Popular 18 Forbidden Wife Literature Awards! I finally know what they are showing up …

Recently, sheep really embarrassed in the world of the Internet …

“Slowly enter the moon”

Do you all read the incident? If you have n’t even heard it, it ’s more or less 2G.


This big scene of the screen of screen swipe is called

Jiao Wife Literature

Entering reality.

The specific incident is: a girl with an ID shared her love daily on the Internet for “Xu Xu’s Moon”, and she admires the “Puxin Man” in the mouth of netizens and is deeply “loved” by her boyfriend.

Just show you everyday

“Men”, “pouting and coquettish”, “love dog teddy”, “feed,” “fine kiss” … Is it a strong Mary Su feeling?

That’s right, Jiao Wife Literature, who attaches himself to the evolutionary version of Mary.

The past and present of Jiao Wife Literature

In fact, before the “Jiao Wife Literature” became the target of the Internet group, three waves of “evolution” had been experienced:


That is, Mary Su Literature-Versailles Literature-Jiao Wife Literature.

Mary Su Literature, everyone’s old friend, specifically refers to the romance novels and Taiwanese romance idol dramas that we watched when we were young:

There are money, domineering, sweet pet, dream male second.


Think about the film and television dramas we have fascinated us to death. The male and female owners basically have a feeling of crossing the class: poor students and wealthy students, ordinary staff and company boss, small transparency and big stars.


Anyway, no matter how grassroots you are, there are always a few high -rich handsome surrounding you.

Even if the identity background is not significantly different, the character creation will be two extremes, and the most appear:

The handsome guy fell in love with me.

If Mary Su Film has enriched our spare -school life, Mary Su’s novels are simply love enlightenment

Who is there a few Mary Su literature in your youth? “The Boy is really handsome”, “The Temptation of the Wolf”, “The Revolution of Sparrow”, “Summer of Bubble” …


These novels were read by girls in the class. What is logic? nonexistent. As long as the male coach, the plot is sweet and the ending is complete, whoever cares about you is not true.

Until we grow up, we understand that handsome guys will not feel stupid, and idol stars will not fall in love with the world.

In addition to the popular “bright and sad wind” in the later period of Mary Su’s literature, in our true youth, ignorant love is just an auxiliary material, it, it,

The real protagonist


Later, the people who watched Mary Su’s literature grew up and grew up to a glorious migrant worker. After experiencing the cruelty of reality, few people took it seriously when they were young.

Until the emergence of Versailles literature.


In 2020, Meng Qiqi was born in the air. As soon as he opened his mouth, he was the heyday of Half Mary Su Literature, but there was only one point: rich, rich, or money.


Others regard novels as a pastime, and she took the novel as a life.

In her description, she is a new generation of Beijing ladies, with a pair of glasses of 770,000 and a coat of 30,000 yuan. The favorite place is SKP.

Husband, Mr. Bu

I love her, what to do.

Cursing is a waste of time,

Her saliva should be used to count money,

Mr. Bu faced with a blonde girl in danger,


The United States with a time difference of 16 hours accompanies her to work



Mr. Bu is unwilling to be sad alone, booking a ticket


Cry with her to Victoria Harbor;


She appreciates the 27 -year -old undergraduate graduation English level 6 and speaks a French salary of 25,000 nanny, but it is not because of the excellent conditions, but

I don’t want to seduce his husband …

Looking at her Weibo, it was like watching a novel more than ten years ago, and she was so embarrassed that she sheep pulled out a three -story villa with her toes.

Although it looks fake, because of her confidence and calmness in her words, I have to doubt myself, until everyone picked it out

She lived with her husband before

The picture …


Um. After reading it, there were a few points to say: …

And this is the pioneer of Versailles literature, fantasizing about what he didn’t have, and shaping himself a Mary Sume dream full of copper odor.

but! Versailles literature can at least let people decompress. Jiao Wife Literature is simply jumping on everyone’s thunder. Versailles shows what they have.

Jiao Wife Literature Show is what is useful but uncomfortable.


The ladies are not the pioneers of Jiao Wife Literature, but they are the masters of Jiao Wife Literature.


In fact, there is already this trend of novels now. On some websites, you can often see the author to shape a female lead.

Fine and delicate, dependent on men, all male -based “coquettish wives” image

On the surface, it is sweet pet, but it is actually different in status.

Slowly, the Weibo painting wind comes from the moon, and it is called a boyfriend in the early days


In the later period, he called him directly



The extreme of Mary Su literature is just like this …

The most famous story:


“Miao Control Keyboard”

It is very simple: the girl wants to buy a wonderful keyboard, coquettish with her boyfriend, her boyfriend analyzes all kinds of pros and cons, and decides not to buy it. The girl is also persuaded.

But a large number of descriptions

“、 、 嘤”, “spoil”, “hand”, “grievance”

Wait for words to make life discomfort … Do you think this is over? not at all

The ending of this Weibo of Xiaoguai heroine is:

Let’s watch it yourself, sheep can’t fight

Little fox … little fox … little fox …

Netizen: Poor men with tricks.

Another literature of Xu Xuyue Rulai is

“118 yuan gold fee”

Girls played for 118 yuan and tied her boyfriend’s account.

As a result, angry, you have to coax

The 118 dollars have to coax a bit out of heaven, but I did not expect more outrageous.


Open the house and arrive … Open the house and arrive … Open the house and arrive …

In addition to the daily life of Weibo with her boyfriend, there are more 18 ban.

Such as this article

“Aftermath Literature”


And import contraceptives,

“It’s great with him”


There are many other contents, but it is really too 18! Intersection Intersection Sheep dare not put …


But sheep think these pictures can fully let everyone understand her style …

To sum up, it is:

This is a consumer downgraded version, Meng Qiqi, a literary version of a certain Tang.

