How to avoid cheapness in spring skirts in spring? This “3 wear 3 not wear” is critical

Why is there a simple shape, but it always makes people forget? I think most people’s answers will be the word “temperament”.

Maybe some women do not have amazing beauty, nor will they pursue big -name fashion, but the charm in their bones will make them look more and more attractive, and the source of this temperament may be “high -level dressing.”


In the blink of an eye, it is time for a woman who is not sensitive to fashion, and it will also realize that the season of the skirt is here. When knitted skirts, pleated skirts, and umbrella skirts are shown in turn, beautiful women are dazzling.


Among them, women who can wear a half skirt out of temperament can naturally stand out, and become a unique scenery in the crowd with a romantic style and elegance.

There is a half skirt in each fashionable woman’s wardrobe, but because some women do not match, they wear a half -skirt out of a sense of cheapness, which is very low.

In this issue, let’s talk about the selection of the spring skirt and the main points of the spring skirt. How can we avoid cheapness in spring skirts? This “3 wear 3 not wear” is very important. Let’s take a look together ~

The half skirt in spring is the vitality and lightness, so the most important point when choosing a model is


Avoid wearing




The version and size are one of the important keys to determine the semi -skirt. When choosing the size of the skirt, only a few women can control the long model. It is recommended not to try it easily.

Not only because the skirt is too long, it brings a sense of procrastination, but


The color of the skirt itself will also have a certain effect on the visual center of gravity


Essence If you choose only according to your own preferences, it is likely to be accidentally lowering the gas field.

For example, a floral skirt that everyone likes, because of the alive meaning, is very suitable for spring, but dense patterns and bright colors are also very picky. If you are petite, you need to be more cautious when choosing.

There are many good women who are more confident in showing their figures. They hope to add their own charm with sexy, but trouble often appear here. If you can’t hold the boundaries of sexy elegance and dust, you will waste your goodness. Body.

This problem is prone to feminine skirts.

Generally speaking,

It is not recommended to add decorative elements such as lace, hook edge to the skirt

Even if the clothes itself is not cheap, it is easy to look tacky and cheap.


Most people are relatively ordinary, so you should pay attention not to expose your body shape when wearing a half skirt. It is recommended that everyone

Avoid choosing too close -fitting skirts,

The defects of fat and thick thighs on the waist and abdomen are appeared because the skirt is too close.


Choose a fit without too much self -slimming, leaving a certain space for the body, which can not only make yourself more comfortable, but also improve the modification performance of the skirt.


After knowing the selection minefield, we can ensure that the shape is not wrong, but there is still some distance from the elegant dressing. We can use 3 rules to help ourselves find the inspiration of matching.

① Wearing shallow and not deep

Many women are mainly dressed and like to wear deep black, but for spring skirts,


Only light tones can better highlight the gentleness and lightness of women

“Putting shallowly and not deeper” is not only aimed at the skirt, but also the single product combination of the whole body. As long as it is properly matched, it can also modify the effect of the body through dispersion.


For example, a woman with a fat lower body, if you want to modify your lower body targeted, try a light -colored A -line skirt. Light color tone helps to raise the sight, while A -shaped can just modify the problems of false width and thick legs, which is better than small black skirts.

② Do not wear flowers

The flowers and vegetarians of clothing are not simply choice for preferences, what is important is whether

Consciously create the focus of dressing

Essence Of course, many women can wear a colorful skirt, but I recommend that you choose a half -skirt with less printed or printed or less printed at the beginning.

This is because the tone of the solid color skirt is determined by the color combination, and the color of the color must also consider the integration of the overall style. It also tests the matching skills. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will feel fancy without focus.


If you don’t really like solid color monotonous, then you may wish to use some classic printing patterns to add fun to dressing. For example, versatile wave dots or plaid are the choice of we can not bare.

③ Do not wear loose

In the version, the most reflected sense of clothing is the straight line. Regardless of the woman’s true body, just put on it

Clean edge line

It will give people an impression of hard work.

The hanging feeling of the skirt can also make the skirt look more textured. Even if it is a relatively thin material, it can give people a very good quality. This is the magic brought by straight lines.

In contrast, an overly loose skirt will give people a sense of cheapness, one of the reasons is that it


Essence Unclear edges make people feel chaotic, so it is recommended to wear high -end women to choose skirts such as cake skirts carefully.



Tulle material

It is also very picky about the temperament of the wearer, because the silhouette is too scattered and the sense of perspective can easily look too casual, lowering the woman’s spiritual appearance.

Well, this issue of the technique of wearing spring skirts is shared here. If you still have questions about fashion, wear and other aspects, please leave a message in the comment area. We will see you in the next issue ~ Eli


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