From the rookie to the old bird, talk about the feelings of contacting motorcycles for a year and a half

Author: refreshing black fungus


Write in front:

It has been a year and a half of contact with motorcycles. When I got the first car, I wanted to post, but I felt that it was not wonderful without comparison. Recently, I just caught up with the topic of “two rounds of soul”, and I just added a new mount. I think it’s time to stun a article.


Motorcycles, a kind of transportation that is discriminated against and demonized by many local governments, but with the changes of the times, the people of the people are getting wider, the continuous improvement of motorcycle manufacturing technology, coupled with the increasingly serious traffic congestion, some people have their attention I cast a motorcycle, and I was one of them.


Zhonghe Elevated for 7 consecutive hours of congestion, becoming a large parking lot

I live in Greater Hangzhou and suffer from traffic congestion. Every day I work at work, and I am afraid that traffic jams will be late. But “I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes”, after a few desperate traffic jams and deducting salary after being deducted, I started to try a battery car similar to a motorcycle, but the mileage and commuting were short and commuting. The low efficiency is indexed. Especially ordinary lead -acid batteries will be discounted as soon as the mileage of the winter. In addition, the charging every day makes people hurt, and every day after get off work, I have to go to the community to grab the charging port with my uncle and aunt. This feeling is very poor for people who don’t like to be restrained.

Later, occasionally a chance to contact the imported motorcycle, and it was out of control since then. The current motorcycle is no longer the kind of cheap and rough transportation in the impression. Instead, it is replaced by better industrial design, more particular materials, more fine assembly processes and safety auxiliary systems. Since Hangzhou is a cities forbidden, the driver’s license is a very troublesome thing. Hangzhou urban area can apply for a “Hangmo Driving School”. Fortunately, a colleague took a like -minded and talked about the driver’s license. It was so hard that I didn’t want to remember how to test it now. Friends who needed need to search for a lot on the Internet.

The spirit of the year

In my cognition, motorcycles are divided into pedal motorcycles and cross -riding vehicles. However, with the further segmentation of the motorcycle market, there are now some products that are in the middle of the pedal and cross -cycling. Today, we will discuss it today. The pedal motorcycle is equivalent to the automatic transmission in the car. It is more accurate to say that it is a CVT. There is no need to perform a shift operation. As long as the throttle is twisted and the brake is pinched, it can be easily controlled. Cross -riding cars are equivalent to manual gears in the car. It requires oil separation. Driving it requires certain training, but with the blessing of the gear, it not only increases driving fun, but also brings more accurate power output and more. Speed ​​performance. For a simple example, the same 150cc displacement car, the speed of the pedal car cannot reach the level of the stall, and the gap is not small.

Regarding car selection:


In fact, everyone knows what they need, but they just want to “have a fish and bear’s paw”, so many riders will be tangled for a long time. It’s very simple. If you want to commute to get off work or usually buy food, don’t think too much, buy the pedal directly, the exquisite and small, walking on the streets is very comfortable. The needs of some small objects are carried. Those who want to pursue fun or want to improve yourself, or often have time to go out to cycling or motorcycle travel, then choose a cross -riding car. Most of the stalls have a cooler shape and charming waves than the pedal car, which will make you successfully become focus in the crowd, earn enough back rates and vanity. Large -sized wheels have also greatly improved through nature. The stable structure of the engine and the transmission system ensures the stability of long -distance riding. If you ask me, you have to be practical and fun, how to choose? Then I would say, buy one each! If you want to get more, you will inevitably pay more.


Regarding the ban:


Hangzhou implemented a ban in 2005 and implemented again after its expiration in 2017. However, with the enhancement of citizenship awareness, the Hangzhou traffic police treated the motorcycle a little bit. If the vehicle with a complete license was arrested, it would only be a fine of 100 yuan and deducted 3 points, instead of directly deducting the car like before. In fact, I would like to thank many Mo friends for their unremitting efforts to make their legitimate rights and interests. Although the motorcycle is still forbidden, there are not a few motorcycles driving in the city of Hangzhou. They can ride in the urban area. Basically, they are all rivals with complete certificates. And the traffic police department’s attitude towards motorcycles is that as long as you do not violate the law, you will not stop you. Hangzhou’s current cycling environment is quite friendly in so many banned cities. Here, I don’t want to evaluate the right and wrong of Forbidden Momo. Since I just want to simply enjoy the fun of cycling, why not?


