The wisdom of the ancients -traditional beauty cheats

Original title: Li Xiang applied his face with 2 carat diamonds, do you? Not as good as “the three big treasures of traditional beauty”!

Recently, I found that Bling-Bling’s natural diamonds were discovered for new uses: beauty! It is launched by foreign beauty institutions. It is said that the effect is better than the golden foil beauty that was popular all over the world before!

It is how it happened? Natural diamonds are the hardest gems in the world now. Use it to beauty? Will the skin be damaged?


According to industry insiders, they grind natural diamonds into thin powder, then put them on the mask paper, and finally get on their faces. There are also natural diamond powder mixed with the beauty cream directly. Generally speaking, this operation will not harm the skin.


△ Perform natural diamonds into powder, and it takes $ 7,000 at a time (nearly 47,000 yuan) at a time (nearly 47,000 yuan)


△ Gold foil beauty seems gorgeous, in fact, the cost is very low, and the human body does not absorb gold elements

Some domestic actresses have also tried natural diamonds to apply their faces, the most famous of which is Li Xiang. When she had participated in a certain event, she was photographed by the show at home with a large table.

Individual netizens specifically estimated her and found that the total price of the baby at this large table was at least 650,000 yuan. In these 650,000 yuan, there are skin care products that use 2 carats of natural diamonds.

△ Li Xiang placed skin care products directly in the bathroom, taking a bath and skin care

△ The goddess’s skin care experience seems to be very reasonable


So the question is, really effective in natural diamond beauty?


Many people know that the ingredients of natural diamonds are very single, that is, carbon, and Li Xiang said that it can remove keratin because it is hard enough and has nothing to do with the ingredient itself (there is also matte particles in the toothpaste, which can remove the tartar).

As for it, it will shine after applying it, and it is just caused by the fire color of natural diamonds. In addition to being removed from a little dead skin, the skin has nothing to change.

It can be seen that natural diamonds are still complete and complete, at least value will not be ground into residue, wearing it everyday, it will be good -looking, and it can be passed on to the next generation in the future.

In fact, the beauty of gemstone jade is not a modern thing. There are three main types of beauty magic weapons. There are no price and cheap items, and there is no need to grind the powder. Let me introduce them one by one.

In some costume dramas, when we see that the mother -in -law will always roll around with a small object on their faces. It is the beauty artifact of ancient beauties: jade wheel!


△ Yulun appeared in many Qing Palace dramas


△ The Qing Dynasty bronze gilt gold double dragon’s jade handle around the agate Ruyi jade wheel

The jade wheel is a roller made of jade, and there is a jade or wooden handle below. This design makes it easy to operate. As long as you hold the handle, put the jade wheel part of the face or body, and roll back and forth to rub the friction to achieve the effect of thinning the face.

In addition to physical beauty, according to the different materials, its efficacy will also increase.


In the summer, use emerald jade wheels to moisturize and moisturize; use Hetian jade wheels in winter, which can be tightened; sacred and sterilized and anti -inflammatory in spring and autumn.

Among them, Lantian jade is the most cheap and cheap; the price difference between jadeite and Hetian jade is very large, and Xiaobai’s entry does not recommend starting from them.

△ Lantian Yulun


Due to the high value of the jade wheel, it has also been very popular abroad in recent years.

Beauty bloggers Marianna Hewitt shared her experience on Instagram and YouTube. She said that Yulun is one of her favorite beauty tools, and it is generally used with essence or noodle oil.

Some foreigners are not “jade”. They prefer crystal materials, especially pink crystals. When not in use, put them on the cosmetic table to form a beautiful landscape.

Foreigners even analyzed that the jade wheels were used in a certain step, the effect was better.

From the bottom up, using the big head of the jade wheel, massage the cheeks and forehead, can effectively promote blood circulation, soothe nervous nerves, accelerate the excess moisture and waste on the face, and remove the fat and dirt attached to the pores.

From the inside to the outside, replace it with the small head of the jade wheel, rubbing the eyes lightly, which can fade the bags under the eyes, relieve fine lines, and tighten the skin. From the inside to the outside, use the big head of the jade wheel, gently rub the chin and neck, and gather chin and relieve neck lines.

