How does Qinling change China?

Are you a southerner or a northerner?

Is your home heating?

Will the river in your city freeze in winter?



Qinling Mountain

my country’s important geographical division line

On both sides of the north and south of the Qinling Mountains

The sweet and salty of the tofu brain, the similarities and differences in the type of climate

It has always been a hot topic of arguing

And this important geographical division of Qinling Huaihe River

The earliest discussion of the current known

Proposed by the famous geographical scientist Zhang Xiangwen

Published in 1908 “New Earth Literature”

In 1924, he published the article “Geography of Buddhism”

It is clearly mentioned that the Qinling-Huaihe River is divided into North and South China

Qinling in the general sense

Crossing Central China

Starting from the west, Baishi Mountain in the northern part of Lintan County, Gansu Province

Maijishan, south of Tianshui to the east, enter Shaanxi


What we know

Makura Mountain and Daba Mountain belong to the Qinling Mountains in the broad sense

Submit to three in Shaanxi and Henan at the junction

The north is Laoshan, the middle is Xiong Er Mountain, and the south is to Funiu Mountain

The total length is about 1600 kilometers


Qinling in the narrow sense refers to a section between Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi in Shaanxi

This paragraph is also the most exciting part of the Qinling Mountains

The main peak of Qinling Taibai Mountain (West Section)

It is also east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains

The first peak of mainland China


Its highest point is 3767 meters above sea level

Nanshan Mountain in the middle of the Qinling Mountains

Qinling Xiyue Huashan

So this magnificent division line is separated

Which strange geographical scenes

Precipitation: my country’s annual precipitation 800 mm

Waiting for precipitation line

That’s right, what everyone is familiar with is

This 800 mm precipitation line

It is also the most obvious line of Qinling on both sides of the north and south

Specifically, Guanzhong Plain on the north side of Qinling Mountains

Annual precipitation is only about 600 mm

Known as the “faucet” of Guanzhong Plain, Shaanxi Baoji

Its precipitation will not exceed 750 mm in the years with rich rainfall

Compared to Guanzhong Plain

To north

Northern Shaanxi Loess Plateau, Gansu Qingyang

Southern Ningxia

The rainfall in the place is even less

The precipitation here is less than 500 mm

In the final analysis, the reason is that Qinling has a lot of water vapor

Northern Shaanxi Loess Plateau


To its welcoming slope (the southern foot of Qinling)

The warm and humid water vapor from the south is raised by the terrain

As a result, abundant rainfall

Southern Shaanxi Hanzhong, which is less than 300 kilometers away from Xi’an

The gap between it and Xi’an annual precipitation is more than 300 mm

In some years with heavy rainfall, its precipitation can reach 1000 mm

To south

Sichuan Basin

Not only the intercepting water vapor of Qinling

The Sichuan Plateau on the west side, Yunnan Plateau on the south

The “boosant” of rainwater

These plateau mountains are cut in the basin in the basin

The annual annual downside of the situation can even exceed 1500 mm

Guanzhong Plain


The difference in precipitation in the north and south regions of Qinling Mountains is so large


In addition to cutting water vapor

Also because it is high enough, possess

Multi -seat

Peaks above 3000 meters above sea level

The main peak of Taibai Mountain is 3767 meters above sea level

High altitude provides the foundation for the mountains to intercept water vapor

So that the fourth period of ancient glacier relics are still kept near the main peak

Grandpa sea was born in the fourth period of the glacier period 67 million years ago

It is the highest alpine lake in mainland my country

It is also a glacier lake

The humidity of the climate also makes the vegetation lush


The flat and open Hanzhong Basin and the Ankang Basin

Provide good conditions for agricultural planting


Therefore, it has become an important agricultural area between Dashan

The discovery of Zhu Xi and the pity of the pity

It also makes it the reputation of the treasure house that drives the plant resources of the fever

The rich precipitation of the southern foot of Qinling Mountains

This is not only

The watersheds of the two major water systems of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River

The southern foot even gave birth to the Jialing River and Hanjiang


The most important tributaries on these two Yangtze River

Compared to the majesty of the river south

There are many and thin rivers on the north side of Qinling Mountains

The waters developed from the north side of the mountain rushed out of the mountain from the “Qinling 72 Ye”

Gathering on the plains into flow-

Luohe, River River, Luohe River

Luohe, Luohe, Luohe, Luohe

Criss -crossed

Finally injected into the Weihe River together, go to the east, flow into the Yellow River



Eight water around Chang’an

Temperature: 0 ° C in winter in my country

After speaking, the precipitation, followed by the temperature

Qinling can not only prevent the south from the north of the warm and humid air in the south