In August 2017, the Hangzhou Municipal Government re -issued the banning order and splashed a basin of cold water for the motorcycle circle that had just returned to the war.

Car purchase experience:

At that time, the purpose was very pure, that is, it was running for efficient commuting, and the price was not more than 20,000. In fact, I also saw a lot of cars before buying a car. It is mainly pedals. Domestic, joint ventures, water, and imports of imports do not see them. Grid i and so on.

Qiao Ge I, 125cc, wind -cooling electric injection, beautiful appearance, is my dish.

Yamahaf Jibu 125, the same platform with Qiao Ge I, only has different appearances

Yamahaxun Eagle, the same platform as Qiao Ge I, only the appearance is different

Honda Jiayu 110 (turtle), the same existence of the pedal world god, few problems, reasonable design, no problem.

Guangyang Rowing 250, which is a large sheep sequence, is sharp in appearance and comfortable riding, but the power is slightly insufficient, and the workmanship is also unsatisfactory.

Yamaha Nmax155, with A, single -cylinder water -cooled four -stroke SOHC4 valve, 155cc, very perfect scooter, but it was not introduced in China, only waterwheels, at that time, the impulse almost placed online. The risk of riding in the Forbidden Mo City is very high, and you can enter with caution.

Considering various factors in comprehensive, I finally chose Qiao Ge I, and in March 2017, it was licensed. Qiaoge i is made of Yamaha, which is a joint venture car. The quality is basically guaranteed. Although the configuration is not high, it is even said that the main costs are spent on the engine. The car is equipped with an engine with nuclear technology and uses Yamaha’s unique “Bule-Core” technology. The key components of the engine are imported in Japan. The technologies of forging pistons, rolling rockers, and bias cylinders can be applied. At the same time, the cylinder body is made of Diasil aluminum and silicon alloy material. With the independent Edar system developed by Yamaha (Japan), the key parts of the entire EFI system are also original in Japan, so it will definitely do more sacrifice on the price configuration of about 8,000. The engine compression ratio reaches 11: 1, which is rare in the air -cooled engine pedal model. Having said so much, simply speaking, it is more powerful and more fuel -efficient. 5.1 liters of fuel tanks are filled with oil, driving daily, and running 200 kilometers without talking.


Tail viewing, the best effect.


Equipped with traditional halogen headlights, the effect of night lighting can be barely used, but it is not recommended to modify it. The annual inspection is troublesome.

The front disc rear drums, the front disc brake is sensitive, the back drum brake cannot be completely brake, avoid the tire hugging and slipping when the tire is held.


The traditional pointer instrument is still used. After testing, the reading is more accurate, and there is a backlight effect at night. It is not good, but it is practical.


The handlebar material is soft and comfortable, the key layout is reasonable, distributed in the area where the thumb can touch, but there is no double flash, it is regrettable, and the needy riders can be modified later.


The effect of getting on the car, I am 177cm tall and weighs 74kg.


I regret it after picking up the car, and I regret not buying it early, it is really convenient

Essence As long as it is not bad weather, I ride it to get off work. The small body shuttles in the traffic that is not leaked in the water, and there is no need to worry about being late at all, and no longer suffer on the way to work. Usually riding and buying vegetables can better reflect its value, all kinds of capacity. At the age of his son to kindergarten, unless the weather is bad, the child is basically a pedal.

Convenient to buy food


I still remember that when I bought this car, I rode on several popular cycling routes such as Anji Tianding Ping, Yuhang Temple, Huzhou Taihu, and Mogan Mountain. What impressed me the most is that the low twist is quite powerful. The 125cc pedal. As long as you twist, it will give you a positive response.

Riding Mogan Mountain


Ride alone Tianhuangping alone


Ride of Tanshan Temple


The trip to Huzhou began to ban Mo Mo on August 1 this year. Electronic capture will be used. It is estimated that it will not go again in the future. It is regrettable.

Qiandao Lake Riding

Haining Yanguan

As the riding time is getting longer and longer, and more and more times with friends go out, they gradually feel that the car is a bit powerless, and always falls behind. Although Qiaoge i has a lot of items, the displacement is placed there, and the motorcycle must be comfortable to ride. As the car owner said, playing motorcycles is the king.

