How about the good morning mask that is popular for the replacement circle? After testing the breath …

The best -selling 20 countries, selling over 300 million tablets, and won 50 Japanese beauty awards certification and recognized The best cosmetic. What is the fairy mask? Just check it

Saborino Good Morning Mask, integrates, moisturizing, skin care in one body

Can you use it early or not to wash your face? Can you quickly moisturize? You can put on makeup without washing or skin care after being torn off? Wake up, it’s so big, do you still believe that there are shortcuts in the world? Today Li Beauty is going to reveal the 5 major pits of Saborino Morning Mask:



Do not remove oil, you can’t replace your face

I do n’t know if Li ’s beautiful old concept is old. I instinctively feel that it is not reliable to apply the mask to apply the mask directly. I sleep a lot of oil on my face. I still have to rub the facial cleanser for cleaning for a long time. Then make your face clean without any care?

Not much to say, find 12 mixed -drying/dry skin+12 -bit mixed oil/oil skin girl, test the changes in the skin oil content before and after using



Good morning mask cannot be effectively removed, which is equivalent to not washing your face in the morning and cannot replace the cleansing.



Moisture Effect Cup Water Sales

If you can clean up if you can clean up, it should always be a basic cultivation of hydrating mask?

According to the use of Saborino Morning Morning Mask, after tearing off the mask, there is no need to rinse water. Come on, let’s take a look at the changes in the skin moisture content before and after use. The relative change rate is 13.85%. Is this number good or bad? Tell you clearly, not good.

Breaking one, compared with the recently tested WIS mask


PS: The mask is written in Hengju article. WIS is not the best hydration effect.

As shown in the figure, the data of the two masks also see, the gap between 13.85%and 81.66%is not a star, which means that, this means

It is hoped that the 1min morning mask has the effect of ordinary hydrating mask, and it is impossible.

Some people may ask, it is good to increase the water content of 14%by 1min, right?

It can be improved, but it is not enough, and it is not necessary. If you do normal skin care, it can be improved more than that, which means

Relying on this mask alone, the effect is not enough.


Put up directly+makeup = the worse you use, the worse you use

No exaggeration, it is really good to operate according to the suggestion of use. As mentioned earlier, Saborino cannot clean up or hydrate, not to mention the additional effects such as whitening and anti -aging in daily skin care products you usually use.

Do you want to put on makeup directly on this basis? Long -term doing this not only skin

Nutritional supply

Just wait

Stuffy acne long closed mouth long blackhead

Bar! Not to mention, acne, acne, closed mouth, and blackheads are all related to oil. They did not wash their faces before and after use.



What if you wash your face after applying it?

Skin will be more short of water than before applying


Some little fairies are more particular about it. After using the early morning mask, they will be washed, and the conventional skin care process will be continued. Do not ask anything else, but only make up for makeup, but the terrible things happen. Even if you are not afraid of trouble, you should always be counterproductive. Bar?

What do you mean?


Apply 1min Good Morning Mask, rinse water after tearing down, test 30 volunteers’ skin moisture content, an average reduction of 5.35%!

Reduce, reduce the comrades, not only do you use it, spend 1min more about the lack of water, tease yourself? Intersection Intersection


Apply it after ice = better effect?


Be careful to make yourself a sensitive muscle

Everyone knows that this good morning mask has a cool feeling and can be well -sophisticated. In fact, this is mainly due to the alcohol, spicy mint leaf extract, and mint, but it is not recommended to use it every day, especially sensitive and fragile. Skin, long -term use is prone to intolerance, causing skin allergies.

The point is that many Japanese clerks, including many bloggers, will recommend that you put it in the refrigerator, and it will be better after ice.


Can pull it down! So the cool face is very irritating, just like the Bachelor of Boss in recent years, everyone was washing the face with cold and cold water.


Strong temperature changes on the surface of the skin can easily toss into sensitive muscles

Ah babies, suddenly remembered that when I was young, I froze my face in the days at minus 30 degrees northeast, and my face hurt when I thought about it ~

After finishing these 5 pits, I can only ask, is Su Daqiang’s positioning for Saborino Morning Mask?

Saborino Morning Morning Mask cannot clean up, not to replenish, and cannot replace skin care. If you really do not wash your face, you can apply it+to put on makeup after tearing off, which may cause long -term blackheads and long -closed long acne.

The merchant uses the psychology that everyone wants to be lazy and beautiful, so that there are so many masks of such gimmicks. There is an old saying that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women, and there is no shortcut to go.

If you want to test the mask or do n’t know what to buy, do n’t worry, do you have more than ten more, and meet!


Inspection agency: still the efficacy detection agency that is unwilling to disclose the name

Report number: JW-JB-20190201-01-01-01

Jw-jb -20181101-03-03-10

Sample batch: IG671

Purchasing channel: Japan, Cleduple Meitian Store


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