50 -year -old Yi Nengjing wears color -colored sweater with snow boots. It is fashionable and young.

❤ Due to its superior warmth, sweater is an essential matching item in autumn and winter. The sweater can be used as a coat or a variety of styles. Due to the craft attributes of the sweater, the more common solid sweaters in daily life, the more commonly colorful sweaters, the daily sweater, the more commonly colored sweaters, the daily sweater, the sweater, Striped sweater and symmetrical pattern sweater. The color -fighting sweater technology is complicated than ordinary sweater. It is made of large color blocks, which is very fashionable and individual.

❤ Color sweater generally uses more vivid colors. It is spliced ​​through different graphics and lines. Generally, the more colors, the more complicated the pattern, and the more complicated the craftsmanship. Beautiful, like a painting, abstract and eye -catching.

❤ Recently, Yi Nengjing wore a color -fighting sweater and her husband Qin Hao in the same frame. The partial color of this sweater was black, and the red and beige are widened. , Black rice yellow fine stripes. Different background stitching, the sweater looks like a combination of a short black top and a gray skirt. The jumping and bright color is very young, making Yi Nengjing look particularly young.

❤ The red and black formation is in a strong contrast. With the blending of gray and beige, the color matching sweater looks richer and soft. The loose version of the sweater and the exaggerated two big pockets, coupled with Yi Nengjing’s slender body, has a laziness and casualness of the cool street style. Inside a light -colored high -neck bottom shirt, under the contrast of the red large V -neck of the coat, it weakened the visual attraction of the inside, which has a sense of vision that makes the face show a long neck, and at the same time warmer the winter.


❤ Yi Neng is put on a pair of slim jeans, which shows a slender leg shape tightly. Coupled with rice white snow boots to keep warm and comfortable. The wool cap on the head is also red and black, which is consistent with the color matching of the sweater jacket, making the overall match more coordinated. It’s a warm winter dress. It seems that the mother of the two children is very important. Even if it is beautiful, it still takes into account the temperature in winter.


❤ Put on a pair of sunglasses, and double the sense of fashion. Under the modification of the hat and sunglasses, Yi Nengjing’s face is smaller and delicate, and the skin tone is more white and delicate. If you do n’t talk about age, you will think that it is a 20 -year -old Chao Kuya girl, youthful, lively and cute, full of girls.


❤ On the same day, Yineng Jing’s husband Qin Hao also walked with her. Qin Hao is wearing black and black pants with a pair of white sneakers, and then a black shoulder bag obliquely. The overall color tone is simple and atmospheric. With the burly body of 181cm, it is more manly charm. Qin Hao is also very low -key. He had gradually been familiar with everyone with Yi Nengjing before. Later, he became more and more exposed. No wonder the goddess Yi Nengjing was fascinated by him.

❤ The husband and wife were walking along the way, and Yi Nengjing followed his husband Qin Hao, like a cute little follower. The two said they were sweet and sweet. I can’t see the age of 9 years. 50 Yi Nengjing wearing color -colored sweater with snow boots, fashionable and young, turned to a 41 -year -old husband and a small class. Yi Nengjing’s sweater was also very eye -catching.


❤ Ginger is bright colors. A small amount of red is incorporated into yellow. It has both yellow shine and red and warm. It is a very colorful color. Yi Neng was wearing a ginger sweater and set off her face white and tender and shiny. The sweater on the sweater and the purple butterfly. The color was very beautiful. Charm.

❤ Gold and black and white gray silver belong to the colorless system. It is versatile and the golden luster is very strong. If it is used in large areas, it needs its own strong aura to control. The golden pleated skirt under Yi Nengjing sweater was shining under the light and the aura was strong. Golden high heels and half skirts echo. Broken socks are also a highlight. The legs of the legs are particularly noticeable and show the fashion taste. The long wavy hair is gentle and elegant, and the bangs on the forehead have a trace of retro.


❤ Yi Nengjing’s body with high -profile and light shines. If it is used as an inside and put on a white coat to expose a small number of gorgeous inner mats, it is more dignified and elegant.


Two different sweaters, two different combinations, completely reveal a different temperament, one is lively youthful leisure style, and the other is a fashionable and elegant style. Which one do you like?

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