“As soon as I entered the world like the sea”, in accordance with the principle of displacement is the principle of the king, the long road to choose a car and car. There are more choices for cross -riding cars. If you choose more, it is naturally difficult to choose. Kawasaki Z250, Kawasaki Versys X300, Little Ninja, Chunfeng 400, Chunfeng 650, KTM390, KTM RC390, Suzuki GSX250R …

Kawasaki Z250, 249cc, dual -cylinder water cooling, ABS (optional), sliding clutch (after 2016), the guidance price starts from 41,900 yuan. Now dealers in various places have a certain discount. Naked cars only cost 36,000 yuan. As a domestic motorcycle that was introduced in China in 2013, the market has a very large amount of preservation. It is almost the first car starting with the economic affluent knights. There are also many used cars on the market. Most of them are relatively new, which is very suitable for novice entry. But the displacement of 250cc is no longer attractive for me, so don’t consider it.

Kawasaki Little Ninja, ninja 250, you can imagine that the Z250 has changed a sports car shell. The driving texture is exactly the same as the Z250, that is, the riding position is slightly different. It’s just this shape. The benevolent sees the wise and wisdom. I don’t have a cold about this sports car, which is more suitable for girls, so don’t consider it.


Kawasaki Versys-X300, dual-cylinder water cooling, 296cc displacement, is a small ADV introduced by Kawasaki in 2017. It takes into account road driving and non-paved road driving, which can be light-off. The standard version of the pricing is 47500, and the high -end version is 52900, which is more supportive than the standard version, the shot, the side box and the central government, and the difference between the two is 5,400 yuan. However, after this car entered China, he was castrated 11 horsepower. If you do n’t buy a high -profile version, the price of other accessories is also high. If you want to get the castrated 11 horsepower back, you have to spend more than 10,000 yuan. Too low, although I like it very much, the wallet does not agree.

Spring breeze 400NK, double -cylinder water cooling, 400.2cc displacement, produced by Hangzhou Chunfeng Power, was launched in 2016. The models with a high attention of the year were dynamic and sharp. They used woven frames and always felt the shadow of KTM. The price starting from 26,800 yuan is very close to the people. However, many negative comments on this car are endless. The engine leakage, the instrumental water entry, and electronic components such as ABS failure, etc., have discouraged me.


Spring wind 650NK, 400NK elder brother, double-cylinder water cooling, 649.3cc displacement, the engine is reverse development (cottage) Kawasaki ER-6N, so there is no problem with power. In terms of appearance, except for headlights and versions, it is almost the same as 400NK. However, there are also small problems such as oil leakage and such a small problem, so it is not that I do n’t love the country. I really do n’t want to learn to repair a car, PASS.


Suzuki GSX250R, produced by Haojue Suzuki, is a joint venture car, double -cylinder water cooling, 248cc displacement, and was selected as “2016 China’s Top Ten Motorcycles”. Compared with other domestic cars, Haojue Suzuki’s quality control and quality are better than the quality. In one, this is a recognized fact in the motorcycle industry. The advantage of China -Japan joint venture cars is that there will be no major problems, and there are few small problems, so the quality is reassuring than domestic cars. The price of 29880 yuan with ABS is very beautiful. After I tested, I felt about the same as the Z250. However, 178kg cars focus on the same level in the same level. In addition, the 250cc displacement is not what I want …

KTM RC 390, cold single -cylinder water, 376.4cc displacement, 44 horsepower with a weight of 147kg, which is absolutely amazing in this level. The sharp and novel appearance, very high recognition, can be said to be the highest value in this level. However, its ride triangle, it is estimated that it will make you not want to touch it for 20 kilometers. The cushions are rigid, the back pain and arms pain are all kinds of pain. If you buy it back to the street, the mobility may be really inappropriate. It is estimated that it is estimated The track is its destination …

KTM390DUKE, the power system is the same as the RC390, the frame is steel pipe woven frame, and is set as street car tuning. The configuration is equipped with Brembo’s Bybre brake caliper, WP inverted front fork, and is also equipped with Bosch ABS brake anti -holding system. The clutch is also upgraded to sliding clutch. The quality of 150kg is equipped with 44 horsepower. The sense of acceleration and control brings is the strongest in the same level, and it can even be called many cars at the 600cc level. In addition, the car was rated as the top ten lightweight street cars in 2016.


