Shandong Medicine Blood Board of Directors in the semi -annual board of directors

Shandong Yaoqi (600529) in the semi -annual board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors is as follows:

1. Discussion and analysis of business conditions

During the reporting period, the company faced the complicated environment and economic situation of the domestic new crown epidemic, and closely focused on the various items formulated at the beginning of the year.

Mission goals, overcoming phased logistics, increasing competition in the same industry, improving Sino -US trade friction plus tariffs, and rising labor costs

Waiting for the adverse factors, continue to dig deep in internal potential, to achieve the general goal of achieving the balance of production and sales in full load, continuously develop the market, and better complete the task goals set at the beginning of the year.

In the first half of 2020, the company’s operating income, net profit, and net cash flow generated by business activities achieved good results: Reporting during the reporting period to achieve operating income of 1,535,855,361.27 yuan, a year -on -year increase of 7.01%; the total profit was 313,281,923.57 yuan, a year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year year -on -year Grow up 20.28%; the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 262,606,916.47 yuan, an increase of 20.49%year -on -year; the net profit after deducting non -recurring profit or loss was 258,161,282.79 yuan, a year -on -year increase of 17.49%; the net cash flow generated by operating activities was 204,056,383.54 yuan, which A slight decrease of 2.64%year -on -year.

The company has achieved good operating performance and the motivation to maintain the company’s sustainable development. It mainly has the following tasks:

(1) Comprehensive promotion of 6S lean production management and six Sigma work

1. Lean production management

Promote lean production management (lean production+6s), focus on creating lean production sites, enhance employee literacy, create an overall goal of independent improvement atmosphere, and improve production performance. , Employee morale and other comprehensive improvements, the benefits of lean production; the company established a lean production office on May 17, set up institutions and commissioners to comprehensively start lean production management. In phased acceptance, the face of the company’s factory area and office has changed greatly, and the spiritual appearance of the company’s employees has also changed.

2. Six Sigma Work

In the first half of the year, the “Six Siegma Promoting Management Measures” was formed and issued to implement it. At present, 12 Six Siegma research groups have been established. The research directions of the project are improved product quality defects, improved product finished product rates, and improved production efficiency. Each project has entered the measurement and analysis stage, searched and analyzed the influencing factors, and finally determined the direction of improvement.

(2) Automation and patent work

1. Promotion of Tintocelli plug automation equipment

1) Film automatic calling for heavy sorting equipment: In the first half of the year, it mainly carried out corresponding rectification and improvement of suction cups, increased the suction cups, improved the structural rectification of the shooting bracket, and realized that various films can be absorbed normally.

2) Automatic ingredients and equipment: The automatic adjustment of the automatic ingredients of the powder is normal, reaching the accuracy control requirements of ± 2 grams and ± 5 grams; the automatic ingredient control accuracy of the oil is ± 13-15 grams. Adjust and improve.

3) Automatic vulcanization equipment: At present, the equipment has been installed and the single -point debugging is being carried out.

2. In terms of patent: The daily maintenance of 22 patents was completed in the first half of the year.

(3) Product quality management

The stability and improvement of product quality are the cornerstone of drug safety and the guarantee of market development. In the first half of the year, the Company Pharmaceutical Bag Materials Research Institute carried out product extraction research on product quality, with a total of 112 products; the integrity research of the packaging system, a total of 12 items; a total of 50 inspection and research on product quality defects, such as glass The black spots, stones, rockers, etc. of the bottle, through the changes in elements and elements of quality defects, analyze the cause of quality defects, which is conducive to finding the root of quality problems, and then take targeted measures to solve and improve.

(4) New product research and development work

In order to further improve the competitiveness of the company’s products and reduce the production cost of the borosilicone control bottle, the company carried out borzone and silicon in the first half of the year

Autonomous research and development of glass tube. During the research and development process, the main defects of appearance are bubble lines, tumors, and exist in size

The defect is mainly the poor diameter stability. Through continuous adjustment, various defects have been reduced, but unstable, from batch and stable production

It takes some time. The company will continue to sum up experience, stabilize the production process, and strive to achieve breakthroughs.

In uncertainty.

(5) Project construction work

2. Clean energy project

After the tense construction in the first half of the year, the project had basically had the conditions of cold and hot test vehicles at the end of the report.

The putting and operation of clean energy projects can reduce the company’s fuel costs, effectively alleviate the company’s environmental protection pressure, save energy, reduce consumption, reduce emission reduction from the source, and achieve double harvest of environmental protection benefits.

Second, the risks that may face

1. At the level of the enterprise

① The production of front -line employees is unstable, difficult to recruit, and the labor cost continues to rise; ② There is no potential for production and operation management.

