The creativity of brain hole, the ring you can’t think of: one of the one is absolutely unexpected to you

It turns out that only what you can’t think of, nothing you can’t do,


Those inventors who are born for creativity are really curious about what their head structure is different from mortal like me. How can they make such weird and novel things?

My recommendation today is

: Creative ring, no matter how pale the text is, the picture above is the king.

Color lead ring

These colorful things are not our common enamel rings, but made of color pencils. The creators arranged the pencil according to different combinations, glued together with glue, and then cut and polished, which became the ring we saw now.

Creativity is enough, but in fact I have never seen anyone wearing it.


Housing ring


Seeing a joke: the quasi -son -in -law came to the door, and went down with the future of Yue, but returned heavily. The friend asked him what was going on? The quasi -son -in -law said that when Yue played a Go, he put a chess piece of a house …

It can be seen that the importance of the house in marriage is still implicit. Dear, you are content, and it is the last word to make money and settle the house. Besides, this ring is still a foreign design. The designer can be sprinkled, and everything can be turned into reality. Although this European -style ring house sparrow is small, the five internal organs are all available.

This ring is a Jewish style, which means that marriage is that two people have since be loyal to each other.


Snow mountain or rabbit ears? The designer’s work does not need such mortals to speculate.


Well, the word “one” is well written, straight and straight, without dragging water, forming a stroke.


“Fingertips” from fingertips from here? The leaves have been drawn a few slices. It seems that I am late, and the flowering period has been missed.

The cute little hamster was so comfortable that the posture was too comfortable, and I wanted to pinch it across the screen.


Is it a flower pot or a ring?


I thought that the meat was limited to the pot, and the meat on this ring grew vividly. When I inserted a question, when I cut the vegetables that day, I found that under my kitchen knife rack, a mushroom was stretched out. It can be seen that the wood can support these small gadgets.


China on the tip of the tongue, naturally the wings on the fingertips are indispensable. This ring is definitely unexpected. One flexion and one stretch, and the two wings began to fly. When I was bored, I put on such a precepts and I was sitting on the street with a hook finger. I wonder if anyone thinks it is the art of behavior and throw a coin?

Love letter ring

In the 17th century, the four -character rings can be spelled: love, kiss, ever, more, fun, amor, beso, etc.; 365 days a year, a love words a day, I know you will not reverse.


Original: Mingxiang Handmade


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