It can also resist the cold air south of the north

In winter, whenever a strong cold air from the north

Pushing the frost area in Guangdong, which has been promoted in Guangdong in the coast of the tropical South China Sea

Due to the shielding of Qinling

More than 800 kilometers away from the north of Guangdong

The Sichuan Basin can be frosty and freezing

Qinling, making Sichuan a one

The big warm pot that is more south than the south

And it itself put on the winter coat early

Imagine, if there is no Qinling

The Loess Plateau will expand south

The Sichuan Basin will be filled by the loess

The Guanzhong Plain where the kingdom of Tianfu is located in ancient times

And the country of Tianfu will no longer exist

On the top of the Qinling Mountains in autumn, the top of the mountain has already covered a thin layer of cream

Cold and warm difference

Makes the region north of Qinling River flowing in winter

More or less freely freeze

It’s just that the more the rivers to the north, the longer the time


The river on the south side of Qinling is due to the temperature in winter

It’s hard to be less than 0 ℃

Or the number of days below 0 ° C is not much

So the river here often does not freeze

Based on this characteristic, an important limit in water literature was divided into water literature

Our country


The boundary between the river iced and the non -icing

Finally, Qinling-Huaihe and January 0 ℃ temperature line

Is it a line?

Prior to 1961, these two lines basically reappeared

In the past 60 years, with the climate change

On January 0 ° C, the thermal line has clearly shifted north

Climate: subtropical monsoon climate and

Ginseng monsoon climate dividing line

The common effect of precipitation and temperature will form a certain climate

Different temperature precipitation on both sides of the north and south of the Qinling Mountains

Naturally, different climate will be formed


Warm and temperate semi -humid climate

District and

Important division of subtropical monsoon humid climate zone

The north slope is relatively cold and dry

The south slope is warm and humid

The common role of temperature and precipitation

Make the southern slope from bottom to top with subtropical and warm temperate zone

5 climate types of temperate, cold temperate, and sub -cold belt

The north slope has a warm temperate, temperate, temperate, temperate

4 types of climate types of cold temperate and sub -cold bands

Southern slope below 800 meters above sea level

A subtropical forest vegetation landscape


People here plant tea, rice, orange, rapeseed and other crops

Liangtian Qianchen, a group of Jiangnan scenery

Southern Shaanxi rapeseed sea sea

The north slope is from bottom to top

It is a typical warm and temperate mountain forest vegetation landscape

The earth is obviously dry

Crops do not need a lot of water sources

Main wheat, apples, persimmons

So Qinling still

Tempered leaves and broad -leaved forests

The dividing line of the subtropical evergreen broad -leaved forest

Shaanxi persimmon

Diet: Eat rice or d (dié)

A large bowl wide

The existence of Qinling

Not only does it change the natural pattern of mainland China

It also brings a strong “

North -south difference

I like to eat sweet rice dumplings or salty rice dumplings

The softness to the south and the boldness in the north


It has a lot of connections with it

Such differences

Enter the home of ordinary people

It was determined by sugar cane forest fruit

Sweet and salty dispute


And the influence of grain crop type


So Qinling is also my country

The boundary between the drought and the paddy field of agriculture

Winter is here

The cold wind of Guanzhong area north of Qinling roars

Next to the fire is a cage with a steaming white noodle ravioli

Big bowl is flat, big mouth d (DIE) surface

It’s Guanzhong’s freedom

Qishan Zongzi noodles, have a long history, are the representative of Guanzhong pasta

The Hanzhong basin separated by a mountain is much warm

Let you leave saliva

Maybe a bowl of soft glutinous rice

Maybe it’s still a bowl of unique hot rice peel

Southern South Shaanxi Breakfast Essential Food -Remippi

Another well -known line that crosses Qinling

Heilongjiang Heihe -Tengchong, Yunnan

Once these two place names are put together

I believe many people will think of this famous one

Hu Huanyong Line

Chinese geography scientist Hu Huanyong compares the population density of our country

This line was proposed in 1935

This line crosses the Qinling Mountains in the middle section

The southeast of the line is densely populated, and half of the northwest is scarce

Through the population distribution, the natural conditions and humanistic phenomena of our country

The Huh Huanyong Line can still express the differences in the Chinese territory.

It is bound to the boundary between the arid and humid areas

Both the boundary between the plateau and the plain can reach a certain degree of consistency

Hu Huanyong Line Map was from “China National Geography” 2016, No. 10, 2016


If there is no Qinling

We may lose

So colorful China

It is nature to humans

The most generous gift

Is the land of Huaxia

“Mountain of Life”

Even 1.4 billion Chinese people are common

“Central National Park”


Talk about Qin Ling’s impression of you?


Figure self: network, vision China, one picture

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Sichuan Basin


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