Malone won the PRADA style.

Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!




The warmth of cotton clothes is too strong, so men also like to wear cotton clothes in winter. Pure black or pure white cotton jackets are the most popular men. Men like solid color and simple design. Choose color or patterns with gorgeous patterns.

Men should also expand their fashion vision, try cotton clothes with special trendy charm, use cotton clothes to enhance their personality, and make the shapes more eye -catching. You can choose a cotton jacket with a special print or color design. Many advanced elements are not messy, but the shaping effect on the image is extremely strong.

The cotton clothes of the national table tennis athlete Malone are very chic. Malone, who has become a high -luxury brand spokesperson, has more and more temperament, growing older, but wearing clothes can be reduced.

Malone’s temperament is mature, but she is like a big boy. Printing cotton jackets with jeans are simple and simple. Malone won the PRADA style, and wearing printed cotton out of the street. The simple boy became fashionable.

Malone’s printed cotton clothing

Design of print cotton clothing


pure white

Based on the background color, but the large -scale printing design reduces the proportion of pure white. Pure white has laid the gentle and sunny temperament characteristics. Men’s light -colored clothing has an advantage and can highlight the temperament of the big boy.

The print is designed for letters, selected

Navy blue



The combination of the classic color matching adds color


, Make the color matching more suitable for men, showing men’s fashion and trend.




Together, avoid thin decoration, increase the use of superposition design


It shows the trend and advancement of wearing, highlighting the charm of art design.

The combination of black inside

Most men like to wear black costumes, black looks serious, and the temperament of dress can be


It can also

Lively and simple

, Can meet the needs of all men, the charm of temperament is still sufficient.


Black in the black


The characteristics, especially suitable for matching with printed jackets,

Color printing cotton clothing

Black inside

The combination can focus all visual focus on the coat, setting off the charm of the printed cotton jacket.


Matching of straight jeans

Straight jeans are the most


Casual pants can be worn in all seasons, straight pants

Pants straight

, Can be properly modified and straight, and have a comprehensive charm. Although it is conventional, the temperament is not bad.

Denim fabric’s pants are available


Leisure trend personality

, Can increase the temperament temperament. In addition, the surface design is not complicated, and the matching is not messy, the charm of the printed cotton jacket has become more sufficient against the lining of jeans.

The style of cotton clothing wearing


Printing cotton clothes will show the trendy outfit. The visual sense is not only rich, but also has a layered. The letter printing has a strong role in the image.

Visual level

The design makes the fashion temperament thicker.

Match with cotton jackets and straight pants, there is

Fluffy upper body

As well as

Lower body slim

The dressing effect is harmonious, the shape is unrestrained, and it will not be fat.

If you want to chase the trend, you can choose the printed cotton clothing. The combination of the combination of a strong visual effect is combined. Other design cotton clothing also has its own fashion characteristics, and the effect of dressing is also good. Men should learn to wear cotton clothes well. Tips, use cotton jacket design to show the temperament of men or teenagers.

Malone’s other cotton clothes


Camouflage cotton clothing

Camouflage can highlight


Fashion elements, camouflage patterns can increase clothing

Military style

Design characteristics, showing a more formal dress temperament, fashionable and generous, such classic elements are not out of date at any time.

The basic color of the camouflage pattern will be relatively darker. Dark green, black, dark green, etc. are matched. The strong color can set off the male charm. Because the overall color is cautious, it is best to match

Light -colored element


Bright element

The matching of white prints shows special visual charm to avoid negative effects when wearing.

White cotton clothing

The white cotton clothing looks particularly clean, which can highlight the male temperament of the sun, which adds

Juvenile temperament

The functions of wearing, clean and gentle white wear is very eye -catching, and it is particularly conspicuous in winter.

But the all -white design looks a little eye -catching, so the cotton clothing is suitable for dark colors



Small decoration

, Balanced visual effects. In the overall dress, white is most suitable for combination with black, with clean and classic, men’s wear is also particularly temperament.

Orange cotton clothing

Orange is a particularly warm color, as well

Eye -catching

Far higher than other colors, so choose short cotton clothes.

The orange is bright, the surface of the cotton uniform does not need to be matched with other color modification elements, and other items are critical. Orange is suitable


Come to balance, you can also match


Wearing cotton clothes can also improve the image temperament. The basic color cotton clothing can show elegant and clean image characteristics. Choosing white or orange colors is good. The printed cotton jacket looks more trendy, and the letter printing or camouflage printing design is good.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!


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