Camel + white, powder + gray, these colors are wearing together called “it looks expensive”

#What to wear today#

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”


A few days ago, when I was chatting with a fairy, she asked me how to wear my baby face. Liya suddenly thought of Lihe. The typical baby face, even if it controls the light custom, is not a problem.

As a result, the fairy considers her skin tone and dare not match it easily.

In fact, color matching is also a very important party in daily wear. The right color can not only show your good matching skills, but also stand out in winter or crowd, becoming a highlight.

Not much to say, today, follow Liya to learn

Color wearing

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Right ~

Earth color

Whether it is for wearing or makeup, it is a very versatile choice. Not only is it very tolerant, it is not easy to make mistakes.

Daily wear is also good

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”


驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The combination of earth colors and milky white can be said to be

Everyone can control

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The combination. The original plain land met

Elegant milky white

Later, the complexion suddenly became better, generous and elegant.

The earth color vest and the milk white sweater on the ground not only have a sense of layering, but also a gentle atmosphere.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Earthy long coat+white sweater,

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Just right

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

, Nothing to press the height, it can show a less thick calf part,

Little Fairy

You can wear like this.

The red single looks too dazzling, with

The blessing of calm earth color

It looks just right.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The wine red sweater is very charming

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

, Will not be too publicized, but can also set up a person’s temperament excellent, match

Earth -colored grandma pants

, And the feeling of gentleness and quietness.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Red and white wave dot skirts are actually slightly monotonous. It is very different immediately with a earthy suit. It is very suitable for commuting or daily wear.

Blue refreshing

With the earth color, they are particularly beautiful, and the whole person becomes brighter.

Earthy suit jacket with blue jeans, full

Sense of vitality

The whole person looks a lot of tension.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The earth color lamb hair jacket looks particularly warm. With light blue wide -leg pants, it looks simple, but it is definitely eye -catching.

Dark blue knitting cigarette pipe collar collar

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

, Especially layered sense, set up

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Earth color skirt

The collision of the two has a sense of casual street feeling in laziness.

Or the earth -colored shirt with a blue checkered skirt, there is a kind of Japanese girls feel, even if it is worn in winter, it is amazing.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Camel and oats, the two look unfamiliar, but in fact, it is also very common in our lives.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Oats -colored jacket plus camel collar, with a kind of matching

The gentleness of the fluttering face

, Also with full femininity.

Oats -colored down jacket

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

It looks full of vitality, with camel -colored sweater inside, and simple and fashionable.

Stunning but not vulgar

Camel round neck sweater is stacked with small high -necked white neck, and oatmeal plaid coats are used outside. The retro is particularly white. Although it looks low -key and not dazzling, it has its own mysterious and noble sense.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Speaking of caramel, caramel milk tea suddenly emerged in his mind. It seems that it is really sweet but not greasy in winter.

Put of oatmeal -colored grandma pants under the caramel color knitted sweater,

Full of healing

The combination will not make the whole look too elegant, but also presents

Clean and charming picture sense

Deep caramel sweater is more rich and more capable

The deepness of the winter

, I put on a half -skirt, which suddenly resolved this embarrassment and created full

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Romantic atmosphere

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The caramel -colored small high collar seems to be not very good, but the oat -colored knitted cardigan becomes gentle, and then wearing a must -have beretic hat on winter, the sense of shape is very strong.

The gray full of girls’ hearts is a dreamy existence in everyone’s heart.

High -grade gray

What kind of sparks are the discount collision?

Gray does not cover up the sweetness of pink, but on this basis, this sweet sweetness becomes very moderate.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Not fight or grab

It is not so deliberate to stand out from the crowd.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The pink cigarette pipe collar looks a little rich, not very good at control, but the gray lace -up coat is very different. Immediately rejuvenating a different glory and implicit tranquility.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Pink and blue combination

This set of CP is very eye -catching, although it is

More lively

The color, but it can be matched with the dullness of autumn and winter, and the girl feels full.

The pink V -neck sweater is slightly thin, but with a lace inside, and a piece of light blue jeans, it becomes outstanding, showing the fresh and soft elegance.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The rose pink sweater is a bit difficult to hold, but fortunately

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Blessing of blue jeans

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

It is full of remarkable high -level sense.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

The ginger that was exaggerated by Liya must also have a name, and

Natural warm denim blue

Blending together is very harmonious.

Ginger turtleneck sweater, simple matching dark blue jeans is very good. You can also pick a yellow woolen hat, full of fairy -tale girl romance.

Ginger sweaters with+blue straight pants, how can such a young girl style not pick, the fairy can also wear socks of the same color as Li, and become more fashionable at once.

Don’t need too much pendant, set one outside

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Checked coat

It is enough, there is both the sweetness of a girl and a stable and high -level texture.

The popular purple this year is not suitable for combination with other colors, but it is very different from black.

Black calm atmosphere

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

, The purple sweater is slightly simple with pants, you can put a pair of pairs

Black boots

The aura will be improved at once.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Purple turtleneck sweater+small black pants+canvas shoes, let you bid farewell to the dullness of winter, with surprising exquisiteness.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Purple lamb hair coat

With black and white wave skirt, fresh and comfortable, in winter, it seems

Romantic and fairy

Red plus black

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Such a classic combination is very suitable for various occasions, which can not only hold the field but also improve its own temperament.

Jujube red turtleneck sweater+black boots,

Elegant lady

I feel very moving at a glance.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Casual pants under the red printed sweater

, Conspicuous and full of personality, have a unique flavor, wear milk every day.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

If you feel that red is not easy to control, you can use some small decorations for embellishment, such as red socks, eye -catching and fashionable.

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”


驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

I have shared here. Do the fairies still want to know more popular colors?

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”

Color wearing

驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”



驼 + 白,粉 + 灰,这几个颜色穿在一起叫“看起来很贵”




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