What should I do if there are no windows in the bathroom? Design farewell to dark smell wet

There are no windows in the bathroom of many families. Not only are the lighting poor, not ventilated, but also humid and odor. How to rescue the deficiencies of the congenital apartment through reasonable transformation? Is there any other way


Save the humid and dark guard

Woolen cloth? Today, Xiaoqi share a few tricks to help everyone create a clean and bright bathroom! Let’s take a look together ~

1. Improve bathroom lighting skills

The poor light is the biggest pain point of the dark guard. If you want to improve the lighting, you can start from the following aspects.


1. non

Indoor window.

If the wall of the bathroom is not a load -bearing wall, you can smash some walls for indoor windows and “borrow” light from the outside space. The size of the indoor windows is recommended to be between 0.6m*0.9m-0.9m*1.4m. The height can be 1.2m-1.4m, which is more conducive to increasing the lighting area.

Wall of the wall embedded in glass bricks.

Or embedded with glass bricks in the bathroom wall to introduce external light. The light transmission of glass tiles is good, and waterproof and sound insulation will not penetrate when splashing the water droplets.

The glass brick is recommended to choose the size of 190*190*80mm, and the labeling method of the Jiugong grid is used to reduce the dark area in the bathroom and borrow a large area of ​​light in other rooms to achieve the effect of transmitting light transparent. Guarantee privacy.

2. The wooden door is changed to a glass door


The glass door is an optical weapon. If the wall is troublesome, or the wall is not unpacked by the load -bearing wall, you can choose the glass door to achieve space lighting.

Changhong glass door.

Changhong glass comes with the unpredictable characteristics of the transmittance. It uses ultra -white Changhong glass as the bathroom door. Because the bathroom is more private, it is recommended to choose a 10mm thick Changhong glass, which is relatively thick and strong.


It is best to buy Changhong glass after tempered treatment. Even if it is broken, it will not produce glass residue to the ground. The safety is much higher.


Intelligent lighting glass door.

It can control the transparency of the glass through electricity, and when it is powered on, it presents a transparent state, which does not affect the penetration of the light; it becomes a mist mode during power off, and it is not transparent. , To ensure lighting and privacy, but also interesting.


3. Use soft film ceiling ceiling

The soft film ceiling appeared in the commercial space very early, and now the home improvement industry is becoming more and more popular. Through the form of “light string+translucent film”, it can play a large area of ​​uniform light in the dark guard, just like on the ceiling. The feeling of “opening the patio” brings a visual extension and makes the bathroom look brighter.


The distance between the lamp groove of the soft film ceiling is 40mm-200mm, because it can be seen too close to see the shadow traces of the lamp, too far, the light is uneven.

4. Big mirror+multi -lamp combination method supplement the light source

In response to the lack of light lighting in the bathroom, in addition to the main lights, it can also be matched with some auxiliary lights to increase the light. The light sources are set in the functional area of ​​the washing table, the shower area and the functional area of ​​the toilet area, and the light is supplemented in multiple directions.

The lighting in the washing area is mostly designed around the mirror


In order to better makeup and skin care, Xiaoqi recommends choosing bright white, 4000K-5000K in color temperature, and color rendering index ≥85ra, maximize the shadow of the face, and can also clear the face makeup.


Use large mirror+mirror front lights to supplement the light source

It is also a good way. Uniform light ensures that each dark angle can be filled with light, and it can also maximize the shortcomings of lack of light when washing. The size of the mirror is 0.5-0.6m, the thickness is nearly 0.8m, and it is too thin to burst.


The toilet and shower area can also be set according to the preference. The light band+downlight combination. It is best to choose a warm color light source. The color temperature is 3000K-3700K, which is easy to create a relaxed atmosphere.


5. Light color matching color matching

The toilet without windows should also pay attention to color selection in decoration. It is well known that the light color system can brighten the space. Therefore, try to choose light color such as white and beige on the bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles, which will be more visually bright. The daily necessities also try to choose the same color system to avoid messy.

2. How to solve the humid bathroom?

The bathroom has bright water all the year round. The water vapor of the bathroom without windows is not easy to evaporate, and the moisture problem is more serious.

1. Do a good job of wet and wet separation

Glass partition.


