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The holidays are coming, traveling out of the New Year, business trips, etc., are inseparable from the universal trolley case. Choosing a high -quality trolley case can avoid embarrassing phenomena such as lumps, breaking levers, etc. If the box is also fashionable and stylish, then this trip will allow you to harvest a full box of peace of mind before departure. And good mood.

1. Babai Rice Cat Cat Graffiti Tie Box

With such a childlike and weird style of illustration, you can find you at a glance even in the vast crowd. Selected pure PC materials, higher hardness, stronger toughness, and can be rebound instantly. The wine red peach leather lubrica is as high as 180g/meter, which enhances the quality inside. The four corners in the box are equipped with magic stickers, and Libu is more flat and flat. Exquisite handicraft technology, patented explosion -proof zipper more reasonable on both sides, creating a smoother comfortable experience. There are three sizes: 20, 24, and 28 in the box to choose from.

Price: 328.0

2.Gotrip Doraemon suitcase

From celebrities to major fashion weeks, the popularity of cartoon printing has been out of control. The classic Doraemon cartoon pattern has caused your fashion to soar instantly. Hurry up with the big names with the big names. Whether it is styling or workmanship, this suitcase is excellent performance. It uses ABS+PC material, light and tough, which can resist strong impact, wear resistance, and flexibility. It is not only beautiful in style, but also at ease.

Price: 298.00


3.UNIWALKER retro floral crushed suitcase


If you are a small fresh and fresh, then this suitcase is suitable for you. The box is preferred to import the superfibly skin material, which has stronger abrasion resistance and scratch -resistant and waterproof performance; integrates innovative science and technology, and adopts mapping texture processing technology to create a three -dimensional effect of folds, which not only enhances the visual aesthetics, but also greatly improves The wear -resistant anti -scratch capacity of the box. The retro password lock combines the hot rose gold color to achieve the combination of retro and popular fashion. The combination of retro craftsmanship and fashion elements is full of youthful vitality, and there are two patterns: fresh floral and rural grids.

Price: 378.0

4. Cartoon lever box

This lever box is a foreign trade product, which is a subsidiary brand of rookies, with high cost performance. The design of the tie box style pattern is very fashionable, and the travel trip takes it to be very vibrant. The material is high -quality ABS+PC, which takes into account toughness and strongness. The empty box can withstand 100 pounds of standing weight. Now it has only 28 -inch models. It is very suitable for travel or business trips, which is also a very good choice for students and friends.

Price: 245.0


5. Wanlon wheel mother tiebox

If you want to be multi -purpose, multifunctional, and capacity, of course, you need to choose a child box. This parent box is simple and stylish, with a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from. Attach the original makeup bag. While the mother box is paired with beauty, it solves the problem of independent storage of cosmetics, jewelry and other objects for beauty girls. Silicone handle, soft and comfortable, not tired, 360 ° silent wheels set mute, lightweight, flexible, orbital aluminum alloy tie rods, not easy to shake, strong load, just open the expansion expansion zipper of the box to temporarily increase the capacity of 20%to temporarily increase the capacity of 20%. Essence

Price: 298.0

6.uniwalker retro suitcase

This lever box interprets the taste of retro with pure handmade craftsmanship, which not only retains the classic appearance of the early days of travel, but also has the perfect characteristics of modern suitcases. The double -quality binding strap is 360 ° around the box for a week. The handmade sewing patch on the box is full of personality. Pure aluminum rod tidelines are made of high -quality materials, strong and solid, excellent load -bearing, and smooth lifting. There are also a variety of classic color matching to choose from. Playing retro is that simple.

7. Zosden Wanxiang Wheel Travel

This colorful tie box is highly recommended to the Student Party. There are two types of boxes: matte and mirror. The universal wheel is 6cm large size, with brakes, ultra -mute wear -resistant design, and has a service life of up to 10 years; the three -digit password is locked in solid use of convenience, and also guarantees the safety and reliability of the box; silicone handles are based on the human body according to the human body. Engineering design, has a baby -like feeling; thickened aviation aluminum alloy tie rods exceeding thousands of tip tests, the ability to undertake is beyond imagination, solving the problem of cracking during the use of the trolley case is easy to break.

Price: 99.0

8.Travel Friends ITO aluminum box tie box


The popularity of aluminum frame tie boxes has soared in recent years, and this is a good choice. The material is used as ABS+PC material as a box panel. It has been used in one -piece technology. The trapezoidal structure panel effectively reduces box wear and improves weight -resistant performance. , Have super strong capabilities. It is worth mentioning that the box is still a lifetime warranty, allowing you to buy it without worry.

Price: 308.0



The lever box is made of pure PC material in Bayer in Germany, which has the characteristics of strong, lightweight, and pressure resistance. Aerospace and aviation quality, high -end texture and life. The impact intensity is greater than 135kg/c㎡, and it does not deform at -60 ° -145 °, which is much higher than that of ordinary PC and ABS materials. Various extreme environments are used freely. Aerospace universal wheels, super strong shock absorption, mute, 360 -degree rotation without dead angle, abrasion resistance is about 40%higher than ordinary roller wheels. The colorful and fresh box color is different from the strange scenery of the journey, and the mood is also particularly beautiful.


Price: 349.0


10. The US Brigade Light Toughness PC Tip Box


The US Brigade is a luggage brand in the United States, and it is the second bag brand of the world’s first bag of “Snacks” families in the world. This trolley case is made of new PC, and the repurchase material is not used to ensure the unchanged quality and performance. It is no longer afraid of brutal loading and unloading, and it is full of toughness. Aviation aluminum tie rods have passed 6000-12000 key fatigue and 1000 pull-up performance tests, which are more reliable and stable. The light rolling wheel is durable and mute, and it is imitated for 6 hours to run for 24 kilometers continuous running test. The box is only available for 20 inches for the time being.


Price: 399.0


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Price: 378.0


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