How many of the 10 UFOs that happened in China, do you know? Can’t believe there are so much

Hello everyone, I am looking at it. UFO is synonymous with the United States, because UFO has visited the United States too many times. In other words, the top 10 UFO incidents that happened in China.

Still, I just summarized and induced? As for true and false, you can leave a message and discuss what everyone knows.

This first Phoenix Mountain alien contact incident

The Phoenix Mountain Alien contact incident was also known as the Meng Zhao Guo UFO incident. This incident occurred in 1994. In Phoenix Mountain in Heilongjiang Province and Wuchang City in 1994, a weird thing occurred. According to local residents, it was reported. On the Phoenix Mountain, they saw an unknown object staying on the south slope of the Phoenix Mountain.

And seeing this is not alone. Many people have said that I have seen an unknown flying object floating on the sky. After Meng Zhaoguo heard the news, I went to Phoenix Mountain out of curiosity. I really didn’t go in vain, I really saw UFO, and a “intimate contact” with the aliens.

After this incident was made public, it attracted the attention of the world. Some experts of the original China UFO Research Association thought that the matter was true, but later, some people overturned this view. As for the truth? You can leave a message and talk about your views.


Second, Guiyang Duxi Forest Farm Incident


Many people should hear this incident. At 3 am on December 1, 1994, a strange thing happened in Baiyun District, Guiyang City. In a few minutes, the Duxi Forest Farm was nearly 400 in nearly 400. Multi -acre pine forests were directly broken. According to witnesses nearby, they watched an unknown flying object, whistled, and directly ruined the pine forest.

In addition to Songlin, about 5 kilometers away from the Duxi Forest Farm, a vehicle factory has also been destroyed. Mi Yuan.

But strangely, although houses, equipment and other things! Destroyed and bad, but none of the casualties of human animals and poultry, as if deliberately avoided them, then what happened to the truth of this matter? No one can make it clear now.

3. Shanghai 129ufo incident

This incident occurred on December 9, 2006, from 4:30 pm to about 5:5 pm, and “unknown flying objects” appeared in the western sky in Shanghai.

The witnesses this time can be said to be thousands of, and there are many research institutes, engineers, and technical experts, and more than a hundred people, but no one knows what he is, and it is unclear.

Fourth, Tai’an UFO

On February 23, 2005, an unknown flying object appeared in the northwest of Tai’an City. It is said that this flying object is a circular object like a lifebuilding circle with a slightly light oranges and a bit similar to the shape of a straw hat.

He floated in the sky for a while, flew from the southwest of the northern dynasty, and finally disappeared. This scene happened to be photographed by a photography enthusiast and put it on the forum, which also attracted many people’s attention.

Subsequently, Shandong Satellite TV News Program and CCTV News Channel have reportedly reported this UFO work

5. Anhui UFO incident

This incident happened on May 2, 2003. It is said that that day, an unknown flight was found in Shandong Province, Weishan County, and Jiekou Village. Only then did it fly away.

It is said that according to a veteran who had served in the Air Force for 20 years, after this incident, he had a telephone conversation with the Jinan Military Region and the Air Force’s sailing department. Whether it is flight height, meteorological conditions and flight trajectories, it has nothing to do with aerospace activities such as missile launch and aircraft flight.

Later, on May 3 and May 20, the “Jinan Times” was reported on the topic of “Unknown Flying Embarrants in Weishan County” and “Unknown Flying Mind Weishan”, respectively.

6. “Magic Man in White” incident

This incident happened in a small mountain village. It is said that it was a year of summer. The villagers were cooling outside. Suddenly, they found that there were three “weird people” in white in the small bridge. Why do they say they are weird? ,,

Because one of these three people was 3 meters high, and the remaining two shrank in order, the last one was almost the same as normal people. They wandered on the bridge for a long time and saw that someone found them, and the three walked away.

When several villagers rushed to the bridge, the three of them had disappeared. At the beginning, some people thought it should be a prank, but after investigation, this statement was quickly denied.


Therefore, people think that the monster in white should be related to the aliens. As for the authenticity, there is no way to check this, because there is only such a record on the Internet. The location is unknown and the time is unknown. story.

7. Harbin UFO incident

At around 1 am on August 24, 2001, a team of unknown flights suddenly appeared over Harbin. At that time, a large UFO brought many small UFOs to form a formation flying over Harbin, which was very fast.

At that time, in Harbin, many people had witnessed this scene. At first, people thought it was an airplane or other flight objects, but later UFO research experts and Harbin Institute of Technology Professor analyzed.


This is not a plane or popular thing, because this type of aircraft is described by the witnesses, and he has a few squares size, the shape is very similar to a dish, and this shape of the aircraft is Which country developed and developed, so they judged that this is likely to be the rumored UFO, which belongs to the aircraft of smart creatures.

Eight, Huang Yanqiu incident


Everyone should be familiar with this incident. He happened from July 27, 1977 to September 20 of the same year. He was talking about a Hebei villager named Huang Yanqiu. In Shanghai, after waking up for the second time, he came to Shanghai’s railway station again.


It is necessary to know that Gaocun was 1140 kilometers from Shanghai at that time. Even the fastest car was 22 hours, and the night was not willing to arrive at all, and the third time was even more bizarre. For a long time, it is said that in these ten days, the aliens traveled more than half of China with him.

As for whether it is true or false, there is no conclusion yet.


Nine, Millions of Witness Incidents


It can be said that the largest two witnesses in the scale. He happened in 1981 and 1995. There were more than ten provinces and municipalities in my country witnessed these two UFO incidents. The witnesses reached the million people many.

As for whether it is true or false, detailed information, this is not found on the Internet. If you know, you can leave a message to discuss it.

10. Cangzhou UFO incident

On October 19, 1998, in Cangzhou, Hebei, a UFO encountered an incident with the plane and pursued it, but no matter how pursuing it, it could not catch up with the unknown flying object. It is said that when the opportunity rose to 12,000 meters at the time, The target has risen to a height of 20,000 meters. At this time, the aircraft’s fuel volume indicates the alarm.

have no choice! The aircraft can only be returned, and only ground radar continues to track and monitor. When the other two new fighters were ready to attack, the unknown flight was gone.


There are many similar UFO cases in my country, but they are not so famous, and they are not much. After all, these UFO incidents cannot be verified at all. You can leave a message to discuss.

All right! I am sighing, then we see you next time.


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