Which one do you like for men’s bags? Fashion single men’s handbags are very good

In the eyes of foreign men, holding bags can make girls notice you, it is a fashion item that street shooting male gods like, but in the eyes of Chinese people, it is one of the decorative accessories that men do not like to use.


The reason why you say so, you have to talk about the situation of holding your handbags in China. In China, it is also divided into north -south differences in China. For example, the capital is used as an intermediary. Traveling in the alley, there is always a handbag in the pinch nest.

In the south, it is a symbol of the big boss in the township. The big belt+POLO shirt is standard. It is called a middle -aged tyrant, but don’t underestimate them. They are very bold at the checkout. That’s a lot of cash.


Perhaps it is because of this misunderstanding that men who want to get a packaging out of the house are basically items such as bICE shoulder bags, but abroad, handbags are still the most practical and with with the most practical and with with the handbags. Fashion items of the tone.


Handing bags can meet the needs of men’s mobile phones, keys, business cards, smokes and litors into the bag. There is no need to stuff some raised things in the pants pocket, so that others are not too elegant to look at them. Successful people on the streets of foreign countries, the basic people will take their hands to take out their bags.


In the eyes of those successful people, holding a bag is low -key and full of texture. With a Rolex, who else dares to question the authenticity of the Rolex in his hand, which has enhanced your aura.

If you are also interested in this handbag, how do you choose such a handbag that makes you not rustic? Let’s share the three personal views.


The first, holding a bag to refuse a large logo seal.

The big LOGO has long been played by those big bosses, so I still try to choose these big logo bags as little as possible, but if you also want to experience the thrill of a big boss, then follow you, hehe.


If you want girls like girls and like some branded fashion items, you may wish to choose some handbags printed with Logo.


Of course, what is even more popular today is the design of the use of logo to the whole body, such as LV and other big brands.

Secondly, bid farewell to those fashion items that take Liu Ding’s hands, and those fashion items that are trendy. We are not so full of temperament, so don’t touch the thunder.


After all, such a style is still difficult to control. If you want some small details, you may wish to choose a chain handbag.


Or some handbags designed with metal buckles are also very eye -catching. The metal embellishment has more men’s charm.

In the end, the most important thing is the texture of the handbag. This is the premise of the previous two points. The texture of the bag can lay the whole aura of men.


The leather is preferably cowhide or crocodile leather. At the same time, the texture is also great. The former is soft and tough, and the latter is tough and sharp.

Workers, the first choice of matte or oil wax, try not to choose those dazzling patent leather. After all, the handbags are still low -key.


There are also some special materials for hand bags. Those styles are more fashionable, using straw, wool, and so on.


However, this kind of special material handbag must also be able to control the image and temperament of good temperament. If you are confident, you can try it.

Well, today’s sharing is over. This is 100 % wearing it. Let’s see you next time.


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