Very delicate, very wife, very soft, loved boyfriend.

The simple understanding of the sentence is: Duanmu took me to Metusbon Wei, it was nice to have him.

Why do you dislike his wife literature?

There is a comment on the Internet very classic-

You think you are a coquettish wife literature: to satisfy women’s inequality fantasy, men are tools for setting up atmosphere.


In fact, Jiao Wife Literature: satisfying the inequality of men, women are the tools for their own fun.

The reason is very simple.

In essence, it is still opposing absolute patriarchal.

With the enlightenment and development of women’s consciousness, developing into an excellent independent woman is the wind direction of certain Internet platforms. This independence refers to

It is completely independent of thought and personality.

Even novels and film and television dramas have been developing in the direction of the female lead in recent years.


Why is the Jiao Wife Literature Association the target of group laughes? Because modern women and traditional women have a fault of life consciousness.

When some women are immersed in the emotional dreams given by men, the goal of the other part of the woman is to work hard and buy a house.

The latter treats the former as a brain. To some extent, they think this is a kind of ideological retrogression.


Throughout the civilization of the entire world,

They have gradually shifted from patriarchal to equal rights.

Countless people have worked hard and sacrificed on this road, so that the definition of people’s definitions of outstanding women has changed from “gentle and wise” to “independence”.

Therefore, Gu Ailing can become a popular idol, and Zhang Guimei can become a myth on earth.


Sheep still remembers that there was a news in the past few years. It was said that a student of President Zhang Guimei finally became a housewife to return to the school to donate, but Zhang Guimei asked her to roll.

At that time, the sheep didn’t understand it. Later, I saw a lot of information from the principal before I understood: she couldn’t be a housewife, but to some extent, she wasted President Zhang’s resources.

The purpose of Zhang Guimei was to send them out of the environment of rural occlusion so that they knew that women’s life was not only marriage and family, but she returned to the starting point.

This is more like a kind of hate for iron than anger.

And everyone’s disgust about Jiao Wife Literature is similar to this: We are walking the road wider and wider, why don’t you keep up?


Modern women, the most disliked is

Attachment relationship.


Jiao’s wife literature touched this thunder.

“Men” to “men”, you need to be coquettish when you buy things. It is “good to have him” with imported contraceptives. He describes the X life of the two in a straightforward, and even agrees with the male perspective of “Little X Dog”. call…


In her opinion, Weibo is for showing affection, but there is a trace of the words in the words



Slowly entered the moon and was called “Xiaoguobao”.

To tell the truth, the word “good” is also a thunder point for some people. Some people commented that it represents a downward relationship, which is the title of the top and bottom. Generally, the elders said to their juniors when they were young.

“Putting it in a mature relationship, it looks a bit subtle.”

The topic of the relationship between men and women has actually been old -fashioned.

The reason why she came to the moon was because she just represented the types of groups opposite to the current mainstream of the Internet.

We do n’t know, but only from her Weibo speaking:

What she pursues does not seem to be a relationship, but a feeling of being possessing.

Once the moon has entered the moon, it has not been so sinful.

The incident has been fermented to now, and the moon has come out with her boyfriend himself. She even

Replace the number


, But everyone did not stop their “crusade”.

Now that the monthly month is changed, the wheat is closed, but the sheep is thinking about another question: Is it worth being chased like this?


Collective vent of vomiting,

Basically equal to the disguised online violence.


Although sheep watching her Weibo was embarrassed to her toes, she really couldn’t sin.


Picture source@网 图 图 图

To tell the truth, sheep have seen the early Weibo of Xu Xu’s month, and it is a little girl immersed in love.

Don’t scold people, don’t complain, like to share daily love

Later, it may be that fans have become more famous, and her sharing has gradually become details.


It used to be in love, but now


Boyfriend is a poor student, she does not spend money on her, her gift is cheap, she is “moved”


The characteristics have become the point of everyone’s attack.

Even the inspirational things such as the postgraduate entrance examination can be said to be a big will …

Slowly, the moon has caused the minefield of modern women, but the sheep wants to ask:


Do all women have the capital of “you”?

Most of those who scolded her were women.

And why these women disgusted her, sheep had explained above.


But completely throwing off the anger of reality is unreasonable, it is a hooligan.

The sheep suddenly remembered the woman who regarded the cottage Jin Dong as an idol a few years ago.

But who knows what kind of environment she is in?

It is not important for Jin Dong to be false. He is just her evasion of rural closed life. It is the only illusion in her sad marriage life.

The famous coquettish wife literature stalk: “My husband is a civil servant”.

Because the whole article is emphasizing that his husband is a civil servant, he is ridiculed.

Hot Comment: Civil servants do not pass sexually. I have to say that everyone’s mouth is really powerful.

However, show off the classic theory of showing off the husband’s husband, not behind the career editor?

Civil servant fragrance, the object is more fragrant by civil servants.

This is not the concept of sudden formation, but from small to large ears.

Modern women can’t see these traditions, but this does not mean others


“Rebellion” together.

Most modern women, either because of family education, or growing up, or because of growth, they are touched by growth, so as to recognize their independence of personality.

But not all women have obtained this “entry condition”.


This world has been patriarchal thousands of years ago. Even if it improves a lot now, the impact of all parties will not disappear suddenly.


The road of self -awareness of women is complex and long.

Before we don’t understand the life of Xu Xu’s month, we are not qualified to give her the next very absolute definition.

Extremely abuse can not be changed except that it can bring harm.

Sheep hopes that all women will have an independent personality and a good life, rather than another person who is different from themselves to prove that they are different.

Rather than scolding her not to be awake, it is better to tell her what is sober.

Before evaluating a person, please treat each woman as an independent individual, no matter who she is.

Otherwise, it is still a woman who hurts the end.


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