Remote positioning two -way call Wei Xiaobao Children’s Watch Review

[Mobile China Accessories] Live and activeness is the nature of children. It is also common for children to go out to play in a circle. What happened. And children’s safety watches are products that emerged under such demand. Today, Wei Xiaobao’s children’s watch introduced by the author is one of them.

远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

Wei Xiaobao is a smart watch for children. He supports GPS (satellite)+LBS (base station) positioning, which can accurately display the child’s position. And support two -way call and one -click help function to protect the safety of children to the greatest extent.

If you want to ensure the safety of your child at all times, the first task is to ensure that the child is worn in real time. How to do it? The simplest and most effective way is to design the cute look that children like. Although the author has already passed the childhood, he still has some rights.

Wei Xiaobao

To be honest, whether the bear child really likes the author really can’t be sure, but the female colleagues around the girl’s heart have been fascinated and unable to extricate themselves. In addition, the combination of the four different color patterns of Wei Xiaobao’s watch is available, but the combination of patterns and colors is fixed. If it can make children DIY, it will be more pleased.

Wei Xiaobao’s dial size is similar to the 38mm mechanical watch dial, but the front display screen of the watch looks a bit embarrassing. Fortunately, the content that needs to be displayed is not much and the fonts are large enough to see the situation. Of course, small screens also have their own advantages, that is, consumes less power. Compared with the battery life of ordinary smart watches a day, Wei Xiaobao’s battery life can be increased to 3-5 days. It is okay.

Wei Xiaobao button

In terms of keys, there are four in total. There are two dial -up bonds and a power button on the right side of the fuselage. Under the dial, there is one click for help. More than I think, especially the design of the double affection, it is very rare in similar products.

After reading the appearance, let’s talk about how to use this product. Judging from the information controlled by the author, Wei Xiaobao protects the safety of children through the three major functions integration of GPS positioning and two -way calls, and one -click help. Down

Insert the SIM card

First of all, we need to understand that Wei Xiaobao and the previous single positioning function products are different. Parents need to equip SIM cards by themselves, and SIM operators must be one of China Mobile or China Unicom. In addition, SIM needs to have a network. This design has improved the cost of use of users to a certain extent. Wei Xiaobao officially suggested that you use mobile parent -child packages.

远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

Scan pairing

SMS send instruction

After preparing the right SIM card, the rest of the work is simpler. Insert the SIM card into the slot on the left side of the watch according to the prompt, download the Wei Xiaobao mobile app, and scan the barcode on the back of the packaging to adapt to the connection.

远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

At the time of adaptation, the author found that Wei Xiaobao’s children’s watch sent instructions through SMS (the same is true of setting or sending positioning requests after adaptation). At the beginning, the author also couldn’t figure it out, but if you think about it carefully, you will find that even if it is the capital Beijing, the 3G/4G network is not perfectly covered, and the SMS can accept the signal. Therefore considerate.

远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

However, many tariff packages will cancel SMS. I hope that the later update of Zhongwei Xiaobao can support the switching of SMS/traffic control.

Information fill

After adaptation, you can set it through the APP opposite watch. Here you need to fill in all the information (including the photo to upload), otherwise the error will be prompted when submitting.

Wei Xiaobao supports a parent account to connect multiple watches. The specific number of connections is officially mentioned (the author can connect the two watches at the same time). Considering that most families have only one child or twin, Wei Xiaobao’s connection The quantity is absolutely enough.

When you switch, you only need to click the device to click on the avatar, which is very convenient.


远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测


远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

The positioning function is the basic function of the current children’s safety watch. It is reported that Wei Xiaobao uses GPS (satellite)+LBS (base station) to locate. From the test results, the minimum positioning error is within 20, which can fully meet daily applications.

Call and one -click help

In addition to the most basic positioning, Wei Xiaobao’s children’s watch also supports higher -level two -way calls and one -click help functions. Two -way call allows parents to set 2 family numbers for watches. You can dial the scheduled number when you wear children just pressing. In addition to calling the watch, the watch can also answer the phone. Of course, the parents set up the electric call from the stranger.

The one -click help function allows children to simply send out the content of help from parents when they encounter danger.

Call test

It can be seen that the actual call can be seen that the sound of the watch is clear and no murmur. Of course, it looks a bit funny to call the watch. It would be better if you can make the watch to support the audito listening or support the headset by setting up the watch.

One -click alarm

From the video, it can be seen that the reflection of the one -click help function is very fast, and the alarm will think of it on the mobile phone, which can easily attract parents’ attention. Of course, parents must teach children not to use this function random, otherwise it is easy to perform the farce of “wolf coming”.


远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

The appearance is cute and very pleased by the children.

远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

The battery life is long and there is no need to charge it every day.

Support multi -user connection at the same time.


The SIM card is still required, and the subsequent cost is high.

Wei Xiaobao

远程定位双向通话 卫小宝儿童手表评测

Wei Xiaobao

Wei Xiaobao


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