Considering that motorcycles are just big toys, and the budget is limited, so consider comprehensive consideration, choose used cars. The process of buying a car is also very dramatic. It may be fate to find it on the idle fish. I just learned about the condition of the vehicle, and then talked about the price. The logistics logistics was 30,000, about an hour, and set the sale. In fact, it is also the first time to buy things in idle fish. The routine is not very understandable. The other party is also selling things in idle fish. Two people who do n’t understand can always surprise people. The old man asked me the next day I asked for an ID card to give me a transfer. Money, not even deposit. When you meet the right person, do things smoothly. After receiving the car, I immediately raised the file, and then asked the ox to go to the card. In fact, I don’t recommend that you trade like this, the risk is still quite strong. It is still followed by the rules of leisure fish. In addition, the second -hand car market is mixed, and the quality of the car is different. The physical stores are still guaranteed, but the price is high, and the online platform water is deep. It is best to do your homework in advance, and then go to see and try it yourself.


In this way, in May 2018, I ushered in the first cross -riding motorcycle in my life -KTM390 DUKE (old model).


I think orange is the most classic color matching of KTM390Duke, which is passionate


KTM390 DUKE (old model), friends who play cars must know that this car is imported from the Spring Wind of Hangzhou. When it is on the board, it belongs to the domestic motorcycle sequence. The old model 390 DUKE uses a water -cooled four -stroke single -cylinder engine with an exhaust capacity of 376.4cc, a maximum horsepower of 42PS/9500rpm, and a maximum torque of 35Nm/7250rpm. The new car is equipped with Brembo’s Bybre brake caliper, with the first 300mm/post -230mm disc, providing sufficient braking power, and is equipped with the Bosch ABS brake anti -death system. The blessing of sliding clutch further improves the comfort and safety of cycling.

Bybre brake caliper

The design of Hou Ping fork also reflects KTM’s obsession with lightweight

The headlights are still traditional halogen light sources, and night lighting is general. Turn lights and taillights use LED light sources


LED taillights, high brightness, good recognition

The front layout is simple and capable

Spring breeze assembly, as a domestic car identification when it is on the card, the processing procedure is simpler than the big trade car


The former owner is a person who pays attention to the person. It spent 1300 upgraded the original cushion. The comfort has a qualitative leap, and the long -distance buttocks are not guilty. Give me the car together, and the GPS anti -theft, conscience seller.


Although it is often said to be a tractor during idle speed, the speed rises to 5000 rpm, which will racing a high -frequency roar. There will be a “popping” firecracker when 5,000 to pine accelerator. Most of the nice people have not rides well.


Feeling by car: At present, it is 1,000 kilometers. Except for the slight oil infiltration of the engine brought out in the mother’s fetus, there are no other problems, and the car condition is great. I feel that this car is a big toy, not like some media evaluations that it is a commute and cycling car. If the commute route is more congested, it is definitely a torment for riding it. The frustration of low speed (less than 30km/h) is obvious, and novice will be prepared for each intersection. I usually ride it, walk a relatively empty national highway, province, and go to the surrounding suburbs to get close to nature. The speed of this car came up, and the fun came. In general, KTM390DUKE is a distinctive car. If you don’t care about the number of cylinders and sounds, the knights who like to control will prefer it. The pursuit of comfortable knights or novice is unavoidable for this. It’s like a little wild donkey, keep running with him to understand its temperament, and it is more than a blame to drive.

Hangzhou Bay Cycling


KTM390 DUKE is a very clear motorcycle, so that people who like it like it very much, and people who do not like scoff at it. I listened to the car repair master. Last year, I thought the riders bought KTM390 DUKE and rode a trip to Qiandao Lake, and asked him to get out of the car. When I first came into contact with the motorcycle, I also advocated multi -cylinder engines and sound waves. At that time, the most watched was Huanglong 600, which was tied for four cylinders. However, as more and more motorcycles are in contact, it is found that multiple cylinders have the advantages of multiple cylinders, and single -cylinder also has the fun of single -cylinder. The multi -cylinder engine is smooth and the sound is good, but the speed of speed is owed, and the price of multi -cylinder engine models with the same displacement is also higher; single -cylinder engines are low and strong, and the speed of vibration, sound waves and cycling feels It seems poor. So, in the end, I still depend on how to choose myself


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