In recent years, there is a beauty instrument that looks like two goals and one stick, called “Refa”. Some people say that it is a modern version of the Yulun. I think these two are far behind.

First, the material is different. Refa is plastic electroplating, and the name of the jade wheel is in fact; the second is the source of the effect. Refa relies on artificial current.


The market price of REFA is around 1,500, and there are more than 2,000 yuan, which is much more expensive than the jade wheel … The effect varies from person to person, some say it is effective, and some say it is not useful. Essence

△ Microcarmark affects mobile phones running

Although there are many benefits of Yulun, I must remind everyone that you must not be too greedy and cheap!


Some cheap jade wheels on the market are made of dyed quartz rock jade or agate. Such a jade wheel not only has no beauty effect, but you will also contact them for a long time, which will endanger your health!

△ Dye jade wheels usually have dyeing agents in the fissure, and they will fade after a long time.

For a long time, a green silk like a waterfall has always been standard for beautiful women. Otherwise, no matter how white and tender their faces are, if the hair is yellow and sparse, the impression gives a few discounts.

However, things are contrary to their wishes. Now the pressure of everyone’s life is so strong that the environment of life is not very good, causing many people to have hair loss. Some optimistic people even mocked themselves: they have to buy a comb.


Is this really the case? Haha, in fact, combing your hair frequently, it can solve the problem of less hair difference.

Because the hair is often sorted out, it can not only improve the blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the root of the hair, reduce the effect of hair loss, but also relieve insomnia and strengthen the body.

Many non -genetic hair loss is a direct manifestation of the poor body. A healthy beauty has a hairdressing. (Frequent combing your hair is not for you to comb a day, usually about 20 times a day)

△ In addition to the combing of the comb, you can also be inserted as a jewelry room.


△ “Inserting” is also a way to show identity and status. In ancient women, women’s low -key showing wealth is commonly used.

Of course, the quality of the comb is not good, but it will play a reaction. For example, you use a plastic comb to comb your hair every day, causing static electricity, which will make your hair crackling, causing the hair to speed up. Bai busy.

So what material comb is the best?


Yellow peach and wood combed fungi; sandalwood comb, nourishing hair; beef horns anti -static electricity, protecting hair quality; silver comb, sterilization and inflammation, moisturizing the scalp;


△ Hotan jade comb, elegant and cute


The well -made comb can also be worn as jewelry on the head! The antique comb, which is more particular about the craftsmanship, does not fall when the collection, there is a beautiful meaning of “one combing to the end, two combed white hair, three combinations of descendants”.

△ Japan’s Dazheng Showa’s gold lacquer art 莳 莳 莳 钿 combing comb


Wood comb, animal bone comb, and gold and silver jade comb are not iron comb. When used in daily use, it is recommended to hold it lightly. Do not work too hard when combing your hair. When you encounter the knoted hair, first solve the tangled and continue.


In addition, you don’t have to start combing your hair in the same place every day to change the position to prevent “concentration of firepower and cause hair loss.”


Although many women have good skin maintenance, they are not good -looking. The reason for this is mostly because the humidity and coldness in the body are too heavy; or the metabolism is not good, and the toxins accumulate too much.

Near the Baltic Sea abroad, in response to this situation, the woman’s favorite to do is to use amber for massage and scraping.

Like us with a jade wheel, locals will put amber on their faces or body massage, speed up the elimination of toxins in the body, and play a smooth skin and firming.

China actually has similar amber maintenance operations. However, we look better, because it is combined with Chinese medicine, that is, scraping.

Scraping is a very traditional health method in traditional Chinese medicine. It can remove wet and cold, and to pass the air, and it is most suitable for women who are wet and cold.


In addition to going to a special scraping shop for scraping, at home, we can also use amber -made scraping plate to scrape the palms, necks, abdomen and other positions, which also have health effects.

By scraping, the effect of amber can be used to the extreme. It was originally a precious medicinal material. Through strong contact with the skin, the internal beneficial elements can be absorbed by the human body, which plays a role in detoxifying and nourishing the skin.

If it is underwritten, it is best to drink a cup of hot water after the end, which can accelerate the speed of metabolism in the body and achieve more effort.

However, don’t take a bath immediately at this time to avoid invasion of wind and evil. It is recommended to wait at least three or four hours.

△ Gem -class amber is also a good investment collection


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