It is mainly used for polyvinyl chloride material, which makes polyvinyl chloride plastic changes from hard plastic to elastic plastic, which plays a role in plasticizers. Studies have shown that phthalate plays a role similar to estrogen -like estrogen in the human and animals, which can interfere with endocrine. The non -dye print part, coating part, and plastic attachment part may contain phthalate.

In addition, this experiment also tested the sample volatile organic matter. At present, there is no requirement for this project in the relevant standards of the shoe category. Therefore, the test was also listed as a test item. The results show,

The volatile organic objects of 36 children’s shoe samples are detected to varying degrees.

Under normal circumstances, the volatile substances of shoe products will be quickly distributed in open space, which will have little impact on human health, and over time, the volatile amount will gradually decrease. Therefore Placement in the environment to reduce possible volatile substances.


In addition, this comparison test also tested the hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde content in the leather and fur, the total amount of the carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, the total amount of heavy metal/extraction of heavy metal, the pomaic acid di esters, and the N-Asian in the rubber parts, and the rubber parts Nitramine and polygon aromatic hydrocarbons,

The results show that 36 samples have passed the test


Physical Safety Performance Article


Physical and mechanical safety performance (except steel hook heart) is mainly to check whether there are nail tips in the shoe, whether there is a sharp edge and sharp tip of all shoe (including the heels and other components on the shoe). Broken needle, etc., the test results show,

36 samples have passed the test of physical safety performance.


In terms of compromise/flexion performance, Kinghealth, Hush Puppies, ZHR BAINESK3 children’s shoes samples failed to pass the project test

This is a comprehensive quality indicator of shoe products wearing life, which directly reflects the flexion resistance of the product, the tolerance of the outsole, and the combination of the base. During the wear process, it may cause problems such as the soles of the soles, the helping surface, the crack surface or the bottom wall, the bottom wall, and other problems.

In terms of peeling intens


This project is to assess the quality of the shoe and sole bonding quality. The product with poor peeling strength is prone to dehydration during the dressing area during the dressing process, affecting the service life.

In terms of outsole wear resistance, Doraemon, Reshake, ZHR BAINGES3 children’s shoes

The abrasion resistance of the sample outsole is lower than that of the current minimum requirements for the current product standard, and the relieving resistance capacity of the sole is poor.

In terms of lining and inner pads, the three samples of ZARA, Babu beans, and Mumu Rabbit failed to pass this test.

The friction -resistant color fastness refers to the dye textiles or leather products in the process of using or processing, and the dye can maintain its original color performance to varying degrees. During the use of textiles or leather products with poor colors, dyes are easy to fall off and fade, affecting aesthetics, and falling off dye molecules or heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the human body to harm health by the human body.

In addition, the results of the comparison test also show that in terms of outsole hardness,

17 samples outsole hardness Soft and hard medium


The measured value is between 50 and 60 (the larger the value indicates the greater the hardness), and the comfort is better.

It is understood that the hardness of the sole of children’s shoes should be moderate, and the excellent sole is not conducive to bending, and the sole of the over -soft soles cannot support the feet. It is easy to increase the burden on the knee, which is not conducive to the healthy development of children.


Children are usually lively and lively, with large amounts of exercise, and often running and jumping. If the non -slip performance of the shoes is not good, it is prone to slippery accidents.


The test results show that 10 samples perform better in terms of non -slip performance.


Hygroscopic and humidity

It is an indicator that characterizes the comfort of the shoe, and the overall moisture and humidity of the shoe is evaluated.

The test results show that 5 samples perform better in this test.

In terms of sensory evaluation, the experimenters evaluate the overall hard and hard level of 36 samples, sample stability, and appearance quality.


The results showed that 36 samples performed well and did not find sensory defects that significantly affected use.




The test results of comprehensive safety performance and performance of use performance, 24 children’s shoes performed well in this test. The top 10 children’s shoes are Nike juvenile shoes, back force WZ (JS) -0012 children’s shoes, Dr.Kong (Jiang Jiang Dr.) Children’s clothing sports shoes, human-based children’s tourist shoes, Habib bear children’s shoes, BARBIE children’s tourist shoes, ABC KIDS children’s casual shoes, double star celebrities-tourism shoes-212, DR.KONG sports shoes, seven waves men/women tide tide Fan pneumatic net shoes.




Children’s shoes with high heels are not recommended to buy.

After being too high, it is easy to affect the balance of children, and increase the burden on the spine. The height is about 6-15 mm. When buying, check whether the front palm of the shoes is too thin, and whether the rear and the parts are soft enough and rebound in time. The forefoot is too thin to make people feel stunned and affect walking comfort. The rear is the main part of walking buffer absorption energy. It should be soft and moderate, and has a good rebound performance.



Too many children’s shoes are not recommended to buy.


Accessories may include small attachments, and there may be sharp edges of the edge of the edge of the human body. Some metal accessories are easily corroded. Therefore, the attachment installation of children’s shoes must be firm, and the disassembly attachments should not be too small to prevent infants and young children from swallowing after disassembling.


The soft children’s shoes on the soles are not recommended to buy.

Especially on the back of the shoes and the front Baotou of the shoes, it should not be too soft, and there should be a certain hardness. The rear heels of the shoes have enough hardness to protect the ankle joint during walking, prevent the ankle joints from tilting the tilt of the ankle joint, and cause unexpectedly stomach and sprains. The front part of the shoes also requires enough hardness to prevent injuries, kicking, and smashing toes.

4. 4..

The shoes on the base of the foam should purchase regular manufacturers, because the risk of foamyl -deotonate is high.

If the shoes have obvious pungent smells, it is likely to be related to the harmful chemicals in the shoes. Do not buy it.

Source: Consumer Report Comprehensive Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council

The test results show,


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