Released; ③ Doubles of downstream enterprises (intermediates and end customers) on the industrial chain (mineral resource materials and energy suppliers)

Squeezing, cost control is difficult.

Response measures: ① Comprehensively and in -depth promotion of automation and intelligence, reducing personnel employment, and alleviating difficulties; improving employee welfare projects, such as delivery to employees of 38th class, free washing work service for employees, etc., stabilize first -tier employees; Analyze the company’s production and operation

The potential of the main links, such as production capacity, cost control, etc., formulate plans and measures to dig out the potential; ③ Adopt centralized unification

One material bidding and procurement to reduce procurement costs; ④ finely refine cost assessment methods, increase cost management, and further reduce costs.

2. The external environmental level

① The daily chemical bottle industry has many small and medium -sized enterprises, overcapacity and product homogeneity have exacerbated market competition;

Response measures: ① Under the right opportunity, expand the capacity of the company’s daily bottle, further use the scale effect to seize the market; increase

The development of high -end products, enter the high -end market; ② Do a good job of product cost control, improve product quality, improve the level of customer service, and resolve the competition in the same industry with comprehensive competitiveness; ③ Improve personnel awareness of quality management, increase quality management Strong, establish a company -level and business department, workshop -level quality management organization structure and quality responsibilities at all levels, enrich QA and QC resources, strengthen process control and deviation management; highlight quality management, increase the key and key to determining the physical quality of the product of the product The management and control of weak links will promote the improvement of the quality of various products.

3. The risks that may exist in foreign trade exports

① The impact of the Sino -US trade war plus tariffs and dual opposition companies exports the US market: The US market is currently the largest target market for our company, accounting for nearly 25%of the total foreign trade exports. Growth is of great significance. At present, our company exports US products by 25%of tariffs and tariffs for trade war. The current anti -dumping tax rate is temporarily levied 13.23%(compared with the previous 22.93%of the counter -subsidy tax). 38.23%, it is expected that the hearing will be re -approved by the hearing before the end of October. According to the current customer response, it is not optimistic. Since the free trade war, our company’s export of high -speed growth in the United States has been broken. Signs of atrophy, some American buyers began to adjust the global procurement chain to transfer orders. At present, the number of US customers’ delivery volume of brown -grade bottles of foreign trade companies has declined from May. From the current understanding, some US head agents have supplied The chain is transferred to Taiwan and India. If Sino -US relations continue to deteriorate, the subsequent US market is not optimistic.

Response measures: “Double anti” response and product exclusion, the company is signed a service contract with Beijing Germany and Heng Law Firm. The purpose is to try to fight for product elimination, the other is to strive for the average tax rate. Provide the necessary materials and assist lawyers to work well, and complete response and product exclusion in accordance with the progress requirements of ITC and DOC cases in the United States. At present, a clear judgment can be made. The “double anti” in the United States’ glass container is the biggest uncertain factors and the biggest risk factor for the company’s foreign trade exports in 2020.

② The impact of foreign outbreaks on our company’s exports: At present, foreign outbreaks are still intensified, and foreign demand is expected to be released.

Now fiercely shrinking, because our company’s export products cover various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, food, etc., so the future

The demand curve may also be similar to that in China, and there is a significant decline. The core is the impact of the development of the epidemic in the development of against globalization. In the short term, the stagnation of economic activities has led to severe atrophy of demand in various industries. Products, but the reduction of people’s activities will also reduce the decline in the demand for drugs of various other diseases, and the overall perspective is decreased; in the long run, it leads to

The developed countries re -examine their own industrial chain, leading to the return of some industries, and developing countries due to long -term foreign exchange deficit and national debt

The influence and epidemic situation leads to debt repayment capacity, and the severe decline in international payment capacity leads to the decline in the willingness of import demand to decrease and shrink, which affects us

Development of export business.

Response measures: Due to the inability to go abroad due to the epidemic factors, the development of international market development is currently mainly through increasing the intensity of network promotion.

Come to open up the international market, use the company’s product series with complete and supporting advantages to fill the vacancies of some international markets. In the first half of the year, Russia and Egypt

In addition, some countries and regions in Canada, some countries and regions such as Canada have increased against the trend; in addition, by actively developing new products and new customers, broadening the scope of product applications, and actively offset the impact of foreign outbreaks and various uncertainty.

3. Analysis of the core competitiveness of the report during the reporting period

(1) Brand advantage

The company has a history of long -term medicinal glass production and operation. The company produced by the company’s production of antibiotic glass bottles and brown glass pills is rated as

In Shandong Famous Brand Products, the company’s products are highly well -known in the pharmaceutical glass packaging industry and pharmaceutical companies with their products. Domestic large pharmaceutical companies mainly use company products. In the 2018 China Brand Ranking Network, the company’s largest and largest brand comprehensive strength ranking selection activity, the company was named the first place in “2018 China Pharmaceutical Packaging Brand”. At the same time, the company has been actively developing the international market and achieved good sales performance. The products have gained a certain degree of brand recognition in the international market, including Sanofi, Novartis, Bayer, Bollinger Yinghan, Pfizer and other multinational companies, all of which are all. client of Company.

