Skin care in autumn and winter, moisturizing is important! These 4 conscience are good for moisturizing cream, oil skin is also suitable

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The air is easy to dry in autumn and winter, and our skin needs moisturizing care.

Moisturizing skin care is not just a patent of dry skin, and oil -based skin quality also needs




However, when choosing moisturizing skin care products, oil skin should pay special attention to the quality of the production. Choose

It’s relatively refreshing, low oil content


The cream products are avoided while moisturizing the purpose of moisturizing.

In response to the needs of oil skin in autumn and winter skin care, Koala especially selected for friends who are oily skin.

Four moisturizing creams that are good for conscience, I hope to meet everyone’s moisturizing skin needs

Keyan’s high moisturizing and refreshing cream

Keyan’s high -moisture cream is hot every autumn and winter, but that high moisturizing cream is too heavy for oily skin, and it is likely to have a problem of stuffy acne. Compared to comparison

This refreshing cream is more suitable for oily skin quality in autumn and winter

The cream contains glycerin and polyol to quickly penetrate the skin water,

Increase the skin content of the skin while stabilizing the skin state, and the water -locking water is carried out at the same time

Essence In addition, the active ingredients containing mycopic acid, inhibiting DHT production in the skin, regulating oil secretion from the root cause, and reducing skin oil light problems.

The texture of the cream gel is very thin and thin. It is applied to the skin surface and absorbs quickly, and the moisturizing power is sufficient. Especially after upgrading the oil control formula, it is very suitable for large oil skin use. This cream has more concentrated effects, and the basic moisturizing additional oil control effect. The product formula contains salicylic acid ingredients. The healthy oily skin can be used, but the oil -sensitive skin needs to be cautious.

OLAY freshman plastic air sensory cream

This cream is just like its name:



It is a rare

Anti -aging cream products suitable for oil skin


Essence The moisturizing effect of the cream is used through the air sponge particles in it, and the moisturizing ingredients glycerin and hyaluronic acid are applied to the skin surface to form a thin and indifferent barrier to release the nutrients of the effect of the effect and maintain the hydration of the skin.


Five peptides are dedicated to promoting collagen production, improving skin firmness, and improving the fine lines of the facial facial. In the cream formula, the brand star ingredients are nicotinamide, which acts on the skin, enhances skin defense, strong skin barrier structure, and improves the state of skin.

Collagan peptide and vitamin B3 play a role together to effectively prevent collagen loss. Contains pan gyms and carats. Natural ingredients repair skin barriers and nourish the skin.

The air factor cream is like a luminous texture. After applying it, the skin is matte immediately, dry and not greasy. The cream improves the overall skin state, enhances the smooth texture of the skin, brightens the skin color, and can choose from the oil skin that resist the old needs.

Yuemu Source Caffeine Vitality and Bright Moisturizing Milk

This cream

With excellent moisturizing ingredients and water -locking technology, the high moisturizing effect is completed, and the skin lock force is strongly improved


Essence The co -effect of sodium sodium of hyaluronate and horn shark is continuously replenished with water, and skin -friendly nourishing and repairing the skin. Currency locking technology, enhance the interplinal connection density, so as to lock the water between the cells and avoid excessive loss.

Effect ingredient

The effect of caffeine collaborative nicotinamide, improving the problem of dull complexion, brightening the skin texture

Essence This cream is divided into two types of texture. The mixed skin can be selected for the profit version, and the oil -based skin can choose a refreshing version. The refreshing layout cream is like condensate, which contains silicon control ingredients, and is applied to the skin surface of the skin.

For oily skin, the amount of water filling the skin stratum corneum is also one of the effective methods for improving the smoothness of skin gloss and smoothness. It should be noted that this cream is not applicable.


Avene soothing special moisturizing milk

In the autumn and winter skin, the skin is easy to be oily skin. Don’t miss this moisturizing milk. Avene as a sensitive muscle specialty brand,


Skin care products have high mildness, sterile packaging refuses to add preservatives and preservatives, and the product uses skin -friendlyness greatly improves

In this moisturizing milk, it contains sebum membrane constituents to supplement the substances required by sebum membranes; glycerin, corner sharkane, and imitation cortex membrane components, promote skin metabolism, and enhance skin self -protection.

To soothe the stimulation of the skin on the skin, effectively improve the skin’s rough texture, relieve the skin sensitive state, and repair the skin barrier structure. The upgrade recipe reduces the particles, increases the comfort of the skin, and has stronger absorption. The overall formula of moisturizing milk focuses on mild skin and skin -friendly, supplementing the skin of the skin, but at the same time balances the use of skin feel.

Among the repair types of similar products, it is relatively refreshing and the burden of oil -based skin is low. This moisturizing product needs to be moisturized. This moisturizing milk is an ideal choice.

The above four moisturizing creams suitable for oil skin in autumn and winter are there any one that suits you? Although the amount of oily skin is relatively sufficient, it is also very prone to excessive cleaning and consumption of sebum film. The drying sensation of the skin in autumn and winter is upgraded. Oil -based skin should also pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing skin care!

Pay attention to Koala and help you grow grass/thunder/look at ingredients/evaluation on the road to change.


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