Even if the bathroom area is small, it must be separated from dry and wet. You can use glass or other partitions to distinguish the shower area from the washing area. The transparent glass has the effect of visual capacity to make the space look greater.

Water block+shower curtain.


Although the glass partition is not the best, one of the most flexible ways is very suitable for small bathrooms.

Move outside the handwashing table.

If the bathroom really can’t be separated from wet and wet, Xiaoqi suggested putting the sink outside. The bathroom is installed with an independent shower room. The water vapor is not easy to diffuse, and it is more convenient to clean up and clean.

2. Waterproof and moisture -proof of the ground and walls cannot be less

Bathroom floor, wall surface

Waterproof at least two layers


If the old house is renovated Xiaoqi, it is recommended to make four floors. Before the wall is waterproof, the wall height of the shower room must not be less than 1.8m, and its thickness cannot be less than 1.5mm. If the wall is a cabinet on the other side of the light wall or the wall, Xiaoqi recommends that the entire wall is covered with waterproof coating.


The bathroom must be tested during the decoration of the bathroom. During the test, the water at the highest point of the ground cannot be less than 2 cm. It is stored at least 24 hours before observing the leakless phenomenon. If there is a leak, you need to re -water.

3. With the help of dehumidification


Electric towel rack.

Wet towels are prone to breed bacteria. You can consider installing an electric towel rack in the bathroom. The drying of towels can also reduce the moisture in the bathroom.

Japanese -style multi -functional fan equipment.

With fresh air, air conditioning, clothes drying, fog sauna, plasma sterilization and other functions! It can realize the bathroom 24 -hour ventilation and accelerate the dry bathroom!


Third, what should I do if the bathroom is not ventilated and odor?

There are no description of the bathroom without windows. There are always unbelievable tastes, some from the toilet area, and there are anti -flavor from the floor drain … so you should pay attention to these details of the bathroom.


1. Fan fan/fresh air system

The household exhaust fan on the market has three types: top, wall -mounted and window. Among them, the top exhaust fan is not installed and can be installed on the ceiling of the bathroom. When installing a row fan, remember to install the inverse valve to avoid the taste of the neighbor’s house.

Fresh air system.

If the air problem in your bathroom is very serious, choose a fresh air system to provide fresh air for the family.


2. Toilet Francura/Smart Toilet

Toilet flange circle.


When installing the toilet, remember to use the rubber mud flame sealing ring to the bottom of the toilet. Do not leave the sewage port too short. It should be 0.5 cm higher than the tile surface. In addition, Xiaoqi suggested that in addition to the daily cleaning of the toilet, it is best to check whether the flange circle is loose regularly to avoid the odor of the bathroom.


Smart toilet.

If the budget is sufficient, you can choose a smart toilet, not only the flushing and drying function, but also the circles of the seat, remove the odor, and realize the freedom of the bathroom! in


Brosper deodorization effect is better

As long as you do not throw paper in the toilet, you will not be blocked.


Smart toilet cover.

Considering the price -performance ratio or installing a smart toilet in the later period, you can also choose the smart toilet lid first, which is convenient to install and has deodorization effects, but it is relatively less functional.

3. Deepwater bend/deodorant T -type floor drain

Deepwater bending floor drain. One of the sources of odor in the bathroom is the floor drain, so when you install the floor leakage, remember to choose a deep -water bending floor drain. Compared with the U -type floor drain, the deep -water bay floor drain has the characteristics of fast drainage, antibacterial insects, anti -odor, anti -blocking, and anti -water anti -water. And the difficulty of construction is smaller than the U -type leakage.

You can also choose


Desert -proof T -type floor drain


It also has good waterproof sealing, and its displacement is relatively large, and the drainage speed is fast. It is not easy to cause hidden dirt and blockage.

4. Green plant

Many green plants themselves have adsorption effects. They are suitable for raising in the bathroom. They can not only beautify the environment, but also absorb the odor in the air and improve the toilet environment. For example, green dill, tiger tail orchid, aloe vera, etc. are all suitable in the bathroom.


The above is a summary of Xiaoqi

Do you have any other skills to improve the way to improve the bathroom? Welcome to leave a message to share ~


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