A Twitter of the German Embassy in Japan, directly slap the Japanese’s original victim vest

Before the opening of the Olympic Games, Bach, the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, personally went to Hiroshima, showing flowers at the atomic explosion monument.

With such a flower, the Hiroshima Atomic Explosive Victim Group Agreement has a further idea.

Summary to the International Olympic Committee: I hope that the International Olympic Committee came to come to come to come to August 6th, that is, the Town of Hiroshima Atomic Explosion Memorial Day, let the athletes in the Olympic Village, etc. “.

The group believes that the Olympic Games aim to advocate peace through sports, then through the way to participate in the way, people who don’t know how to explode in Hiroshima atoms, on August 6, 1945, Hiroshima happened.


I only talk about what happened to Cheng Tian, ​​and I will happen. Talking about talking, this really regards himself as a innocent victim.

It was like the gangster who killed the gangster, but in turn, the fire that was revenge burned his house and died a few people. After decades, I have to cry on August 6th every year. “We are victims of violence!

Others are out of human being, can’t bear to export “live” two words. As a result, it was still whimsy to let the athletes, including athletes who were burned to the home that year, came together for it.

This requirement is naturally refused by the International Olympic Committee.

Japan’s domestic interpretation: This decision should be, because the Olympics cannot be worried with politics.

However, on August 9th, a Twitter of the German Embassy in Japan squatted down the victim vest of the Japanese to wear himself.


On August 9, 1945, after three days of investing at the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, there were more atomic explosions to destroy Nagasaki.

Today, we are tall that hundreds of thousands of people in the victim.


The bladed by the blast, due to the disaster brought by this person, it is still suffering from terrorism and health.


(Explosive, it is useless to be defeated. Nature definitions are clear.)

Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a symbolic existence of crazy crazy.

The event is from the war that Germany and Japan began by nationalism and militarism.


This day, the atomic explosive avoidance of Nagasaki is also let us think about the world without nuclear weapons, why is this important day.


The Japanese people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic explosions, never describes them with “victims”. But don’t mention anyone who is the beginning?

This essay in the Embassy in the Germany, slap the victim vest of the Japanese to wear itself –

People died of hundreds of thousands, the city was blown up by the atomic bomb, and the initiator is your country.

According to Japan’s “anti-war”, “Peace” thinking, regardless of commemorative activities, or cartoon movies, their grief theme range, will always have no brain semi-cladders. A good causal relationship, but only talk about fruit, don’t talk.

Representatives in Japanese anti-war films: “Tomb of Firefly”. On the eve of the defeat, the US military hit the kinemier, turned into a brother and sister of the orphan, and his sister died in hunger.


“The corner of this world” is more optimistic than “the tomb of fireflies”, taking place before and after Hiroshima is exploded by the atom, a regular people’s joys, re-faced life.

These anti-war pieces have a common set: against war, but not to think about who is the beginning


Never reflect, clearly, stop the sin war they launched earlier, or do not invade the country from the beginning, there will be no tragic plots in the film, why don’t you do this?

The Japanese anti-war, the anti-war, let him / she become unhappy war. This is only.

If the aggression war does not lose, if this kind of burning, the rich and beautiful rich, how many people will “oppose war”?


In those anti-batteries, from 1937 to 1945, when the Japanese ordinary people were quiet, the Chinese people were fighting with aggressors.


Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, Nagasaki, Nagasaki, August 9, 1945? awful.

In countries that have been invaded by Japan, there are hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, even in 1945, I haven’t seen it, I am dead.

The German speaks easy to understand.

People died of hundreds of thousands, the city was blown up by the atomic bomb, and the starter is your country, and I ruined myself, I don’t understand.


The Japanese always avoids the other half of it.


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