Spring is too suitable for wearing “long -sleeved shirts”! These 18 sets of fashionable Look, the high -level sense of excitement is out

The recent weather changes are really too fast. It will be cold and hot, so that girls do not know what kind of items should be considered when they buy clothes.


If you are still struggling, then I want to recommend shirts. The single items of shirts are versatile and practical. In daily life, it can be used to create countless ways to wear, especially for office workers or daily matching. Figure.


Because shirts are very popular and common, we will watch a lot of shirts on the street, but pay attention to the sense of high -level when choosing money. You can choose a satin shirt with a better material. The satin material is shiny. You will find that it is more eye -catching under the light. Choosing an elegant satin shirt concave shape is a must -have for mature women, and it will appear strong.

The following satin shirts are indeed very expensive. Light blue or haze gray are full of high -level sense. This light color is not fancy or bright.


You can choose a chiffon -made shirt. The material of chiffon is more breathable, and it is the most suitable in spring and summer. When choosing a chiffon shirt, you will find that you wear a particularly gentleness and comfort on your body. The breathable effect is very strong. In addition, the material is thin, and you will not feel sullen and heavy when you wear it.

If you want to show a playful and cute temperament, you can also add some personality printing to the blogger, and integrate the printed element on the pink shirt, which can highlight the romantic atmosphere.

Regarding the color selection of the shirt, you can also boldly. Do not always use black and white shirts. Try the color shirt. The pink and green shirts used can highlight the sense of high level and look very eye -catching. These beautiful popular colors can also show a full -scale temperament and enhance her sense of presence.

When matching, you can also respond to some accessories of the same color system to make the shape look more coordinated, and you will not feel fancy at all.

It is also important to add some fashion elements to the shirt. If the ordinary white shirt is too monotonous, you can add the elements of the ruffled edge. The tailoring can also be integrated into the design of the bubble sleeve, cute and playful.

At the same time, you can also learn bloggers to use some fashionable wave dot shirts. Black wave dots are added to the white shirt, which is more personalized.


When wearing a shirt, should the button on the neckline be tied? I suggest you unbutton the button, which will stretch your neck and look slimmer.


If you tie all the buttons, you will feel a little dull and rigid, and you seem to have some old -fashioned. Unbuttoning one or two buttons can extend your neck, and the upper body will look slimmer.

When wearing a shirt, you can also consider stacking, don’t always wear shirts stupidly. Sometimes people wear suspenders or tube tops inside.

There are even some younger sisters who are afraid of cold, and they will wear high -neck shirts. Such a combination can enhance the sense of layering, and it looks no longer monotonous.


At the same time, when wearing a shirt, everyone can also match different offers, but they all have a common principle, that is, it must be high waist.

Whether it is a skirt or jeans, the high waist can help you adjust the proportion, increase the waistline, and the low waist will only expose the problem of short legs.


Therefore, we often find that when wearing a shirt, we will use the jacket corner method. The shirt and high -waisted pants are used to modify the proportion of the jacket corner, and the legs will look longer.

With suit pants with a white shirt, simple and neat, the jacket corner can also modify her waist curve.

Are you still having abandoning your shirt too ordinary? I recommend you to match like bloggers, and simple shirts can also wear a sense of high -level.


The key depends on how you choose, how to match, plus some fashionable accessories embellishment, naturally you can get rid of dullness.


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