(2) scale advantage

The company is a leading company in the domestic pharmaceutical glass industry. The company currently has six major series of products, with more than a thousand specifications, covering from glass bottle to

Tintocele plug, covering a whole set of medicinal packaging products to the combination of aluminum plastic; product materials cover medium borosilicon glass, alkali resistance glass, low borosilica

The high and low end of glass, sodium and liquid glass can meet the needs of different customers’ demand products, and there are thousands of varieties to choose from

Selected and used, and there are multiple production lines with brown bottle and white material bottle. Niche color products such as blue bottles, green bottles, black bottles, and black bottles can also continue

Supply and production covers three glass types of Typei, Typeii, Typeiii, has a strong ability to stable supply, and has a large space for production, which is conducive to seizing market opportunities quickly. The complete product line and the industrial chain pattern have formed a significant scale production advantage, which are reflected in various aspects such as decreased procurement and management costs, scattered market risks, and increased comprehensive gross profit margins. The company actively conducts a national strategic layout in the industry. In 2002, it invested in the establishment of Baotou Kangrui Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Products Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia. , Greatly enhanced market radiation capabilities, and created necessary conditions for enterprises to make bigger and stronger; in 2018 and 2019, the original two original plug workshops were repaired and transformed, so that the production capacity of the plug was increased from more than 4 billion to to more than 4 billion to 6 billion yuan, the large -scale production of jama products has further improved, and also improves its supporting capabilities with bottle.

(3) Quality advantage

After fifty years of development, the company has formulated a set of strict standard operations from raw material procurement to all aspects of product sales.

Practice procedures and strictly implement; at the same time, the concept of quality risk management is introduced to ensure the stability and improvement of product quality.

The competition in the market provides a strong guarantee; the company’s technical supporting equipment is first -class and the personnel have first -class staffing capabilities. For example, equipment from the United States and Germany

National, Italy and other procurement, large -scale use of automated production, automated inspection and automated packaging, the majority of core technicians

The company’s working hours are more than 10 years, the quality of the product is widely accepted by the domestic and international markets, and the quality level stability has obvious advantages compared to domestic counterparts. While expanding the scale, the company focuses on accelerating the pace of technological renewal. Through the innovation and transformation of the original technology and equipment, it has continuously developed a new type of mold -making bottle, and is the first to be lightweight, high -end, and large -scale in the industry. At present, the quality of the manufacturing bottle products produced by the company is close to the advanced level of similar international products, ranking leading in China. In recent years, the company’s stable product quality has been well received by customers. Supplier “and so on.

(4) R & D advantage

① The company has a relatively complete R & D system, covering the entire process of product production, and the improvement of product upgrades and the improvement of product quality

A guarantee. The company is Shandong Provincial Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Engineering Technology Research Center, Provincial Industrial Design Center, and Provincial Enterprise Technology

Heart, a post -doctoral research station was established. In recent years, the company has combined the technological development trend of the pharmaceutical packaging material industry and the actual needs of domestic and foreign markets

Seek, actively carry out technological innovation through independent development and cooperation with colleges and scientific research institutes. In new products, in new products

Development, improvement of traditional product quality, upgrading of industrial equipment automation technology, basic research on the basic research of medicinal packaging materials and pharmaceutical compatibility

Noodles have achieved good results. In 2019, the company’s newly established pharmbetic material research institute focuses on the research of product quality problems. The performance, composition, structure, formula, etc. at home and abroad, at home and abroad, and follow -up follow up with the research and development and scientific research supervision institutions of national pharmaceutical packaging materials and scientific research supervision institutions. The subjects and directions that are being studied provide targeted solutions to solve, improve, and stabilize product quality.

② The company’s successful black glass developed by the company at the end of 2019 has further enriched the company’s product types. At present, it has been produced in batches and invested in the market.

③ In the first half of the year, 22 daily maintenance work was completed, 3 invention patent review opinions were completed, and 1 new authorized patent was obtained.

(5) Strategic advantage

In recent years, the company has achieved stable performance. Thanks to the company’s ability to keep up with the changes in national policies and market situations, the company actively and early planning the company’s development from a strategic level. In 2019, the company formulated the development plan of 2021-2025 to make a clear positioning of the company’s future development direction, development strategy, and development goals in advance to ensure the unity of the thoughts and understanding of the cadres and employees of the factory, so that the company’s employees can concentrate on and work together The existing goals are for progress and continue to promote the stable and rapid development of enterprises.


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